VIDEO: Becca – Time 4 Me

Post by Ovie O, July 27th, 2013

Becca releases the visuals for “Time 4 Me” which is also the title of her new album. She picked a not-so-common foreign land (among West Africans) for her video shoot.

Location: Japan.


YouTube Preview Image

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14 responses to “VIDEO: Becca – Time 4 Me”

  1. DGraphicsGuy says:

    I am so loving this woman… A/V 9/9 her voice is celestial

  2. 9jafreak says:

    (in my Ibo accent) ewww!

  3. Danladi says:

    Am i the only one that think the girl has got no talent watsoever??? Given her enough chance but she keeps coming up with nonsense after nonsense. She shud try and get someone with talent to write for her.Nice video thou but shame about the song.

    • dude i guess u think TONI TONES or TONTO DIKE is better right…….. ? i think you are musically retarded with an auditory system lacking the capability to transmit celestial acoutsics to your cerebrum…..

      Please see an Otolaryngologist!!!

      • Danladi says:

        Guy leave all those big big grammer wey u dey write…U for go do competition with that Edo man for Senate wey dey speak big english na. Back to the matter……I think she is just a little bit better than Tonto DIke but am afraid that is no compliment.

      • OMG!!!! Dude jokes and big grammar aside… are you telling me she doesnt coopare to lam philips or waje or seyi shay?

      • Danladi says:

        Sacrilege…..OMDzzzzz how can u compare her to Waje or even Lami Philips.Not so sure about Seyi Shay cos she is only starting out. Not saying she is complete rubbish thou cos she actually has a nice voice but it is the content (lyrics) and delivery of her songs that constantly lets her down.Go listen to her song with Samini and Hugh Masekela and if indeed u r a true music man, u wud see my point.

      • MrUnkpe says:

        @Danladi Abi Wetin Be Ur Name…U Need Jesus In Ur Life…Dis Girl Try Joor

      • this thing con they pain oooo…. she pass TRY now my guy…. that girl has got a big voice in her

      • MrUnkpe says:

        Na So

      • Danladi says:

        My Guy nor let am pain u. That is the music business for u. She has to be able to deal with constructive criticism,It wud only make her better. If she can get a good song writer or work with someone more knowledgeable say some one in the class of Cobhams Asuquo, thou it may seem expensive but it wud be worth it (instead of spending the money going to Japan to shoot a video for a mediocre song) she wud be better off for it.

      • Danladi says:

        Mr Big Grammer hands up yall hands up yeah lolzzzz……Sorry my guy cos of ur big grammer i actually listened to the song again thinking someone that writes big grammer like that might actually know a thing or two about wat he is saying…..But sorry ended up hating the song more…I cud name 5 Naija female musician that she is not fit to lace thier shoes..

      • lol..guy ur Gramma huh

  4. Izeek Ceo says:

    Becca had mad fun in this video…. Nice1 babe

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