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NOTJUSTOK.COM Launches Artists Profile Pages

Post by Demola OG, August 13th, 2013

We have been very busy at for a few months now, working on a comprehensive list of artists and their individual profile pages that we are certain best represents the Nigerian music industry and parts of African music around the world at this very moment.

The Artist List will be updated as new artists enter and establish themselves.

The idea of putting together the artist pages came about because we realized that it did not exist anywhere else and there was a need to have robust artist pages that would show case the numerous, talented artists we have in the Nigerian music scene and in African music or Afrobeats as it is popularly called today.


What you will find in the Artists Section of

The artist page is arranged alphabetically with image thumbnails of each artist. The moment you click any given artist a new window will open that displays the artist page and you can do a number of things at this point:

  • Listen to continuous Music by that Artist
  • Read the Artist’s Bio
  • Browse through all content related to that Artist
  • Connect to the Artist’s Facebook and Twitter timelines
  • See if the Artist will be at any event or was at a previously held Event.

Click here to start browsing artists now.


***Every artist whose information is not complete, please send us an email with updated information to***

Artist Profile


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36 responses to “NOTJUSTOK.COM Launches Artists Profile Pages”

  1. musique critique says:

    Great Concept I was trying to search for L.A.X but couldn't find his profile on there. I know you guys have his music on your site, so please kindly update your list

  2. Temitayo says:

    adding value to services offered; evolving with the artists and the consumer (fan) base (by offering mobile webpage and mobile readable music files), making product more interesting (customized artists profile and playlists, connect fans with artists on FB and twitter) and general playlist on homepage, expanding database, breaking new ground across Africa by featuring artists from other countries,…..I like all this things… the NJO team surely understand the need to stay fresh and how to actualize it, I hope you will dash some of our artists your playbook, maybe part of your scripts can help their brand too.

  3. larry says:

    Hv always said it, dat u ppl lead y odas follow. I hv bn lookin forward seein sumtin like dis where I cud log on a web n view as many profile of our stars n here I hv one. Thank u for d innovative n creative idea God bless u. Good job kip it up.

  4. Flector says:

    Mola OG, I can't seems to find OLAMIDE oo, abeg try update. thx.

  5. MBeezy says:

    Very nice. Well done NJO.

  6. Tosin says:

    cool. hope it works out great.

  7. owolabz says:

    Impressive ! We are Evolving..

  8. Someone_Special says:

    Bravo guys. There is not room for stagnation. Keep improving.

  9. air-comodore briggs says:

    Mola, Ovie, Lala et al… great thinking, and the industry would surely benefit from this fantastic initiative, kudos. I would also pray you guys look into the NJOK interface, (homepage design and all) it appears crowded more often than not with unfriendly colours clashing at the retina. Taking a cue from NVS, Nigeria Village Square, you might want to temper the colours and letterings with something warmer and less rigid and add a bit of spacings here and there with clear borders just so it is aesthetically receptive to the eyes. Just my own opinion though. Once again well done guys

  10. Kola1 says:

    This is the Lord's doing and it is GOOD… Bigger NJO i pray…. NOW, Wikipedia can rest and we can now enjoy our very own

  11. 9jafreak says:

    Great Job guys nvery impressive. Congratulations! nArtistes should take the time to check what parts of their profiles need updating nBig up!

  12. fizzle says:

    BRAVO….Innovation is the name of the game. NICELY DONE.

  13. Kilonshele says:

    I think the artist Profile should have each artist official Facebook & Twitter account as well.

  14. James says:

    But why isn't there a page for Lengendury Beatz though? Always wanted to know about them, and there are so many irrelevant people on that list smh.

  15. Man 2 Man says:

    Great concept NJO but I think something is still missing which other sites have, Mixtape section where DJ's should be promoted.. DJ's play important role in the industry but doesn't get the recognition they deserve..

  16. DEX says:

    Good job, but I think you should do something about the artiste's social feed cos it keeps coming up with NJO's. All in all, I like the concept. It'll do a great deal of favour to Africans in diaspora who know little or nothing about the Afrobeats genre.

  17. @RIPdadddy says:

    Welcomed Development. n n~activ8ed

  18. @RIPdadddy says:

    Mola and Ovie, abeg, Movement in the right direction, I commend you guys for the hardwork. I do have a few thoughts/recommendations n n1. why does the "social feed" page not show feed from the artists account? And when you say social feed, will you guys have a tab to link to their FACEBOOK page (if any), their TWITTER (which just happens to be the only thing coming under "social feed" here ), Instagram (if any). n n2. Under content feed, I am seeing video NOT relating to the artist on the page. Shouldn't it be just stuffs like interviews, shows, and music videos concerning the particular artist that should show there? if you like you can create sub-tabs for the previously mentioned . Also you might want to rename "CONTENT FEED" to "VIDEO FEED" or something, unless I am not understanding your idea of what the CONTENT FEED should contain, then in that case, enlighten me. n n3. Just to point out, the events, I am assuming that it will be shows that particular artist has upcoming. Then I guess that updating this section lies greatly on the artists themselves sending you guys the updates and you guys can go ahead and update it (which is some added work of course), so you can like to tell the artist to make sure they send you guys the updates regularly. I dunno what the back-end of your website is like, but if it were possible to let the artists have access only to update their profile page, that would also help. KEY: something to keep in mind is how to manage time, and updating the website and how much information and how up to date this information will be. Anyhow sha…na my 5 cents i don give…una fit give me 3 cent change… n n n~Activ8ed

  19. Yinolu says:

    Do Producers count under your artistes cuz as we know producers are just as big in the nigerian music industry

  20. Ade says:

    not anywhere? Lies!!! its already on

  21. Someone_Special says:

    You guys deserve a standing ovie-tion because it is very difficult to tell the genre of most naija artist. For example, you put jazz/soul for 2face but he has said several times even on the Moniq show that is genre is reggae and blues. Please work on the sorting order for it to be easier to locate an artist e.g Timi should come before Tonto. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

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