VIDEO: Threat King – Overload

Post by Ovie O, July 26th, 2013

“Sprisal Entertainment Limited & Siren Entertainment presents the official music video to dance choreographer turned artiste Threat King‘s debut single “Overload”, directed by Clarence Peters. Amazing song with an amazing visual, we sure know what to expect. Watch & enjoy.”


YouTube Preview Image


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32 responses to “VIDEO: Threat King – Overload”

  1. boss says:

    yaaaaaa……please comment….you can still make it!!!!

  2. candyBoi says:

    mad mad VIDEO !!!!! I LOVE THIS

  3. candyBoi says:

    sweet. dope Video

  4. I like music & video… dope

  5. DGraphicsGuy says:

    kmt…. overload of nutin….

  6. owolabz says:

    I wouldn't say it's trash, but it ain't for me… God will bless your hustle !

  7. true man says:

    the video sold the girls, not the artiste

    • Cookiebarbz says:

      Ofcourse it's suppose to sell we girls even though it didn't sell us in the right sense (overload). Girls from the kick would have been best & his dance moves were poor. All still it's a good video, he looked tired at some point (can he last long in bed? just curious *winks*). I give it a 78%

  8. realtalk says:

    wetin overload here. u can change the artiste and the song and it will still work. meaning its too generic. from a template. Good tune tho.

  9. TheLastman^_^ says:

    oh well, why cant we see threat king's face? great concept, but for an upcoming act, we need to see who's singing. Is it only me that thinks this guy is jacking Rayce's style?

    • Davidokomoge says:

      You just not blind but also deaf, how will you say you didn't see his face & he sounds like Rayce? Bro, you don't know music & equally can't see properly. CLARENCE PETERS of life, you're sighted. Keep up the good work brotherly

  10. General says:

    nice video

  11. m.o dblend says:

    pls dont mind all these jobless people that cant even wright a single line of lyric.listen to me whatever i say here is final, yah for real lol. nice effort my guy .video on point .i like everythin about this videos .keep it up ,my guy more great to ur elbow

  12. Am falling in love wit dis song massively nd the dude tho i lyk ur strenght from the very unset 2 the end.

  13. Am loving dis overload song hmmmmm dude trust me if ur first song is dis fantastic waitn for more sweet songs am ur big fan ……u killed the song,ur swag nd energy tho nice work.Your oviously a threat 2 so many artiste itz very hard 2 see artiste com out of the blues nd storm dis hard love ur third verse of the song…..omo ele wud u make dat booty bounce merry go round let dat booty count down town to uptown my baby girl u wear the crown……shu shu shu shubaru…… u’ve got words 2 say only wandecoal pulls dat nt even wizkid wit his wine wine repetition of words……ur talented pls drop a leak for us 2 hear ur going places i sense dat.

    • Deola Brindy says:

      A leak? Why are Nigerians so daft? Pls shut up if you don't have words to say. Nice video threat king & clarence peters.

  14. Overlooooooad no 2 much talk…..boi ur blessed jst took my time 2 listen 2 ur lyrics damn u killed it nd u delivered well ,hope ur management would push dis song well coz nothing should stop u from not getting endorsements……for an upcoming artiste to deliver dis gud am baffle…..Dangote oya beremole nagodey choi i love u alwedi wish i cud drop my cell fone numba on here.keep up the gud work…..ur video was 2 dark dats the only fault i see.luv ya already.

  15. Wat part of dis world r u from ur intro diction was wonderful fluent english tot i was abt 2 hear a rap track ……how did u get dat wonderful chorus it all ryhmed……..Ur blessed keep it up…….plzzz get ur ass to london we slamming ur song heavily here…..crazy swag mad video.

  16. U hav no reason for dis song not blowing u killed everything about dis song ur pr managment shud push it… playing it on my ipad with my beatearfones…….u have strenght sha u kept the move goin all the way…..wanna hear more songs…….feel free to send me a mail my broda has got a label in canada he loves ur song already he would gladly sign u up……ur good i must confess….i sense a bit of wandecoal in ur voice tho….

  17. I love everyfin abt this song period dude keep it up i smell raw talent u got fills of wandecoal….plz get ur song 2 blow luving all the verses ur a talent.

  18. Dude u did great on dis track i cant imagine were u get ur own inspiration from ….ur verses i luv dem…..shushushushubaru anything u say i do baby girl i promise u i’ll take gud care of u….and i love the dangote part aswel……u got alot of opportunity out dere nice one dude.

  19. Great song heavy swag ……..wonderful song u got me listening 2dis song ova n ova……use 2 be a fan of dammykrane but dude u’ve stolen me…….@dammykrane shud com learn from u nd stop dat is characteristics rubbish song……boy keep goin hard ur pr should do a gud push for u…love ittttttttt

  20. Great song heavy swag ……..wonderful song u got me listening 2dis song ova n ova……use 2 be a fan of dammykrane but dude u’ve stolen me…….@dammykrane shud com learn from u nd stop dat is characteristics rubbish song……boy keep goin hard ur pr should do a gud push for u…love ittttttttt

  21. Ok dis song tho……..youngman u nailed dis song from the begining 2 the end…..plzzz bring dis dude to London……we loving ur song down here u jst wud get a bigger record label deal……crazy song perfect energy.

    • Mide Johnson says:

      Na wa ooh! Na you wan sign am? abi how much your papa get for London? Dude, be loyal to whoever you signed unto. News of people leaving their labels & shit, don't let that be your next point of action. Focus on your music projects and hope to see you at the top. Bless

  22. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnndeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfullllllllllllll Song ………….anoda wandecoal is here ……video too dark …..buh a wonderful song.

  23. Ada says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Great video. Winner of Beat FM's fresh beat is here with his video. Finally! Clarence Peters nailed it. Much respect to you Threat King & your team, keep up the good work

  24. Ridwan says:

    I c pple talking bt managemnt & pr team, shout out to my boy Kofo kazebleek. Nigga has been doing a good job. Thumbs up. Nice video Threat king

  25. @Peterweez says:

    This Video worth my Time… Great video

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