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Wizkid – Drop ft Wale

Post by Ovie O, July 29th, 2013

Wizkid has just hit us with a top-notch Naija-Yankee collaboration featuring Wale. This one is called “DROP”. Don’t bother hating. Dude is global!

Looking forward to that sophomore album even more now.


Wizkid Wale Pic

Produced by Legendury Beatz [DOWNLOAD]

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81 responses to “Wizkid – Drop ft Wale”

  1. Badman says:

    All i can say is dammm….. Sounds like the usually wizkid but there something different bout this one, everyone gave it their 100. Legendury beatz, Wizkid, Wale every one of them factored in killing this track. Now i can go to bed

  2. 9ice & Cool Man…….. Wizzy Wizzy

  3. de_Givenchy says:

    Wale Killed it…Dope….Nice work weezy

  4. owolabz says:

    Wale and Wiz repping the Flag anyday anytime !
    This song is bursting my brain.. i should blast it when i see Ngozi later today, she must drop da panty by force !!

  5. Kilonshele says:

    Washere! Dancehall

  6. Mr_Slim says:

    Repeat……..Replay………..Restart any other word? Dope Combo

  7. Afozee says:

    This is so so cool… Wizzzy badt boy

  8. Hassan says:

    haters !!!!! now you got the lyrics y'all asking wah? let ur head drop 4 him!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Godsluv22 says:

    Wiz & Wale got me dancing…….OMG……This right here is a banger…….ON REPEAT

  10. chukssy says:

    We Rep Green White Green

  11. sholascott says:

    Wale went innnnnnnnnnnn on this one, Wizzy kept it normal still … Nice Collab, Boy is working Hard !

  12. Sauce says:

    Looks like Wizzy reads all the coments on NotJustOK about his lyrics…he came hard on this one….Wale was a beast on this one…

  13. Curtis Inosendyou CirocBoi says:

    Dope Joint #Madt Joint In Wale Voice: All Blue Mercedez Bruising Out Lagos….

  14. word says:


  15. word says:

    Wale wrote murder

  16. changed man says:

    God all day!

  17. Miyanks says:

    Dope!!! Dope!!! Dope!!!

  18. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Wiz & Wale! Sound it!

  19. Man 2 Man says:

    Its still the same thing with Wizzy lyrically but that doesn't take away the fact that song is awesome… We'll shall see all kind babes wearing only pants #G-string #V-string #B-string on the video, I guess

  20. Charles Okoli says:

    Sweetest song of the year…..Baddest guyz in the build….Wizzy and Wale.

  21. Ricky Rozay says:

    Dope my Nigga…

  22. Jide says:

    This Jam on repeat since it dropped. #Drop #Dope. Wizzy is indisputably a Mega Talent and in fact he is Unstoppable.

  23. 9jafreak says:

    Someone please type out Wizkid's part please and see just how lame and mediocre this is
    Come on son!

  24. Moshope says:

    Gradually this wizard kid is getting an audience from Rozay.. Now i think EME need you more than you need them. #StayWithYourTeam# dont listen to me 😛

  25. FindOut says:

    Killer jam…Clubs r in trouble. yaga!!!

  26. wizzy did it againnnn, wale flowed in his naija blood. nice one nice one.

  27. Osinga_Onyi says:

    Please DROP your DOPE comments for him!!Kinda song you are proud to play for your foreign friends!!!

  28. NAMETALKAM says:

    My new Girl DROP her panty for me after listening to this Track.. YAGAAA!!!

  29. TMM says:

    Same sounds shit! Nice one wale….at times I dont see the need for naija artiste featuring all these american artistes…Global Indeed

  30. bobby Marsialago says:

    wizzy wizzy.dudeeeee where do you get your inspiration from, you keep setting that bar higher and higher men. No one test this boy right now man. Bless man Good music always.

  31. Prince says:

    That some Dope Shit right there….. Bad man thingggggggggggggggggg

  32. Dsam says:

    I commend Wizzy for pulling this off but honestly, the song is not worth bumping your heads against the wall for. The internationally recognition and growth are quite impressive and encouraging but they should have done a lot better on this like coming up with a kinda lyrics everyone can relate to and sing along with. I understand and accept that this is our typical Wizzy lately but Wale? C'mon son, this is obviously below your standard, I mean this is the same Wale that just dropped a dope album "Gifted" and I can't feel an ounce of his lyrical prowess on this one. They should have taken a different dimension lyrically for the sake of the great nation they claim to be repping for this is an exceptional collabo if you ask me and still keep it dancehall. Just my honest opinion though I am no longer a fan of the LATELY Wizzy with all his recycled annoying lyrics but still a huge fan of his success as a young boy getting it.

