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OFFICIAL: KCee – Okoso

Post by Ovie O, August 6th, 2013

He’s got arguably the biggest song of 2013 in “Limpopo”; veteran artiste KCee returns with a follow-up single titled “OKOSO”. Many people asked if KCee could match the success of “Limpopo” with another banger. Well, here’s your answer.

Okoso, in my opinion, is even sweeter than Limpopo. Will it enjoy the same level of success? Highly possible. Put this song on repeat for as long as it takes. You won’t regret it.


KCEE OKOSO cover 4 net

Produced by Del’B [DOWNLOAD]

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71 responses to “OFFICIAL: KCee – Okoso”

  1. akatapo says:

    Dope Song… As good as Limpopo but I knw people will start saying it isn't … Not saying ti is better but it is a very nice follow up!

  2. papa teazle says:

    nice song… but this is simply a limpopo recycle. And @ovie this song is no where as sweet as limpopo. I'm not a fan of kecee but that his limpopo song was out of his class as an artist and i would give that him… He got everything right with that song..


    KCee don find the formula…. Another Akara for 2013… Nice one

  4. Kola1 says:

    Hmmm.. there is a very thin line between success and failure… at one end is Consistence and the other side is the brother persistence… dz dude is consistent and persistent and no doubt he might be here for long…. Good music btw..

  5. Nice one KCEE… #OKOSO.. Harry Song .. Pls give us Five Star music #UrNo1Fan #TEAMFIVESTARMUSIC

  6. jam of life kcee and harry song nice.

  7. from the lyrics u know song was written by harry song.

  8. Timz says:

    This song is better than limpopo in my opinion.. And I LOVED limpopo! Great follow up HIT

  9. I know this song was giving to kcee by harry song.

  10. hmmm says:

    i go play am again tomorrow to see if e enter …right now it's just ummmm, hmmmmm aight

  11. paulmirabilis says:

    This guy is a badt ass musician…he knows how to make hit songs

  12. who says:

    madt chorus

  13. jegbede says:

    I rate Kcee, he’s zero over ten.

  14. Man 2 Man says:

    So much going on with the beat, you wanna stop listening but you cant.. there's definitely something about this..

  15. owolabz says:

    Let me say PRESTISSIMO that the NotjustOk KRIKUM KRAKUM or the NotjustOk Higi Haga is entirely in Love with this Jam…… I have no complaints whatsoever. Its a beautiful song.. we need a video asap. n nIs it just me or does the starting have Harry Song written all over it ?

  16. MolaOG says:

    I like dis Joint!!! KCEE has established himself… Solid follow up to Limpopo

  17. baddessst says:

    Kcee keeps surprising me sha

  18. smooth says:

    Mehn I have never commented on notjustok b4 but I have tooo today I heard dis song in Del-B phone yesterday. All I have too say is kip it up Kcee

  19. smooth says:

    Mehn I have never commented on notjustok b4 but I have tooo today I heard dis song in Del-B phone yesterday. All I have too say is kip it up Kcee

  20. Del'B gave it d flare n Kcee delivered rhythmically 2 blend, mad tune… S/O to Five Star Music.

  21. @RIPdadddy says:

    This will likely enjoy same success as Limpopo..though Limpopo is more catchy and I see he is exploiting made up words to help keep the song there and about "limpopo" "okoso" At least I know what okoso is…I dunno limpopo lol

  22. Cheals(Wado) says:

    You know who can make this song blow even bigger with a remix, Godwon

  23. jades says:

    Pls, try nd always enable us to be able to download, d error dat occurs wen u̶̲̥̅̊. try downloading is always annoying, tyt track tho,

  24. Someone_Special says:

    Signing Harrysong to 5star music was a very good idea.

  25. Okunski says:

    Kcee am very happy bro. You are making us proud. NOT A LOT OF ARTIST CAN FOLLOW UP A HIT WITH ANOTHER HIT. sky is the limit

  26. Fowoachieve says:

    Lovely;;;::: who can do more than this……Enjoy your time….Don’t count the years, count the wishes and all the cheers….Kcee Limpopo Bad ooo

  27. Ilesanmi Bankole says:

    You are selected dude! Making party rock , dance all , popular demand to blend…

  28. natty says:

    nyc 1 KCEE, kip it up bro

  29. NAMETALKAM says:

    This Muzic Make By KCEE Sense But To Be Honest KUREKE Beat Don Help a lot of Nigerian Artists Nowdays……… Good Job!!!

