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The Official Hennessy Artistry 2013 Track: D’banj – Raise Your Glasses

Post by Ovie O, August 13th, 2013

The song is finally here! Listen to “Raise Your Glasses” by D’banj; the Official Theme Song for Hennessy Artistry 2013.



Produced by DeeVee [DOWNLOAD]

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118 responses to “The Official Hennessy Artistry 2013 Track: D’banj – Raise Your Glasses”

  1. Blaze says:

    I raise my glass like i don't care. I live another day and I celebrate….Very mature jam. No gra gra

  2. Bola says:

    I like what d'banj did with this beat. Nice groove…Very close to d'banj of socor.

  3. Curtis Inosendyou CirocBoi says:


  4. deevee says:

    poor, eja small u know i tell u make u carry that other beaaat but u dey do like weyreyy odee oshii

  5. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    D'banj the track is dope!

  6. Never dulling with Bangalee! Haters will still hate this…..Go and Sing Your Own and make money!

  7. Omooba001 says:

    Cant believe i fit carry first…please raise your glasses guys, na be first

  8. mosh says:

    Nice lyrics on good beat hehehe Dbanj u tried on this one

  9. Hadebayour Wolex Halsodeeq says:

    The legend, KOKO MASTER LEE.

  10. Tbanj says:

    U don’t know me,so u can’t stop while am sipping on some Hene cover eh…o cover mi…Banga lee..cheers to hene Lee

  11. Dafido says:

    oshey.. banga leee

  12. Dj Shizzle says:

    Deevee on point!!!!!!!!!! D'banj Killed The Beat!!!!!!!!

  13. kassim says:

    this is dope !!!

  14. Kilonshele says:

    Banga Lee!

  15. paulmirabilis says:

    As far as I am concerned, this is the only song D'Banj has done in the post-Mohits era;all others are pieces of crap.This one is a fantastic song!

  16. Kilonshele says:

    I know this comment is unrelated but I just want to say if it were to just be Don Jazzy and Dbanj on Mo Hits, that breakup would have never happened. There was never a breakup with their personal relationship, it was just a business breakup and thats what a lot of people don't understand. I would not mention names but we all know the artists that influenced the breakup within Mo hits. Don Jazzy and Dbanj combo was a formula that has a lot of chemistry, its doesn't feel the same. Donjazzy and Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid etc combo is just forced and just doesn't feel the same with the Banga Lee himself.

  17. Seun Smith says:

    eja nla otalelenu otatagbari bangalee wapa nyan.

  18. Ur_Papa_Senior_Broda says:

    the hate comments coming in 3.. 2.. 1.. (meanwhile let me raping the replay button)

  19. Anonymous says:

    First song where he doesn't say I'M D'BANJ…

  20. @kpozo2 says:

    Finally Banga Lee u sampled beat 3…loving the track

  21. Don jazzy need to go n beg dbanj….Seriously!!! Dbanj is d man of d moment….

  22. Don jazzy need to go n beg dbanj….Seriously!!! Dbanj is d man of d moment….

  23. xcv says:

    the beat deserved more

  24. Don says:

    Dbanj no go kill person, nice chilling song from the henellee temple cuming from banglee himself. Dope

  25. straylight says:

    This is proof dbanj is coming back home. I know he has his American dream, but you can do 2 albums – 1 afro, 1 yankee and we can feed off the afro while your American grows internationally. I actually like this joint. Nice lyrics and Sick beat

  26. Gbenusoun says:

    Wey Baba Lastmakiller…….I don miss dis dude oh even thou i'm not a regular on dis comment blah…..

  27. Shola says:

    nI raise my glass like i don't care. I live another day and I celebrate

  28. mozeh lee says:

    wow love dis one, cant just jump dis jam

  29. sway says:

    Correct groovy Jam. Me likey

  30. correct says:

    Feel good song. Can picture tipsy babas grooving to this at weddings ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. @RIPdadddy says:

    This is nice actually n n~activ8ed

  32. James says:

    Is it just me or the vibe of the song from the video is alot better. D'banj changed the delivery. Could have been alot better.

