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Olamide – Baddo (Freestyle) + MSarewole

Post by Demola OG, July 23rd, 2013

Here is a freestyle from Olamide titled Badoo.

According to unconfirmed sources, this song was actually recorded for the YBNL album but did not make the cut.

Listen as Olamide spits sensible fiya on this lovely bounce sounding track..

Olamide Suit 2 a

Baddo (Freestyle) [DOWNLOAD]

MSarewole [DOWNLOAD]

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41 responses to “Olamide – Baddo (Freestyle) + MSarewole”

  1. Jide says:

    This guy is better than the rest. #DOPE

  2. Omooba001 says:


  3. Fowoachieve says:

    Second…Voice anyhow..nah ur time..

  4. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Baddo! Baddo! YBNL

  5. @ajmammie says:

    Badoo!!! You hold sway… o poju! Rhyming effortlessly!

  6. Swag Man says:

    Nice freestyle

  7. DANCO says:

    badoo the best

  8. Coonett says:

    Olamide “Badoo” Notin do u!!

  9. Coonett says:

    Olamide "Badoo" always on POINT!!

  10.é pron: |ˈôˈla mē də| a.k.a badoo/ybnl

    defn: supremo indigenous rap genius native of Bariga-Lagos, Nigeria
    known for infinite making sense yoruba punchlines

    e.g …"mo n kowo lo inu bank awon da ajo"
    "…tori e every morning ti ba ji ni ma an sope ma tu foni pelu ogidiga ati miliki olope"

  11. owolabz.. says:

    Very versatile. Olamide can do no wrong at the moment. Love it.

  12. mo keeps it real says:

    Badoooooooooooooooooo!… this guy makes me happy when i hearing his song (Gbagaun)… na u cause, man confuse…. bad jam!!!!!

  13. Omo Alayo says:

    hahaha….. maga…. welcome to the LEAGUE

  14. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Omo Alayo no welcome me jor… I just dey hail am for the noise wey he dey make

  15. sholascott says:

    Badoo don complain for twitter, Who dey leak him Unfinished tunes na ? E no good o

  16. oaa148 says:

    Badoooooooo!!!!! Hard work pays off.

  17. baddessst says:

    Baddooo fierce with everything

  18. eddie says:

    dope…but that shit isnt a free style,a freestyle cant be that sharp…

  19. 9jafreak says:

    Badoo on point!
    I like the much calmer, sensible rap

  20. Badoo, NO tag , Tori e every morning ti n baji ni ma n sope ma tu fo nu pelu ogidiga ati miliki olope.

  21. General says:

    Nice beats

  22. DEX says:

    I don't even understand yoruba that well, but it sounds sick!

  23. St Samson says:

    Why you dey call all this better Jamz Freestyle
    This is sweet

  24. Skibo says:

    Nice one badoo for us wey dey run street

  25. Badoo apk says:

    thanks admin for sharing such a great post its really cool one

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