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VIDEO: Mr. Flo ft Shola Brizzy, Henry Mic & RoiEezy – Ngozi (Freestyle)

Post by Ovie O, August 17th, 2013

Ukraine in the building! We don’t get lots of content from that side of the world on NJO, so this comes as a welcome development.

“Watch the official video of rising singer, Mr Flo performing Ngozi (Freestyle) featuring equally talented and emerging acts – Henry Mic, S. Brizzy, RoiEezy

The freestyle between the collective turned out to be a favourite with fans in Ukraine and here’s a video to take it further. Video shot in Ukraine is directed By Victor Frank for Triple Bang Records.”


Mr Flo ngozi

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18 responses to “VIDEO: Mr. Flo ft Shola Brizzy, Henry Mic & RoiEezy – Ngozi (Freestyle)”

  1. Jide says:

    Dope Effort. I will rate it 9.8/10. but please artists should stop calling a song they sat down to write "Freestyle".

  2. JAXXY says:

    Nice Gbedu….. Can't help but put it on Repeat….. NICE ONE.. KUDOS

  3. SexyMama says:

    Love it… Nice one Guys

  4. bossman says:

    dese niggas should stick to skul work…mr flo aint got no flos, besides shola brizzy the rest r sub standard goods!

  5. @Noruzzy says:

    This Vid Just made my night…So Fresh and Dope

  6. Good morning friends pls how can I get my song on here?

  7. now we r talking #team Ukraine.

  8. Ja Bless says:

    Nice song

  9. Hypnotic says:

    Good work guys, nice tune, dope video.. @jide bruv truss it was all freestyle from the beat to the verses. The jam was recorded in my presence so mehn just stick to ur positive comment (Y)

  10. RoiEezy says:

    Tnx people, we appreciate… @Jide tnx and it was a freestyle… @bossman I know your type the insignifant trying to be significant by putting others down… Look at that video, we were just having fun, can’t say that about your life or achievements though, who am I kidding “achievements”? I die

  11. Ogidigan says:

    Very wicked beat… kai nthe chorus with "onetanamera…" could have been substituted for something that makes more sense… need I say more nfor what it's worth, I don't have much qualms since it was a freestyle ngood job guys

  12. 9ice jam.. A see ma pplz on dis.. to all bad belle, we still growing right here.. "Rome Was Not Built In A Day" KINIHUNTINZ!

  13. mikeflame says:

    dope..really nice try.@bossman everybody has is opinion toward everything but if you dont like,dont comment just walk away and stop been a dick.

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