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VIDEO: Banky W – Good Good Loving

Post by Demola OG, July 25th, 2013

Banky W returns with the visuals to his official 2nd single, Good Good Loving off his R&BW album which was released earlier in 2013.

Quality, Fun and Funny video. Watch, Enjoy and share your thoughts.

LOL @ Seyi Law calling her bluff and regretting it later.

From EME Chairman and R&B Powerhouse Banky W comes the 2nd video off the R&BW album “Good Good Loving”. The video was produced and written by Banky W and he once again teams up with legendary Director Clarence Peters to bring this fun song to life…

The beautiful Dami Adegbite plays the leading lady, and the very funny Seyi Law features as the anti-hero, or “Learner” as he’s hilariously referred to in the clip. The video also features cameos from WizKid, eLDee, Skales, Lynxxx, ShayDee, Ketchup, Niyola, ‘Retta, MasterKraft, P.R.E, Emmy Ace, and more.

It’s a fun video, an interesting story line, and yet another quality EME/Capital Production.

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49 responses to “VIDEO: Banky W – Good Good Loving”

  1. Gwariboy says:

    Banky Never Disappoint U

  2. Kola1 says:

    Now, this is what we talking about… Good music, Good music, Good loving

  3. gusto says:

    lovely videoa seyi law bloody case…..hilarious dude

  4. DEX says:

    Lovely video. Guage the Samsung and Ciroc advert. Lool, I was entertained. Nicely done, Banky 🙂

  5. Kilonshele says:

    Nice Videooo!

  6. Banky is really maintaining his standard.comic nice.
    eLDee and Wizzy get ready for questioning from una madams at the top

  7. Oluwaphemy says:

    Funny and Interesting… Me like.

  8. @ajmammie says:

    Kwality song capped with a quality video. Banky has really been consistent and the show of love in the industry is amazing. Enough cameo…

  9. owolabz.. says:

    Classic! There are only a few Nigerian artistes that impress me today with their talents and delivery. …I must say BANKY belongs to this selected few.

    Awesome Video

  10. login says:

    forget,banky w dey sing pepper……jam of life!

  11. DGraphicsGuy says:

    ITs Banky W….. tunes is a on point… but disagree with people that call a brand new jam CLASSIC!!! It's new and good in so many ways.. but pls dont call it classic yet…. habaaaa

  12. esdeesplace says:

    I need you to get down from the car! Hehehehe

  13. DGraphicsGuy says:

    And CLarence Peters needs to work on his typography…… Using "impact" font his videos is getting distasteful…. and becoming an unpleasant signature.. dude needs to let loose… some fonts even give the video an extra class….

    DgraphicsGuy's observation by the way….

  14. Osinga_Onyi says:

    D goal of a true artist is to create a definitive work that can't be surpassed…Clarence does the shoots,banky tell the stories…That's how professionals work

  15. INVISIBLIES says:

    i keep on hearing LISTEN by Flavor on recent artists at the end of dammy krane video-xteristics and now in this banky's video around 2:54 …JUST SAYING

  16. folakemi says:

    I Love anything from Banky…

  17. @kpozo2 says:

    The video kept me entertained the entire 4:39 mins…

  18. 9jafreak says:

    Talent Plentiful

  19. all songs the same….love u love u..shit….

  20. OKOCHA says:

    lmao, seyi law "talk 30 minutes yesternight"

  21. FindOut says:

    seyilaw don finish me ooo…lwkmd. Lovely video W!

  22. vec-nine says:

    the intro was so noisy …. great song.

  23. nice banky keep doing it because you no how to do it?

  24. kenneth says:

    Na so they dey pivk up women??

    Clean video though..
    and as someone pointed out….Clarence pETER'S signboard on his music videos are beginning to become distasteful…a logo would suffice

  25. silas says:

    Dope cut

  26. Olos Jasmine Clive says:

    cul one, I think skales hand shake resembles dat of the airlords…its just an observation here.

  27. D_Oracle says:

    What was Banky telling the girl while they were on the boat? Check 1:45, she laugh sotay, all the veins for her neck wan burst comot. Banky, Banky, Banky………ẹ́melo ni mó pé ẹ́? I no trust you………hehehehe *winks*

    Classy and classic, all join. For me, it's a classically classy video and tune – so @owolabz and @DGraphicsGuy, settled? :p

    I gbadun the remix with two face better sha……….I hope im go make video for that one too……..I know, I know, I am greedy like that……….. 🙂

  28. hmmm says:

    My only thing is that Banky should stop dancing. Apart from that, video on point, song on point..dalu

  29. voxman says:

    Banky keeps redefining himself and that's what a true artist does. Dude hs got class!!!

  30. Tim says:

    Awesome video, kudos to Banky mhen!! even tho i feel he should free the dancing =D. nice cameos too especially Seyi law, Bimpe n' Wizzy.

  31. iba says:

    so much beef about this video. granted he cant dance but thats not all he did in this video. and i found seyi law funny as hell. the song didnt do it for me but perhaps its one of those ones that will grow on me. selah

  32. TheLastman^_^ says:

    Great cinematic expression, feel alright music, and the color grading is spot on. Classic story telling. 🙂

  33. Def Play says:

    Do you smell Samsung Money?

  34. seandre says:

    great video u got there banky

  35. yemi says:

    The video is awesome

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