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VIDEO Premiere: Boogey – Sanctum

Post by Ovie O, August 12th, 2013

I just might be Boogey‘s biggest fan with the release of this song “Sanctum and a solid video to match.

When we put the track up back in May, it got rave reviews in the highly notorious notjustOk comment section, and it’s easy to see why. Boogey puts a lot of thought and effort into the lyrics, and his delivery is exceptional. I could go on and on about how complete this body of work is, but I’ll stop here and let you guys enjoy this great song and video.

Label: AbOriginal Music.

Director: Brotha Lee of Temple Films Productions.


Boogey Sanctum vid Artwork


To download the song itself, CLICK HERE.

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47 responses to “VIDEO Premiere: Boogey – Sanctum”

  1. Kola1 says:

    im boogey's biggest fan.. he hz gonna achieve soo much if he continue like this.. I FIND PEACE IN MY INNER SANCTUM….

  2. ThatGoodMusicBuff says:

    Now that's what 'm talking about, beautiful song, well thought out video

  3. doorags says:

    siiiiiiccccckkkkkkneessss. best rapper in nigeria right now

  4. Zon says:

    Boogey is d best lyricist in Nigeria..have been following the guy from day one..boogey keep going mann I support u..u will be bigger dan..revolution will be televised

  5. Donyomic says:

    About time to get a video for this sic tune)))

  6. FaRaw says:

    Nice video my brother….the message was on point. God bless


  8. d_laru says:

    I see me,,,whoppie…glad its finally out

  9. Mad Prof says:

    When the greatest MC in Africa drops his first official video. Sanctum.

  10. paulmirabilis says:

    100% pure Hip-Hop…

  11. weahbaba says:

    clean crisp visuals, respect! Just know that naija peeps don't tend to gravitate to this type of hip hop. Like i said, respect, cus this type of sound can't pay no bills in naija. you've definitely got talent.

  12. brotha ray says:

    Nice one brotha lee salute ma nigga

  13. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    this dude has a power that makes me want to listen to him even when i dont want to….lyrics {{{8.3}}} ; Visuals {{{8.5}}}

  14. nancy says:

    Dope.keep on rolling nd u will get der

  15. brotha ray says:

    Nice one brotha lee salute ma nigga

  16. JUGNU says:

    S/O to brother Lee. dope song, greta video to match. Need I Say more

  17. this is rap, were mode 9 dey with his crap.

  18. Weeta says:

    Shear BRILLIANCE!!! It's time to BOOGEY….

  19. owolabz says:

    I have never heard anything better from Boogey! Wow! The production is top notch.

  20. bashorunGaa says:

    amazing stuff #teamFGCL

  21. kenneth says:

    Pure product…unfortunately…this does not pay the bills in Nigeria

  22. Godsluv22 says:

    When will people in naija love this guy???? He super talented…….Boogey is one my fav Nigerian rapper right now….Thumbs up

  23. g10 says:

    straight fire!!! i don't cosign bullshit.. this is dope! lyrics on point! flow on point.. this nigga came correct! nice 0ne boogeey

  24. BawseManDante says:

    We need more rappers like this in Nigeria …. Not all those noise makers

  25. Boogey is the present and the future, he's way above his peers, his lyrics are deep and thought provoking, he paints pictures with his lyrics, he is simply in a world of his own. n nLyricist extraordinaire, people will hear his stuff years to come and be like "Damn this nigga was ahead of his time". n nThis is Hip Hop at its finest, Boogey is Hip Hop!

  26. Kenny says:

    Oh wow wow wow. No hype, this ish is real. U got mad talent dawg. God bless the work of your hands. S/o to my other IJ peeps in the video, una no go get accident o. Amen.

  27. rcube says:

    really nice video//meaningful lyrics and storyline….big ups 2 brother lee 4 d visualS..boogey dey RAP SHA LOL

  28. login says:

    songs like this will only get compliments from 5% of 100 Nigerians…mtn or glo will not give u endorsee. bye

  29. Great video, nice lyrics gud acts…………kip it up boogey……. T and K u guys nd 2 signup fr the next movie star.

  30. blaze says:

    Nigeria j.cole!!! belief that.

  31. Olabode Lawal lol //yes o e b like say d director dey drink when e dey hold camera

  32. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    I thought the song was dope! dope!! dope!!! Dope video to match. Please all you fake hiphop fans should step aside and go back to your tungba music abeg. This is HIPHOP!!

  33. Yemi says:

    This is good music.. It’s so sad that in naija people are always comparing how much you make to the quality of songs. They talk about endorsements and shii. I got a question, has mode 9 ever asked u for a penny? Big ups boogey! Just do what u gotta do

  34. David says:

    Awesome!!! Can’t stop watching!

  35. David says:

    This is real HIPHOP!!!

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