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VIDEO: Jesse Jagz ft Femi Kuti – 3rd World War

Post by Ovie O, August 8th, 2013

Fresh off releasing his new album “Thy Nation Come”, Jesse Jagz drops the highly anticipated single “3rd World War” featuring Afrobeat Legend Femi Kuti on the Sax.


Jesse Jagz Experience

“Jesse Jagz returns with a collaboration with the King of Afro sounds Femi Kuti. The song 3rd world war is the first single off the Heaven’s Hell original soundtrack coming to a cinema near you this summer. Fresh off releasing his sophomore album: Jagz Nation Volume 1: Thy Nation come, Jesse Jagz is set to host a live concert at the new African Shrine come August 24th 2013.

Experience the Jag of all trades like you’ve never done and the best part….its free!!”


YouTube Preview Image


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56 responses to “VIDEO: Jesse Jagz ft Femi Kuti – 3rd World War”

  1. Ifeiyanu Jayeoba says:

    Solid! ooo banging

  2. mr iffy says:

    oN REPEATe

  3. Daviski says:

    Good Musik

  4. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Jesse Jaga!

  5. Kola1 says:

    This dude is amazingly amazing…. Now this is what you ghet when an artiste take his/her time 2 sit nd write music, channel enuf energy in2 production and work with the right team,, nd nt some overnight crap dz niqqaz call FREESTYLE like dey r being forced 2 release Crap every week… God bless thy jagz NATION….

  6. Man 2 Man says:

    Ayegbarigba! see magic..

  7. yes boss….no be lie say u are d greatest.

  8. logo says:

    dope…. Jagzzzzzzzzzzz #repeat

  9. D_Oracle says:

    Th sax!!! n nFemi is killing me on the sax. Then the production blend from Jagz and the penetrating lyrics……….*sighs*……the five minutes I spent listening to this song just felt like nirvana……… doubt, there is a lot of greatness in this country. n nThanks Femi and Jagz for this beautiful song. I'm off to Amazon to cop the album and in the million-dollar-worth-words of Lebron James………'s about damn time!

  10. O boy,the kind of music Jesse does now is way beyond the typical in the present Nigerian music industry.This is purely a work of genius!

  11. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    proper video n story line…they really took their time. Jagz on some export ish….JUNKIE SCALE visual {{{7.5}}} audio {{{7}}}

  12. belli says:

    Jesse Jagz has to rank in the top 5 (In nigeria Music). I really don't know who the other 4 are. #PureGenius

  13. Olos Jasmine Clive says:

    thumbs up

  14. Olos Jasmine Clive says:

    thumbs up

  15. leumas says:

    Jagz is truly d greatest. Straight up download..

  16. kenneth says:

    Good work..thing is will this translate to ones and zeros on his balance sheet??

  17. sholascott says:

    This Ni%%s Sh%t is International mehn !!!! Jesse Abaga

  18. Phalaenopsis says:

    Jesse Jagz, this dude right here is solidly behind you!

  19. Tosin says:

    I have this bad habit when it's Jesse of just burning and saving the video first before even watching. Because I'm sure it will be that good.

  20. William Smith Saidu says:


  21. owolabz says:

    There's always something to do, when you got nothing to lose. This is music n nThe concept of the video is really amazing…i have watched this video more than 4times……we africans have an amazing culture and we can shake the world with it.. n nJagZ the greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. NeoCruxio says:

    Jesse Jagz is simply exceptional, the uniqueness in his style and delivery is impossible to ignore. If he decides to laud his craft by claiming to be one of the greatest, believe me, he is not just blowing his "Vuvuzela", he is actually making a factual statement!

  23. 9jafreak says:

    Third World War. nEverybody rich nbut the Third World Poor n nnever gonna hear a better MCee in a long long time nHope we make it count damn!

  24. Afroman says:

    @Notjust: Why is this song not on the Headline? nThis is an unmatchable work of pure ingenuity and mesmerizing perfection!

  25. @kpozo2 says:

    Song – awesome, video – quality, album – must buy, Royalty – ?, my brother jesse im booking you for October, name your price

  26. Kilonshele says:

    lyrical messiah!

  27. Jargo! D greatest pure talent.

  28. Someone_Special says:

    Jargo is a musician that knows and loves what he does. Listening to his last album and this new track will tell you that he has passion for music. Hope the bookings start coming so Jargo don't feel discouraged. Keep up the good work.

  29. Abiodun Zuchinny says:

    Just the kind of song expected from PEOPLE musician. I am falling in love with your works more.

  30. cee says:

    ~ Jaga jaga jargo… u don use this music jaga jaga me…. baba femi borrow me that instrucment …. cos i am going on a 4 world war… I love the song and everything in it… Redemption is another WICKEDEST SONG… Bros u good reach d end…. Choco Boy WHO? I have Jargo

  31. moore says:

    thank God no bad comment am sure my ppl recognise gud thing..dis dude is lyrically fit n

  32. Song is only 4 matured minds

  33. Tomiwa says:

    No negative comments so far!!! wow!! just wow!! #greatness

  34. 101 says:

    Heavy rotation

  35. ARTHUR says:

    jagz is out of the box! n

  36. Kodedcash says:

    This is Raw talent ….Normally i read the comments before seeing a clip on here , but this was different …..THIS IS MUSIC

  37. KASSIM says:

    this is a different level

  38. DEX says:

    Now this is MUSIC. Amazing work put in by both Jagz as always and Femi. Good thing he stood by what he believed in.

  39. remi says:

    Jagz, i don dey find this new album for PH tire o! nTry improve the distribution o.

  40. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Jesse Jagz is redefining music out of Niaja. If this is what it takes (an artiste leaving his commercial label) in order to do great music out of the box, then I support it all day. Everything he has done so far with this new album puts him at the top of the mountain musically in my opinion.

  41. asian_buns_rock says:

    Jesse jagz is determined to create his own trajectory in the Naija music industry. n nUncle Femi seamlessly plugged into the vibe Jesse was trying to create. n nBy the way, this has got to be a record. I have never seen so many positive reviews of a song on NJOK lol.

  42. Max Chy Egwuatu says:

    shebi I'm label say one of the reason they pathed ways was because of his influence in marijuana shey? well.chale if na dat jombo dey make u giv us dis creativity, this matured mind kinda muzik, worry, i go hook u up wit my supplier….what they refuse to admit was that he was different from the likes of the artiste the got and he wanted to do his own choice of music,which is wat we've been hearin since he left….abeg mate,MURDER DEM JO!

  43. DONK LION says:

    I'm in love with u more man

  44. @RIPdadddy says:

    Video is so detached from the song. ngood song otherwise. not awesome, but its different and i like that. n n~activ8ed

  45. nas nelson says:

    Baadest video. Aro sail on

  46. nas nelson says:

    Baadest video. Aro sail on

  47. omekaarizona says:

    Jesse weldone.Shey uncle femi kuti no dey drop verse ni?na only sax baba just dey blow for una matter.Make e change am abeg make we hear im voice too

  48. Escalianto says:

    This is one of the best jam/vid so far…. Thumbs up For Jesse… Baba Femi… I hail ur sax as well… Nice Jam… cant stop playing it…

  49. fromedmonton says:

    Jesse Jagz is a living legend….notjustok should promote good talent and not that farce of a list called top 10 most gifted rapper!

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