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Solidstar – Twerk

Post by Ovie O, August 10th, 2013

Solidstar is not one to shy away from trends. From covers to freestyles and original singles, he pretty much does it all.

On his new single “Twerk”, Solidstar bites into the current dance wave which started in the US and has become a virus among black women (and Miley Cyrus) across the world.

This is super-sweet. Grown and sexy party music.


Solidstar Twerk Pic

Produced by Popito [DOWNLOAD]

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15 responses to “Solidstar – Twerk”

  1. Gee o says:

    First…Like you all send..Hisss.Lovely Song

  2. WISE says:

    O madt gan. Nice 1 solid, u be star

  3. EGO says:

    JAM OF LIFE!!!

  4. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Solid this song should not be on the album oh.

  5. The essence of this song has NOTHING to do with twerking. Not trying to be deep or anything, but this is one trend that I don't think he hopped on properly.

  6. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    was expecting something completely different…but was better…AFRICAN TWERK!!….{{{7.4}}}

  7. SeriouSLY #24601 says:

    Twerk Twerk Twerk or twar twar twar which one?

  8. weahbaba says:

    Naaaah, this ain't it!

  9. Kilonshele says:

    it will grow on me!

  10. Uyi says:

    Chief, u and Wizkid dey share shirt?? E buy black u buy white! Guess the song will grow on me

  11. shittamin says:


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