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Sound Sultan – Kokose ft Wizkid + Luv Language (Remix) ft Duncan Mighty

Post by Ovie O, August 9th, 2013

Sound Sultan SIXTH studio album – Me, My Mouth & Eye – hits stores today. As is the norm, here are a pair of songs off the album. The first is “Kokose” and it features Wizkid, while the 2nd is called “Luv Language” featuring Duncan Mighty. The former was produced by Legendury Beatz and the latter is a remix of the 2012 single “Love Language.

The album should be on every street corner in the coming days. Diaspora folks, keep tabs on iTunes, Spotify etc. It will be there too.



Kokose ft Wizkid [DOWNLOAD]

Luv Language ft Duncan Mighty [DOWNLOAD]

Sound-Sultan-MMME-Album Back

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25 responses to “Sound Sultan – Kokose ft Wizkid + Luv Language (Remix) ft Duncan Mighty”

  1. coffeebrownie says:

    wizkid is blessed with crazy hooks… you can't even deny it

  2. sweetflexzy says:

    nice tune

  3. Goldmind says:

    Sultan you be Baba…

  4. @JamesNdu says:

    Duncan Mighty is a BOSS!!!

  5. owolabz says:

    The tunes in the Songs Bear no Resemblance to each other, a rare feat among MUSICIANS releasing two or more songs in the same period. RESPECT !!

  6. tls says:

    nice one BOSS Sultan

  7. KAMEKITO says:


  8. Someone_Special says:

    I like these collaboration. One ft. 2face is a big song. Glad he added it to the album.

  9. You Know a song is Madt when you don't want it to Finish…

  10. weahbaba says:

    The self proclaimed sultan of sound has done it again! He is undisputed, never disappoints .

  11. Nothing like good music. @soundsultan congrats on ur new album,,, you and wizkid's combo was great.+ dat of Duncan mighty's

  12. gud music finxz on pointt.

  13. paulmirabilis says:

    wizkid try for this one

  14. teewhye says:

    Sultan Duncan , a very good tune. I always trust dunca mighty for good songs and goin alongside with d sultan, it s really a good blend sweet voices.

  15. BUZZ128 says:

    Kokose got me moving to it's tune

  16. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    u know what i love abt this album? the strategic featuring…wizzy to get the attention of naija, Duncan mighty 4 the south, flavour 4 the east, reminise for the west, 2face and baba dee 4 the older generation and Sean Tizzle 4 the new school…. from what i've heard, the album sounds solid………1st song {{{7.4}}}, 2nd {{{7.3}}}…….btw congrats sultan…6 no be moi moi

  17. Amalawa says:

    i am just feeling duncan mighty, just heard the beat andi first lyrics ,. i have started dancing ,… sound sultan ,.. you back with a big one ,.. we go grove this album ,…

  18. 101 says:

    Totally love luv language.

  19. Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:

    banging songs…mp3 loading

  20. Saint O says:

    Kokoso bam die. It's a true story. keep on doing your things men. …

  21. josh says:

    sound sultan is really talented. NICE!

  22. Peter says:

    Great music. Especially Luv Language.

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