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Vector ft Modenine – V9 Cypha

Post by Ovie O, July 26th, 2013

A few days ago, we put up a joint by Modenine ft Vector called “Zoning Out”. Well, that was the 1st leg.

Here’s “V9 Cypha” by Vector featuring Modenine. Bars on bars on bars from two lyrical dragons.

Safe to say these two are the most effective rap duo in the country. Can we get a joint album please?




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25 responses to “Vector ft Modenine – V9 Cypha”

  1. DGraphicsGuy says:

    just want to be first b4 i listen….

  2. NoHYPEfx says:

    it only makes perfect sense they both share an album or a mixtape… they seem to fit each other.. we need a rap movement, enuff of everybody trying to do their own thing … but where are all them rappers?? Olamide will now come and start dissing those who put in efforts trying to be creative and .. never disrespect the art!
    its sad that our own definition of "commercial" simply means singing rubbish with catchy words and phrases….

  3. DGraphicsGuy says:

    flows on point… punchlines are unusually weak on this freestyle for both artists

  4. these mass murderers are at it again
    Mode 9: hey Vec let's recon pass over da killzone, check if dat track survived n rekill it
    Vec: fo sho

  5. owolabz says:

    oH Boyyyyyy…. Bloody Comeback ! VEC on dis one…. Modo Onpoint but i'm gonna pinpoint few lines i sorta dont dig !!

    MODO : I'm so vain, I'm following myself on Twitter (HOW DO YOU FOLLOW YOURSELF ON TWITTER PLEASSSSSSE? ) …
    ———> I gave her Dike… No tonto ( MODO REALLY ? )

    Vector On the other hand delivered massively and i love few lines
    —–> Come at me i PUSHA T back with the clique clique
    ——> The girls they wanna do me cos they know i pull STRINGS like i'm about to c booty
    ———> You gat the small 'edge' ? its cool but your msgs wont deliver




    Modo Murdered 'Zoning Out' tho….. Great RAPPERS !!

  6. DANCO says:

    Vec on point…

  7. Spacome says:

    You gat the small 'edge' ? its cool but your msgs wont deliver .(Reminisce Diss)

  8. dear benjamin says:

    V E C all days.Forget mode9 abeg.9 abeg go find work.

  9. dear benjamin says:

    A daily job will assist mode 9. V.E.C all day.

  10. dlon says:

    people need to stop coming online to lecture real shit i dont see a line out of the bars that is not properly put together people need to just try and be straight for once plssssssssss….

  11. Rahman Thurheb Phele says:

    v.e.c on point wa gba yii let dem know.

  12. DEX says:

    "You got the small edge? It's cool but your messages won't deliver" Lol, woah there. Oshey Mode and Vector.

  13. Kola1 says:

    Mode9 is really pushing hard 2 come back, just wondering y nigerianz wnt gv him a listening ear and a second chance….. well, Good rap musik lovers will always be there 2 support u .. Nice jam btw

  14. jimbavia says:

    OLD TRACK !!! ..

  15. James says:


  16. NoHYPEfx says:

    pls how does phenom fit in?? that secondary school boy rapper.. do you guys even listen to rap at all?? rap is beyond "trying" to be witty with rhymes and metaphors, you gotta put some life in it, you gotta let rhythm go with it.. then ofcourse some natural metaphors and punchlines. phenom forces that shit. vec is a natural, modenine learned it, M.i is a natural plus he learned it and he "knows" music.. thats why he is able to load his songs with "content" not just trying to show the world u can only do punchlines….

  17. Fadz Digga says:

    I swearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr modo n vec d best in africa.

  18. stephen says:

    dry…….! needed a PHENOM-ena touch….!

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