WizKid – Outro (Love Music) Prod. Maleek Berry

Post by Demola OG, August 5th, 2013

Wizkid never stops working and continues to drop new material every week it seems.

This one is titled Outro (Love Music) produced by his in-house StarBoy producer Maleek Berry.

Wizzy sounds super focused on this track which makes me believe that it will make his sophomore album.



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89 Responses to “WizKid – Outro (Love Music) Prod. Maleek Berry”

  1. baddessst says:

    For me, i fux with this

  2. T-drey says:

    I don't understand the negative comments. I'm not a big Wizkid fan and I honestly think his recent releases before this have been terrible. But on this one, he actually shocked me. Not only is it more lyrical, it's less noisy, it's reflective and he applied far less autotune here. And what saddens me more is that all the folks dropping negative comments on here seem to hate the track because it's not another one of his noisy party jams, which by the way are horrible and y'all need to go get your ears tested. nThis is actually Wizkid's best track in recent times, better than Jaiye Jaiye self, and y'all are now hating on it? I swear, Nigerians have no idea what they really want.

  3. Ilesanmi Bankole says:

    A well composed song, lyrics perfect , so differ from every normal thing coming out from Wizzy pattern..Keep it up to make a better album..

  4. maro-bruk says:

    for crying out loud this is an "OUTRO", not a full song per say… are you haters blind or deaf? his lyrical content here is even more mature than ever and his delivery is way above average… this is better than other outros we find on other artist albums

  5. truth says:

    c'mon people,this is a good song.

  6. Tolani Salami says:

    is this a music or a short poem? if u want to marry pls do the floor is open!

  7. Ugbaja Peter says:

    u rwili pushing up….wizkido.

  8. kenneth says:

    BEST MATERIAL HE HAS PUT OUT THERE IN A WHILE… nthis is a definite for his album

  9. skillzbaba says:

    not a wizzy fan but i love dis

  10. Zee says:

    I'm officially so in love with Wizzy. This song is quite tight lyrically and beat-wise plus I don't hear no repeated lyrics from his previous jams so I don't get why its got loads of bitter comments. What exactly do yu want Nigerians?!!

  11. privy227 says:


  12. sugar says:

    I want somebody 2 write dis outro music cuz I want 2 sing. It on our sug nyt in my skul…pls

  13. I'm just swallowed by wizzy voice.

  14. Star boi says:

    wow God has blessed wizzy wif music talent and this is one of his artistic works,sing on wizzy we are right behind you

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