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Labzy Lawal – Sweet 16 Ft Sossick + Carry Last

Post by lalaboiy, July 26th, 2013

Labzy Is Back!!!! Now under the stables of Righteous Works Records [his new self owned label], Labzy Lawal is set to take the industry by storm with his scintillating lyrics, charisma and flow. He presents three new singles – Sweet 16 , Carry Last and Getting My P.

Sweet 16, produced by and featuring the super producer Sossick on the hook, has Labzydropping suave bars on a heavy beat. On a ragga flavoured Carry Last produced byEmmashyne, Labzy sets off fireworks with his infectious hook and lyrics. Getting My P, boasts of another classic hip hop beat produced by Sossick, with Labzy going bonkers on it. Listen up to these heavy joints!

– Lalaboiy

Labzy Lawal Cover


Carry Last




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3 responses to “Labzy Lawal – Sweet 16 Ft Sossick + Carry Last”

  1. DGraphicsGuy says:

    labzy…. you impress me … b the grace of the most high u no go carry last…. dope vibes….

  2. TheLastman^_^ says:

    I must say , the industry drives people away from their original sound and voice. Labzy has done better trust me, listen to his previous songs. His music is being counterfeited. Oh God, save our voices and sound from the change that would make us do otherwise…….

  3. baddessst says:

    Nice efforts

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