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Knighthouse Presents: Phenom – TKG (Freestyle)

Post by Demola OG, July 23rd, 2013

Brand New freestyle from Phenom.

The knighthouse General flexes his lyrical muscle on TKG freestyle, a medley of heavy hiphop classic beats. Phenom is currently working on material for his debut album which should drop soon.

2013-07-23 16.54.45


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38 responses to “Knighthouse Presents: Phenom – TKG (Freestyle)”

  1. Apuesto says:

    First !!

  2. TitaniumWiz says:

    this dude is on point!! i wan do song with this guy lol

  3. Ur_Papa_Senior_BroDa says:

    Love it…..

  4. …sick mashup. 1:04 sounds definitely like shots at M.I btw Phenom's album's so due

  5. Spacome says:

    I Hope u guys knw dis a Beef song?figure out he diss M.i wit one line here..Bt we all knw Phenom is a beast..

  6. TitaniumWiz says:

    this guy is on point!! hip hop definately has an army for our generation

  7. owolabz.. says:

    Forget Anal Sex, You cant do SH!T.. Phenom went harrrrrd… waiting for your album bruv !

  8. dtyungman says:

    Dis guy should get on a track with Vector tho'….sick sick joint!!!

  9. rupert says:

    combination madt beatz , he killed ittttttttttttttt

  10. Twentea says:

    This Niggaz ain't acting right "NOLLYWOOD", they talking drama but they singing "BOLLYWOOD", I never talk much cos i know the money "WOULD", plus i be the drama 3D flick "NOLLYWOOD"…………………………………………….. THIS IS DOPE

  11. nigga is too dope he is like the fourt best in nigeria atm

  12. Twentea says:

    Can't compare MEN, the difference is clear MEN, Am not a friend to the groom, its ironic am the best MEN. Get off your chair MEN, am the man you should cheer MEN.. You not the Chairman, You just a man on the Chair Men………….

    PHENOM TILL PA MI… obviously you dissing MI… The battle line has been drawn.. Make we see who go win..

  13. paulmirabilis says:

    I just love this guy to pieces…one of the best 5 rappers out there!

  14. grit says:

    this guy is a problem. I want to see a track with him and sultan marshall. even though sultan seems like a singer rapper type. it would be dope to see these two beasts on the same track. Endless swag, Endless bars.

    True music lover.

  15. DANCO says:

    this is RAP

  16. login says:

    Alot of hot music on notjustok today! Good.

  17. teewhye says:

    I fancy this guy’ style of rap, it s sensational and better than that of mode9 & vector.

  18. Aj says:

    Nice one though but I think he listened to too much of Dj neptune ft Yung6ix, lots of recycled lines yo, I wanna see him do a song with yung6ix am sure it will be a classic

  19. Omooba001 says:

    This is sweet….we can flow with the rap…that is what Naija rap should be…DUDE your album is due…or if its a mixtape…just drop it bro

    People thinking he is dissing MI…i won't agree with you because the word Chairman is a simple english word any rapper can flow with…alot of rappers have used it using the word chairman…so because phenom get mouth small now…he dey diss MI…

    i dont think their is a bad blood between them…lets enjoy music please

  20. 9jafreak says:


  21. sholascott says:

    Boy is hard tho, he'll go places !

  22. DGraphicsGuy says:

    jheez.. dude went in…. so copping ur ablum wen you drop one…

  23. one cyprus N*gga says:

    who heard that part??? "u so broke i hear echoes in ur bank acount" jesuuuu

  24. GreenZ says:

    ''…. forget anal sex, you can't do shit''. Now that's a quote!!!!

  25. Max Chy Egwuatu says:

    so dude use the word "chairman" for few bars, una all turn am to beef….oya tell me, shey u no dey sometyms hail your guy say "chairman"? so e fit be u, so pls stop all dis gossips abt beef abeg and listen to the song.

  26. poise says:

    mama saw a new me and ask for her son back…fellas like u makes u wanna drop some lyrics too… dang niccur!!!

  27. obynaija1 says:

    so this is how it happened; listened, posted a comment, downloaded and listened on my beats, had to come back and say just say that phenom is phenomenal.

  28. Yte prince says:

    When phenom is on any beat, be sure that every single lyric will count.. he spit bars upon bars… i'm so proud of you…

  29. phenomenal says:

    dope stuff ……bars for DaY$$ ….. "this niGGaz ain't acting right – NOLLYWOOD, they talking drama but they singing – BOLLYWOOD . . . . . . . "

  30. DEX says:

    Phenom the Venom. Lol, shots fired though..Dope freestyle still.

  31. Yo,phenom didn’t take shots at M.I,he didn’t recycle lines from yung6ix/neptune and he was on 3differnt tracks with yung6ix. He mucked 6ix well! Y’all anticipate phyno/phenom it drops soon! BRAAAAAA

  32. yago says:

    this is soooo cool.. you killed it, you dope man!

  33. akande says:

    phenom is indeed a rapper

  34. Okey says:

    "flow so tongue needs a tampon'…word..
    Dude went in hard!!!

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