  30. ologbojo says:

    on the average

  31. charles says:

    its a nice song, nice beat, soon you will feel the beat from BALINTINZ thats mean uniport finest Da virus with my new it, mean while check out my web for detail

  32. lao says:

    i can hear harrysong voice good song

  33. The Feds says:

    Whatever, however, wherever he is getting his songs I no care… Good job but less effort to Limpopo

  34. lao says:

    good song harrysong i hear you there

  35. patrick says:

    Kcee nice joint …if u gat to chop in naija u gat to know d kcee has gotten d formula u make a hit from a premade hit…from give it to me -limpopo-okoso…all na similar beat and message …buh okoso is just as limpopo wiv better lyrics …Okoso will go places wen d video drops….

  36. patrick says:

    Kcee nice joint …if u gat to chop in naija u gat to know d kcee has gotten d formula u make a hit from a premade hit…from give it to me -limpopo-okoso…all na similar beat and message …buh okoso is just as limpopo wiv better lyrics …Okoso will go places wen d video drops….

  37. limpopo king sureboy-kcee, its u n d rest!

  38. agbawo says:

    where u dey lastman

  39. Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:

    Every producer got his year..This is the year of Del b.Persistence and consistence,Don't be surprised how far it has gotten Kcee,from opkete,it has been improvement from past to present and the future is bright for him.ILIKE

  40. This song is complete nonsense and we all know it, and this is not one of those songs that is wack but people will still listen to, this is just pure WACKNESS. I dont get how he went from limpopo to this shit. The problem with we Nigerian musicians is that we dont put enough tume and effort into our music, and you cant really blame the artists when DUMB FUCK ass kissers wash dem into thinking they have a jam. Kcee has talent he just needs to go back to the studio sit down and work. The worst thing for one's career is to drop a flop after dropping a jam. Sha Delb killed the beat.

  41. DONK LION says:

    you sing rubbish nigga

  42. Dj Omoba says:

    Del-B..God Bless U For Dis Baddest Beat Ever..Kcee U're Mouthed! God Bless Ur Hustlin In The Industry..Hope to see more Hit frm U..Until then make I Continue my Dance wif my babe..OkosO noñi..

  43. Moshope says:

    nice song. you did something totally different from thaat your hit song limpopo.. unlike many artiste that will sound the same

  44. Kcee I like your swag keep on making the party grooving.

  45. OKOCHA says:

    Nna Lekwanu Gbedu. Jesu this guy dikwa talented

  46. johnpay says:

    am not a huge fan of kcee, but only badt belle people will say this track is wack, now i see kcee is serious with music, he is working on his game and he is proving he is an artist that should be taken seriously. this dude is serious mehn, like i said i am not a huge fan, but he got me singing along with limpopo, now this one, to my opinion is better than limpopo, now i am serious about him

  47. 9jafreak says:

    The song is not bad (on 2nd listening) nBut lacked the nuances and tempo that made "Limpopo" the standout song of 2013 thus far nSCREAMING IN OUR FACES: "WANTED: SONGWRITERS" nI capitalize soon… nSegun

  48. NAMETALKAM says:


  49. NAMETALKAM says:

    This Music came out the same date when Peter of P-Sqaure propose to her fiance Lola.. Congrat to them!!!! ONE-LUV

  50. Tolani Salami says:

    word-ens on point….good but u can do more than general 9ja tone…weldone.

  51. lolusis says:

    was it kcee that had been beside the sucess is long years where is my brother PRESH??kcee

  52. udoka says:

    I don ‘t kw where all dis hatin is comin frm? Frankly speakin dis guy has found d formula.dis is dopest track I hv heard since limpopo.

  53. this okoso vibe can empty the last mosel of energy in one's body.thumps up kcee, continue ya gud work.

  54. chris says:

    kcee i love u ma real guy

  55. lord says:

    I can not download the music God punish MTN

  56. Daniel Duke says:

    This song is just on point, keep it up Mr. Limpopo. Thumbs up!

  57. Free long matter. This padi has the formula for making hits for Naija

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