  33. Nice one, Waiting for you in Cali man..God Bless Bangalee.

  34. at last u don like DBanj?

  35. efeckt says:

    o cover mi diiiiieeeeeee,banga lee keeping it a 100

  36. mascut says:

    Great song, I love this. I no there are some idiot that will say this jam no they ok. Bangaleeeeeee

  37. Tolani says:

    Ok, So i've raped my replay button already. I can see grown MEN grooving to this after a few drinks. Big boy dance and movement no gra gra or azonto.

  38. Osingaโ™›โ™šโ™โ™žโ™Ÿโ™œโ™šโ™›Onyi says:

    no comment

  39. weahbaba says:

    Not bad, i've heard better from him though!

  40. OSBERTH says:

    its jst de beat much tanks to deevee

  41. Someone_Special says:

    The song is okay but there is no wow factor in the song. Good production by DeeVee. n

  42. kenneth says:

    The intro tune was flawless…… n nafter that though the whole thing became boring

  43. 9jafreak says:

    A video will help the song

  44. Brian says:

    Just bought a bottle of Henney cos of this song mehn. Sweeeeeeet, mature jam..

  45. owolabz says:

    D’banj is the only Nigerian artist that invokes a polarizing view….with that said, I'm a bit disappointed because it has no WOW factor after all the plenty HYPES' but its banga Lee sha! O cover wa now…

  46. jay says:

    LEGEND KOKO MASTER!!! ALWAYS DELIVERING …You mavin fans hating should just shut up

  47. Hennesey Boy says:

    at least give the producer come cred dope track though.

  48. dabuilda says:

    food no dey sweet if e never done,the party no go sweet if dbanj never come ..nice one ejanla

  49. Yessir says:

    Yessir..Loving it..Banga Lee

  50. bebad234 says:

    this is rubbish, im not sure with the ass kissing, but lets call a spade a spade, this song is wack. with the other songs he has released recently, his voice is just like a little bitch screaming over beats, trying to prove he can do better without his old partner and friends.i have been reading he has been trying to sign so many people, whats the hurrry, and insecurities, clearly he is very insecure about his future, yes he can entertain.but his music is just wack. shows u the state of Nigerian minds, anything will sell and nobody speaks up, abeg hennessy do your research and find better talent in Nigeria and stops this utter rubbish, we aint that stupid, the song is wack. no creativity nothing just bland..

  51. baddessst says:

    BangaLee fan base strong gan, dont come and type rubbish here else hz fans will finish you… Production is sick yoo, BangaLee on this is average for me… But who cares if he is average? Nor be Eja Nla?

  52. Maxmara says:

    Truth be told dis has nothing to d wit D’banj vs Melvin it’s unbelievable how the two parties are going about there normal business and u guyz r here waggling ur tongues about who’s better or who should apologise to who….and in regards to the track… If its that much of a gr8 track I don’t think u guyz will be here deliberating or proving to others that it is a gr8 track….simples #Ndi ala

  53. olu says:

    dont lie to yourself. this song is average. can noit be compared to last years theme song.

  54. D_Oracle says:

    Well, I don't know what guys are talking about. This is a JAM! n nYou won't appreciate this song and the incredible damage DeeVee did on the production until you used a 'proper' loudspeaker. n nThe tune is a club banger for real. Listen from a loudspeaker and you would understand. This song will definitely cause damage. It's completely banging!

  55. Emeka says:

    D’banj so on point. Living legendr nIt’s funny how some people criticize songs here but start to love it when it’s all over the place.r nConfused minds, like J. Cole put it, mounting on computer, hating on the newest songs. They won’t love there momma either if her picture appear here.r nReally nice jam

  56. NAMETALKAM says:


  57. DB record says:

    I am tired of hearing D'banj needs Don jazzy, as for the track is dope and if you don't like it just go near the road hug a transformer. what has don jazzy be doing since they both went their ways?

