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Davido – Skelewu (Prod. Shizzi)

Post by Ovie O, August 13th, 2013

It’s the jam we’ve all been waiting for. “Skelewu” is a new single by Davido which has been tagged “the next big song” in several quarters prior to release. The song is quite addictive. Peep it below.


Davido Skelewu Art

Produced by Shizzi [DOWNLOAD]

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75 responses to “Davido – Skelewu (Prod. Shizzi)”

  1. DEX says:

    So I'm guessing Skelewu is a new dance then? (The one he did at some point in the One of a kind video) Anyway, the song is catchy. I don't think it'll have a problem being a club anthem. Nice one Davido & Shizzi.

  2. glo4st says:

    He try small

  3. Coonett says:

    Nice on Davido n Shizzin dope track!!

  4. @RIPdadddy says:

    Well whenever there's a kind of catch phrase in a song, it does the trick of keeping it on the lips of I say it will be the same for this…it was for limpopo and the rest…:) , ok lets go back to Skelewu…waiting for the VID n n~activ8ed

  5. Sauce says:

    Ok…Let's see if this would grow on me.. *Fingers crossed*

  6. macaveli says:

    never stopping…. #Dope song….Omo Baba Olowo is an Entertainer…!!

  7. DONK LION says:

    i can't stop dancing. oya skele

  8. Funky says:

    This song will be one of the biggest song of this year!! PLS , NO ONE SHOULD HATE ON THIS JOINT..ITS A GREAT ONE!

  9. Slimkas says:

    Dope #Skelewu

  10. Slimkas says:

    On point #Skelewu

  11. Aeone says:

    im so glad you guys replay automatically

  12. paulmirabilis says:

    This guy dey sing mehn!

  13. Great concept lyrically and beat wise good job.

  14. Jeff says:

    Great concept lyrically and beat wise good job

  15. sholascott says:

    Need to replay this a second time before i give my verdict

  16. NaLaugh says:

    Nice jam. A little longer than necessary though. n nOya! SKELEWU..

  17. its in the beat….. one up = find skelewo | grep shizzi & print.

  18. shigo says:

    hmm this Guy cha, Niceone #skelewu

  19. Omo Baba Olowo na God go bless you naa, you to much oya flow more.

  20. Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:

    too bad,it seems i am the only one who is not feeling this,,i can't even hear a word from this song..Like seriously?Is this a song?

  21. weahbaba says:

    This song needs to be remastered, could'nt grasp a word he said! With that being said, this song is a banger!

  22. OSBERTH says:

    lemme say its a fair track…..and for dose of saying dat it has great lyrical content…wat did u hear ??…..its was only de beat and de repetition of skelewu dats all…bt i kw u guys nah weda swit or nt swit once its davido its a dope jam….mtcheewww n

  23. Omo Baba Olowo has done it again! skelewu! Skelewu! Skelewu!

  24. Someone_Special says:

    Nigerian male artists are getting more and more lazy. The new hit formula is get a good beat and a catchy or popular word/phrase; that is the record done.

  25. ROMAN OSAS says:

    Not A regular commenter on this site, But We've got to Give this guy enough credit, He has continued making hit since his album dropped, This is song is definitely going to a BANG in 9Ja clubs soon.

  26. Man 2 Man says:

    Make unna nor worry, I'll be back after the weekend for the result.. A good/hit song nor dey hide for club..

  27. 9jafreak says:

    HIT Song no question nBut lyrics could be better, but hey, doing better than Wizkid at the moment

  28. owolabz says:

    This is a very very good track.. Davido can do no wrong at the moment. Love it.

  29. OLOGBOJO says:


  30. ugoharris says:

    Love the beat tire. Davido's delivery dey on point, but I really think needs a better song writer that knows how to infuse even simple messages in his lyrical content. But on the overall, I love this song and I'm sure it'll be a club banger.

  31. Nneji C Nneji says:

    Monster beat, Appreciation.

  32. Izzy says:

    Not feeling this one at all. Davido is for all the folks 23 and under in my opinion..

  33. iLanre says:

    Shizzi is a beast though… I love the beat…. nI understand to an extent what is happening here; we Nigerians understand what the guy is saying and thus require more content from the lyrics; and in the same breath I played this song for a few foreigners and they were feeling it (partly cos they don't understand the language but mostly cos of the beat n the belief that hes saying relevant stuff). nDepending on who the target market is this could work…. nBottom line is some will feel it and others wont depending on various reasons…. nKeep putting in work guys…. nGod bless us all

  34. Magic says:

    Davido too sabi jor

  35. adedamola says:

    I luv d beat gud job davido

  36. Kilonshele says:

    One word = JAM!

  37. Guest says:

    King Of Notjustok…

  38. Jon' Oligbo says:

    omo baba olowo u a boss indeed skelewu all d way! keep up d good flow.

  39. Tolulope says:

    Abeg this guy no fit buy one Range Rover Sport for this Shizzi guy for all the good beatz he has done for him as a compensation. Big Up SHIZZI… Skelewu. n

  40. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Chai this Shiiizzziiiiii kid though!!! bOY GOT BEATZ TUNGBA SONG! lazy lyrics but will kill the clubs

  41. Changeclothz says:

    It´s safe to say HKN´s taken overrrrrrrrrr

  42. Obi says:

    One of the best for some months now.r nIt’s funny how some people criticize songs here but start to love it when it’s all the place.r nConfused minds. (Like J. Cole put it), Mounting on computer, hating on the newest songs. They won’t love there momma either if her picture appear here.r nReally nice jam

  43. Skelewu Dope Track….Mad tune, Beat of Lyf!

  44. Chuma says:

    Nice Davido…VERY NICE!!

  45. mcduff says:

    love the beat thi…… I tink davido cukd av dne akot beta but its still dope sha

  46. shola says:

    nigerian music is finished if this is now what we call good music, Davido this song na fuck up see ur voice

  47. oladelooopa says:

    skelewuu!! good one OBO

  48. mofel says:

    Skelewu its so nice nd swt can’t wait for video


    What we are about to witness from the SKELEWU MASTER is called social responsibility, other artiste should also emulate this act. $3000 ??? give back what the society has giving you. u're da BEST DAVIDO SKELEWU WILL BE EVERGREEN.

  50. senator says:

    davido is the best for now

  51. Really nice song, this is the first song that David’s has sang and is very nice to me

  52. Deebwoi says:

    DOPE!!! MA BOIZZ… Ose!

  53. Davido is one of a kind, dz is d real tin, doze of u criticising dz song, y not go 2 d studio nd try singing ur’s so we’ll knw hw good it might be……lmao Rubbish…….Davido u r loved by me jhor

  54. IBRAHIM says:

    yuuuuuuuuuu got itttttttt wright DAVIDOOOOOOOOOO

  55. Eddie says:

    I love that Davido thats a greatest hit for now…..Still looking to receive more bangs from you.You are too Gbasky…a.k.a OBO

  56. Debz says:

    looooove the beat

  57. victor says:

    davido is perfect

  58. amobi stephen says:

    Davido baddest shizzi dopest

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