VIDEO: Olamide – Durosoke

Post by Ovie O, July 31st, 2013

The video for Olamide‘s new hit single “Durosoke” premiered on the Star Music App moments ago. Watch it below.

Directed by Clarence Peters


Olamide-Durosoke-vid Art

YouTube Preview Image


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91 Responses to “VIDEO: Olamide – Durosoke”

  1. Olamide can really interprete videos sha, he has exposed what goes on at a video shoot! All those olosho girls.

  2. Ojo Leke says:

    Preach it sister! his videos are getting too similar and not too good like that

  3. Self Made says:

    you're a fool!

  4. Self Made says:

    You don't know what you're saying.. what has he interpreted?

  5. Self Made says:

    dumb ass!

  6. Self Made says:

    i bet you don't even know what creativity is, you just heard people saying and you feel like saying it… you suck!!

  7. Self Made says:

    u be fool. Wetin bad? ode

  8. Self Made says:

    absolutely correct!!!

  9. Self Made says:

    Clone Studio ode… u who's gonna like this crap!

  10. Self Made says:

    e no nice at all…

  11. Self Made says:

    far from it..

  12. Self Made says:

    far from it.. this guy na crap!

  13. Self Made says:

    you suck!

  14. fd62kola says:

    its very simple, d problem with this video. budget. d idea was definitely brilliant. d execution tho… it was brilliant in the opening set of sequences, but then it tapers off completely afta d "PHCN attack". i'm guessing ola's budget cudnt really fund a better actualization of d idea. kudos to clarence

  15. jazzyfizzle says:

    wack video…

  16. judith says:

    Don really know why some people are beefing this video, it a clean video. U guys don’t expect him to yes same concept in al his videos……lets appreciate him pls

  17. Anonymous says:

    Self Made why must u abuse everyone…..pple are entitled to their opinions…grow up and stop acting like a bum.

  18. @Olla Delle, d video no match the story line man

  19. babtunee says:

    this video reminded of Jay Z video "girls girls girls"…. i love it thou..baddoo

  20. pinky says:

    Am not sure is the real video….

  21. SHILLINGs says:

    Its OK tho. But I all I see is dbanj. This is not Olamide at all. The concept is not his at all. Its isn’t a low budget considering everything in the video but Justice is not done on the money spent. Clarence wtf is that! The editor just spoilt the whole thing

  22. Yusuf Step says:

    no hate am oo .. je ko wa le oo or ko du ro soke

  23. Yusuf Step says:


  24. leone says:

    Good concept but u using another person concept. chamillionaire good morning video kai clerance come up with something new we counting on you…

  25. JUMBO says:

    All I. Expected was a real “STREET”video cause that song is meant for the realest niggaz out there en not some all gold errthang and some groupie ass gals shaking some nice boody tho the video should ve been taken to the “STREET”where he’s music sells

  26. SOmboriE says:

    Wat were u expecting D Video TO have, dis IS VERY different From others, excuse me He Went traditional IN THE song nd d Video had a spike Of trad nd Civilization, show ME a video dat is AS distinct Nd Simple DAT Exist Dat iS beta Dan dis. If u Cnt den Shut D f up ND enjoy creativity.

  27. Olatuja Tope says:

    badoo li on point:::>>?

  28. nizzy says:

    am tired of hearing all this bullshit..all these peeps saying critisism makes artists stronger..this is you how these artists feel when they are critisised? have you ever been critisized .?you all know nothing..lack of musical understand. do you even know what is music?

  29. paulson says:

    u guys get fins right…..,badoo is Eva creativee….Notin wack for dis video abeg

  30. Mr Quibb says:

    *Smiles* @ Lurdshaggy, I double sight you

  31. t.fitted says:

    Well and Good work Easy Lion On point

  32. malikidi says:

    Its a big disappointment

  33. esthernad says:

    try ur own video nd let see hw it will luk lik, u people wil neva appereciate good tin all u do is used ur mouth nd talk rubbish about anoda man production, to hell with dose speaking bad of olamide, pls dnt mind them jst ride on

  34. lemuel says:

    Wat d f u guys shuld just let this baddest guy blow cus dis video is mind blowing I love it. badoo carry on u r d man

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