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VIDEO: MamuZEE – PIGE ft Tekno

Post by Ovie O, July 26th, 2013

This is meant to be a 3D video but it looks like youtube settings hinder the desired output. Aside the music, I know I won’t be getting into a fight with these two “gladiators”.

“The energetic music duo MamuZEE TwiNs ( Anthonio Akpos Dixon and Andre Andos Dixon) known for their African music and energetic dance, drops a 3D video for their new single ‘PIGE’ ft. Tekno“.



YouTube Preview Image

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20 responses to “VIDEO: MamuZEE – PIGE ft Tekno”

  1. bashorunGaa says:


  2. DGraphicsGuy says:

    the fake green screen makes me not want to listen,,,,, 3/10

  3. YORITUNES says:

    hmm.. howfa

  4. Psquare really started sumtin…tbh i thought Mamuze twins already found da exit bt this comeback song is not too bad…d video is a riot tho..old skool Mortal Kombat ish. Anyways my film buddies always say "every mess up na new style"VIC O should take note….at least its different, maybe too different.

  5. NaSo says:

    good tune….

  6. kenneth says:

    tell me this is a parody…

    for some reason i could not exit the video, i was kinda curious as to how the scene would end

  7. identical says:

    nice one, this video is on point

  8. okeke says:

    they are the best i have ever seen keep it up you guys are very good

  9. General says:

    nice video

  10. RedneckNaija says:

    Honest opinion: WTF IS THIS?!

  11. 9ja says:

    Wat the hell is this shit..luks to me like I’m watching sum old skool 2d shit..mamuzee or watever u call yourself make una go sleep or find better tin use ur moni do

  12. Anniberiieeeee says:

    Well…..nah NJO i blame for uploading diz kind of mumu waste of time VIDEO….. my life and my time dey precious to me gannnnn…so if i decide to dey check NJO no be for diz kind RuuuuuuuuB!sh #sue me

  13. Osinga_Onyi says:

    Tekno,i will sign you ASAP if i had a record label….The video is spactacus gone

  14. Polo says:

    Ok this is shit…..I wanna believe Tekno jumped on this track when he was still a learner… way he will do this right now

  15. Izeek Ceo says:

    Nice concept, but seriously though, coordination was lacking…some moves were off. Anyways welcome back twins.

  16. Ayo Emmanuel says:

    hey MAMUZEEEEEEE,my guys, i have always for decades know u guys will blow,happy for u, looking forward to do another movie with u guys,meanwhile, looking forward to ur lunching .lov u to d bone, MAAAAAMUUUUZEEEEEE.

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