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Ice Prince – Gimme Dat ft Wande Coal, Yung L, Olamide

Post by Ovie O, August 22nd, 2013

It turns out that Wande Coal laced a verse for the original “Gimme Dat” but, for some odd reason, it wasn’t included in the final/released version. Instead, Burna Boy’s verse is what we all heard. Here’s that rare cut with the Black Diamond in it.


Ice Prince Wande Coal Pic


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31 responses to “Ice Prince – Gimme Dat ft Wande Coal, Yung L, Olamide”

  1. tupskey says:


  2. Did u just say DOPE? yeah that's Jam is…

  3. FIRST says:


  4. sholascott says:

    Black Diamond of Africa Ose #OmoMusinOloosa

  5. paulmirabilis says:

    Very dope…he should just make sure all the parts are included in the album

  6. weahbaba says:

    Wande had the best verse!

  7. iLanre says:

    Coal voice ehn….. Hear back up… Kilode? Love the jam…. God bless you guys

  8. Sauce says:

    Makes sense why they'd cut his verse. It sounded more like a freestyle than a real verse.

  9. Burna Boy's Verse is Better than Wande Cole.

  10. seon says:

    thank God his verses were replaced with Burna's…Hin just wan dull the song from the beginning.
    …..the song has been on my playlist for the past 1 month.

  11. Matador says:

    ah ah! come is every one here stoned? wander coal sang rubbish, Burna boys verse tops this thrash anyday

  12. owolabz says:

    Wande has Voice for DAYYYYYYYYYYSSSS…..

  13. Not Just Okay Dot Com Got It Real.

  14. Aswear down!!! You are so on point!!!

  15. M' Chizle says:

    Big up to man Yung L. He kill him

  16. Fowoachieve says:

    Thanks Wande Coal…I love ice prince tooo….. Up coming Yung L……

  17. @XISVVCX says:

    We should be realistic here…although I love most of Wande's tracks and he as a musician (no homo), I can see why his verse got scraped. Burna killed it 9and I think his voice is annoying sometimes).

  18. DANCO says:

    burna boy was better on the track… much respect to wande

  19. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Give me the kush
    I puff puff pass, pass me some more
    Smoke up in the air be like say this joint's on fire
    We roll deep with the gang now we talking slang blame it on the kush
    Me on top of the world light up the spot watch me torch up the booth
    poof poof all up in the lungs why you won run a long thing

  20. jonx says:

    wceeezy's is surely dope,but sounds like a freestyle…i prefer burna boy's verse

  21. Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:

    Wc just reminds on Tpain…talented but somehow somewhere they are just underrated

  22. dj tumykey says:

    Wandy na baba 4 mavin ooo I heal D bros

  23. 2ra says:

    Who produced this track?

  24. Man 2 Man says:

    When is the songs ft Wale and French Montana dropping?? This song was already cooked n done.. why this remix again??

  25. I love the kul beat and Olamide verse.

  26. Gee Bee says:

    Akorede Gabriel Danmola Wande's verse ain't bad well, he did well

  27. Nenye Ibeanu says:

    dunno if I prefer Wande's to Burna's but Wande did very well.

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