  33. jaw dropping, booty popping. pant dropping BANGER…. Certified Naija all day every day… this is what legends do….. make mark in history…. this tune will shock the world….. yes I SAID IT!!

  34. El Savador says:

    THis is bomb

  35. Clubs la scatter.. Hala Dem galz wan put panties down fi me.

  36. tls says:

    something nice from Wiz…dope

  37. Star boy says:

    Listen peps I never liked this guy music for once. but common he killed these shit. anybody hating should go nearby the road to hug a transformer . Die Hard DB fans

  38. Wizkid says:

    Wizkid killing it again. Tha guys is da bomb

  39. DB record says:

    Star boy and Wale killed the beat. if you are still hating you don chop? I no be wiz boy fan to start with. so give credit where it is due jooor. D'banj till i die

  40. ted says:

    Please put Burna boy on this joint.. he'd kill this shit.

  41. girls pants don suffer.

  42. DEX says:

    I actually feel this song. Gotta commend Wiz on his grind. Seems dude is tryna extend his album release date in order to make sure it's faultless. If so, I can wait. Just drop am quick. Summer is sha going quick. Oshey Baba Folarin and Wiz. I can now see why he signed Legendury beatz. (Y)

  43. dipi says:

    The track is money. Wale killed it. Wizy nice job but it still feels like he is burning out creatively his output wasn't that of a perfectionist.

  44. Prince says:

    My ringtone confirm….

  45. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    okay no lie it's still typical Wizkid type lyrics but nevertheless they both killed this joint as a party track konsain!! This might end up been more dope than the Ice Prince and Wale upcoming collabo

  46. Jay says:

    Jam of life… Club banger toh sure. They should make a video for this one

  47. Sem says:

    Now this is the kind of the thing I expect to hear from Wizkid…This is a nice jam. I have to give kudos to legendary beats for this beat. Nice one Wale…

  48. procastino says:

    This is a make sense jam….. Some guys here are just so pathetic.. Must every song be inspiring? Or u need songs when go help u morn nija well? Wizzy is an entertainer abeg no use ur bad belle kill him career.. I’m not a fan of any circular artist,I just love dancing to d beat and listening to d lyrical power.if it doesn’t make sense,I change over to another track. Gbam!!!! Don’t come here to start telling us ur life history,to spoil other peoples mind. Since u no sabi sing,abeg speak inspiring words and b encouraging

  49. EPE says:

    Best Song of the Year….Wizzy you are too much..Love this

  50. Some folks gon hang themselves for this 1… Wizkid! Wizkid!! Wizkid!!! NiCCur brought his A’ game on dz 1 and shout out @Wale. Dz niccurz repping harrrdd!! Lolz #dope joint

  51. Mwayne Oni says:

    wizzy f wale……….real shit.

  52. Elvis Chima says:

    This one is improving, D'banj, they do houseboy for West.

  53. McCoy Mary says:

    Fuck this song nigga……go to hell.

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Kayode Adeniyi says:

    i feel u pretty… no b them fault sha ooooo

  56. kenneth says:

    Haters criticize his lyrics, but the boy is going places with his "wack" lyrics…..
    His account is the means to all these ends…..

  57. Oga,I hv lost all my contacts,send me ur number again

  58. na Me o says:

    Surprise say Oga lastman never talk here,tune banging,I fucz wiv it cos Sandra drop pant lastnight…message very wrong tho,artiste should be sending out way better messages abt Nigeria mostly when they collab wiv an int’l act cos it will be a bigger crowd listening and not just us tiletile u get me

  59. Jazzyfizzle says:

    This is the ishhh…. #leggo

  60. Lima Ross says:

    Elvis Chima just shut ur trap,wizkid cannot achieve wat banga lee has achieved in music, im not being a soothsayer nd by de way who d fuck is wale

  61. Abayomi Oyinloye says:

    The logic is chronic

  62. I love this generation…. been able to show what we have back here wizkid keep on doing wat u are doing…dope shit still on replay.

  63. Evans uwadie says:

    The is qiet intersting

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