  58. Wolex147 says:

    This song is for Henneesy, not alomo, c

  59. josh says:

    dis song is just der, last years own was better by far!! and dee vee d producer shuld hv made name 4rm dis beat but d beat dry i mst say!!!!!!!!!

  60. Noy Ka says:

    This man, Why do you like this guy.

  61. seun says:

    dbanj on point. this is the new dbanj, this is the new dbanj i have come to love. banga lee henny Lee o cover wa. n n

  62. seun says:

    i have heard people say dbanj new songs is average. yet i go to the club and watch people dance like mad when the same songs are played by the DJs. you come here hating someone God has blessed. Dont tell me Nonsense is not a good song but last week i dey owanbe in surlere and to my biggest surprise everybody dance and were singing along to the same song DONT TELL ME NONSENSE. come see weyrey moves when it got to the part of EYIN BOYZ E GBA OJU E. nso pls, i am tired of the hate comments. nwe all know your favourite artiste wants to be like Dbanj. Even don jazzy cant stop kissing Dbanj ass on twitter. THE NIGGA ALWAYS TWEETING AT DBANJ. i am yet to read a Dbanj tweet at don jazzy apart from the retweet on D banj birthday. n nI got the DKM album now, thats how an album should sound like. from the bad intro to the jam ebadi e to the cool song silver and gold to Kayswitch show my logo, to the bad boy song bachelor, great album. n

  63. koboko says:

    I see no reason why people make bad comment about the JAMES BOND OF AFRICA, whether bad or gud this guy already paid b4 he enter the studio, please HATER continue to look for job and buy airtime to criticizing.Some complained about his lyrics and see beatiful lyrics, hater what do you want from him?I think eight per cent want him to go back to don jazzy. H All hater go for alomo, opa eyin, chelsea, SQARDRON this for HENNESSY. ALMIGHTY DBANJ

  64. jay one says:

    am neither a mavin nor a dbanj fan but truth be told, this song is not up there with the best! and my observation is that dbanj fans cant accept the truth. Its not like if Dbanj puts out a whack song then thats the end of him, hez gud yes but calling a spade by its name, this song is not there, he could have done better. And personally I feel he could have had a more successful album if it was produced by don jazzy.

  65. seun says:

    ok i need to stop listening to this song. i am not going to start sipping hennessy at work. i rebuke the spirit of drinking hennessy at work. ok let me sip a little. a little more. gosh, just drink the damn drink. n nsee wetin dbanj cause. n nhenney lee

  66. seun says:

    raise your glasses in the air. this is not alomo haters, this is hennessy.

  67. seun says:

    i came here to party i no come here to seat. n ndbanj

  68. seun says:

    when you see dbanj, you see class, money, success, progress, attitude, winner, can i go on. n nwhen you sip hennessy, you are on the part to success, progress, attitude ti o gbayi, can i go on.

  69. dunoworld says:

    Am beginning to believe most Nigerians just want senseless party tracks. I value this song, can relate with its lyrics. Gets a 7/10 for me. 'WOW''s can never come often, if it does, then it's no 'wow'.

  70. Axetorxch says:

    This isn't as good as last year's hennessy artistry song "Bartender". Naeto C and M.I killed it last year. This is just average.

  71. Raise you glasses in air.. neven if you hate banger lee… nthis joint is banger….. n n nbut compared to the previous Hennessy tracks…..mhmmmm…. not there yet!!!!

  72. Annicholas says:

    Shout out to banger lee

  73. Ktobbs says:

    who is on the background with the nice voice 2face or wande.Banga lee didnt fill us in on that one, without them the song is just there

  74. Stunner says:

    Still feeling this in 2014(kinda prefer it to the new one).

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