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Kennis Music Statement: “Jaywon Signed for 3 Full Albums”

Post by Ovie O, August 11th, 2013

We’ve just received this email from Kennis Music in relation to Jaywon’s HipTV interview where he declared his intention to leave Kennis Music in the near future. Here’s an official response from Kennis Music.

“It has come to our notice via Ayo Animashaun led Hip TV’s one sided story, as usual, that Jaywon is leaving Kennis Music. For record purposes and the future, no one on Kennis Music signed a 1 Album deal; however, Jaywon signed for 3 full Albums with only one out (Meet Jaywon).

Discussion of Jaywon’s contract renewal is not on the front burner.

In another news, Kennis Music Channel is currently on test transmission on the 4th platform after successful launch on Star Time Nigeria, Daarsat HD Nigeria/Africa and Strong HD World Wide.

Public Affairs Unit.
Kennis Communications.”

Jaywon Kennis
#PS: Abeg, if you love Jaywon, please tell him to honour his contract with Baba Keke. Nuff respect to Kelly Hansome, but we all know what happened when he turned his back on Baba while on a contract. Lessons should (and MUST) be learnt.
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32 responses to “Kennis Music Statement: “Jaywon Signed for 3 Full Albums””

  1. Kilonshele says:

    Shey all this artist dey wear shade when signing conract??

  2. weahbaba says:

    Why are artistes so desperate to get on? Those 360 deals must hurt! nDavido is a perfect example of what it is to be independent, but that requires a lot of work and financial backing as well, i guess that's why artistes sign these shady deals cus they need the money. To all upcoming artistes, once you have a hit, don't sign to any major label, make your money independently, get a great management team and you'll be just fine. Ask Iyanya. nNo artiste with real talent should be signing to a major these days cus the labels are just "banks" that give loans with huge interest pay back.

  3. Someone_Special says:

    In the words of Obahiagbon this case is full of crincum-crancum. Knowing the modus operandi in Kennis music it is crystal clear just like the biblical reference "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" that this case is hovering over the musical Bermuda Triangle and if not meandered properly, will end up in a pestilential acqua.

  4. changeclothz says:

    Yawaaaa don gass

  5. flava's studio says:

    **NOTE*** Nigeria Revolution is going to Start from Music industry. Not even church or mosque or politics Everybody knwz that Kennies music is empty and they don't have anything to offer dia artists anymore i think Jayone should carry Area boyz to dem baba Agbaya just like what Marvelous banji did to baba keke and also Poster should try n understand the nature of the contract before talking. Do u ever ask Kenny hansome what dey did 2 him? your last sentence is lime.

  6. MBeezy says:

    A 3-Album deal is a shady deal?? What the heck exactly are you artist looking for? A one-album deal with houses, cars & a lifetime supply of suya?? n nWhat label in their right mind ( investing their money, time & resources) will sign anything less than a 3-album deal? How exactly are they supposed to earn a return on their investment. n nHonestly labels, it might be time to start letting these artists pony up half of the investment costs of releasing and marketing their album. Maybe with more to lose, they would think twice before jumping ship and acting out.

  7. Olaniyi says:

    Jaywon abeg stay 4 ur career sake u think say e easy If E Easy Eedris no go come back Kennis no artist wey leave Kennis still dey Lime Light Today apart 4rm 2baba

  8. Hmmm Jaywon wants to port too! Abeg thread carefully oooo!!!

  9. TC CEO says:

    I don't get why it is hard for people to follow simple logic… whatever the case is, Kenis invested in this supid chicken to become known, now he thinks he is known and can do it himself… but hold on, why didn't you do it yourself before signing… you have signed, honor your contract, simple. nThis is a problem, which is going to limit the number of labels taking on new acts…

  10. well am interesting @danny alaba I have ust email you.

  11. am an upcoming artist, a talented singer, i have a single out need a sponsor, any body that can help me on that plsoooooooooo

  12. The Feds says:

    Hehehehehehehe all ds comments be like comedy especially @weababa. If u know how much it cost to cut cds and pay producers in 2009 not to talk of paying starfm to play ur song…. Or get Clarence to put camera on ur face… U will sign anything, Davido was lucky and well funded. Jaywon should just try and reason with Kennis. U got no hit since yesterday… nDown-Coming and Upcoming becareful instead of fighting contracts get creative…

  13. poise says:

    Not everyone that goes independent will be successful in the industry… Destinies are different, some are meant to shine independently while some needs record label like CC, Kennis, Mavin and what have you to remain relevant in the industry. NIGERIANS AND FOLLOW FOLLOW… #you better watch before you leap#

  14. omekaarizona says:

    Jaywon want to bite the hands that fed him.He should flashed back to when Keke and D1 came to CBN estate to shot his first video titled FILE BE ft slizzy e.His video and costumes were all powered by kennis music.The Label even pushed his music more than his label mates like Da pulse.He was taken to London and US on several occasion by kennis contact.What else do you want?they housed you fed you and now you are thinking of moving forward.You should have started the journey yourself.The last time i saw Jaywon and Essence in London was Jovenco birthday bash if not for Keke's contact will you ever met Jovenco?Juwon wake up settle your score with Kennis and move on with life.But if you planning to take it rough then u are on your own

  15. bavi says:

    i know where the greediness hid probably the endorsement with PZ.Jayone think very well God is your strength.

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