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FEDI – Sikedi (Prod. D’Tunes)

Post by Ovie O, July 28th, 2013

Bee Bee Smart Entertainment artiste FEDI makes his NJO debut with “Sikedi”. It’s a D’Tunes produced single with that characteristic party/pop sound. This could become a hit in the current Nigerian music climate if promoted effectively.


Fedi Sikedi cd 4

Produced by D’Tunes [DOWNLOAD]

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15 responses to “FEDI – Sikedi (Prod. D’Tunes)”

  1. Ha Go down, this girl she bad,whine am for me…artistes pls show mercy na. God abeg

  2. Jide says:

    Nice one. D'Tunes is really the "King of Party Beats"

  3. MrUnkpe says:

    Nice Beat……In One Word…..*Freestyle*….See As Fedi Waste Beat…..I Trust Some Artists Don't Want To Mention Names Here…#OkByee

  4. afon says:

    Dope song Fedi**kip it up**mrunkpe visit vocal boot n kno hw much effort dis artiste put in2 deir job

  5. Uyai John says:

    Tankz 2 Fedi 4 reppin akwa-Cross…I luv dis jam..Dope beat n Nyz freestyle

  6. sikedi.. ur new so hard feelings ….. but this is weak… D'tunes on point thou….

  7. tom says:

    He wasted this beat! And that hook is weak! What's the meaning of Sikedi? If you want to sell commercial , Use words that ppl can relate with!!!

  8. jessica says:

    FEDI ur song is rili nice,nice wrk kip it up nd @tom snd d link 2 download ur song dats if u even have 1……..lmao

  9. imole says:

    dis song is nice,IMA SIKEDI. @david dats wats up jare help me pass d messages 2 dis hating nigerians,u culd have @ least appreciate d fact dat his song is here nd available 4 u 2 listen 2.

  10. deoyespage says:

    Okay, you just took my mind back down the road to Akwa Ibom. Not bad. I wish you the best.

  11. ladern euphemia says:

    ima sikedi sike ke ke ke sikedi!!!rndope song!!rnnice one fedi!….those okpwukonsi people talking need some #protein! #blufferz

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