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VIDEO: Sound Sultan Interview | Me, My Mouth & Eye (Album Tracklist)

Post by Ovie O, July 26th, 2013

Sound Sultan is set to release his 6th studio album “Me, My Mouth & Eye”. The veteran singer recently sat down with Nigezie to talk about his 15-year career so far, the new-look Naija Ninjas and ofcourse, his new album which drops in the very near future.

Watch the interview below, and also check out the album tracklist. Loads of key features on this one.



YouTube Preview Image

Sound-Sultan-MMME-Album Back

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6 responses to “VIDEO: Sound Sultan Interview | Me, My Mouth & Eye (Album Tracklist)”

  1. DGraphicsGuy says:

    NA lie…. I be first? Neways thumbs up to sultan.. a well respected veteran but i will still put him in the same category as eldee and JJC ….. they work like crazy but havent made that MONSTER break yet…..

  2. owolabz says:

    I can buy Sound Sultan's Album without pre-listening to it. I know he can never disappoint.

  3. Namebedis says:

    BABAA !!!

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