VIDEO: Audu Maikori Explains Brymo & Jesse Jagz Situation with Chocolate City

Post by Demola OG, July 22nd, 2013

Audu, the CEO of one of the highly successful record labels in Nigeria, Chocolate City sits with Adesope of Factory78 in this 3 part interview.

Honestly, I didn’t see this one coming from Audu, but I am glad that he shed some light on the situation surrounding Jesse Jagz’s departure and Brymo’s situation with Chocolate City.

He also talks about Ice Prince’s success in the 3rd video below.

Watch the interviews below:
“Brymo is Ignorant”

Situation with Jesse Jagz

Talks about Ice Prince


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53 responses to “VIDEO: Audu Maikori Explains Brymo & Jesse Jagz Situation with Chocolate City”

  1. Omooba001 says:

    This space is reserved for Omooba001…please dont claim it if you the 2nd position

  2. …so Brymo hung out with this smooth talking Lawyer and thought nothing of fu.cking up the guy's money???. That's a bit reckless and silly if u ask me cos Lawyer is sounding pissed and is not going to tender justice with mercy. Brymo its peacetalks time, don't be shy cos that Ma$e reference is a really bad omen. "ALWAYS READ THE LABEL"-GZA

    • JUGNU says:

      lol at the Ma$e reference, which is under a whole different premise. I recall Ma$e having to accost Puff during a radio interview to get him to release him from his contract. Besides who in his right mind would sign to Bad boy in this day and age?? seriously…..biggie(deceased), G dep(incarcerated), Blackrob(off the radar), total(off the radar), Lox(the only ones able to get away unscarred), Shyne( deported), 112(—-), Dirty Money(inactive), Danity kane(inactive) and the least goes on. S/Os to Yung joc though…hahaha

      • stephenbinos says:

        french montana

      • bros well done, perfect info laden comment and this is what NJO should really be about. Did you know Diddy is generally referred to as the most dangerous CEO in America cos he outlived his enemies/competition and benefitted off their demise. Not to mention his official label signees who came under his publishing contracts cos his estate will be collecting royalties off their work for 70yrs. I always feel sorry for the little guys though but u gotta be sharp when swimming with sharks

    • belli says:

      u talk as if u knew all that transpired. d fact that Maikoro talks smoothly doesn't entirely exonerate him..calm down oga last man!

  3. Raaaa says:

    choc city chief needs to tamper his public disposition and not come off so disconnected and cold. We know you are a business man but music is getting closer to the people in terms of delivery from artist to consumer and with that comes the realization of the dream many artists have had since the music business became the music BUSINESS…to control their creativity. Give a man some influence and he starts to get careless; a disgruntled artist will not make you as much money as a happy one (how much money did puff make off Mase after the fall out? exactly). Also, the boko haram analogy was uncalled for; people have died and communities have been destroyed by that whole affair. You are here casually dismissing that as some kind of growing pains for a democracy..who told you, you are in a democracy? lol.

    • His Royal Flyness says:

      Guy you make sense.. Tell the guy jare…. If you listen to Jesse jagz album… that guy has mad talent… MI and Ice dey learn….

    • aka ephraim says:

      @Raaa…perfect post. you hit all the right points!!!! especially the cold disconnect (…Lawyers!!!) and the terrible Boko Haram anaolgy (I cringed as he said it…if he was in a reall democracy he would have to apologise for that very politically incorrect example…)…

      Perhaps with a few more like minds there is still hope for this country…(and of course it's Music industry;-))

  4. Osinga_Onyi says:

    Your head is there..Professional interview,interview you can relate to.

  5. titilope says:

    I’m just weak, choc city should leave the guy and let him continue with his life, they’ve given Ice Prince enough packaging and they should manage whatever amount they get from him. No wonder Olamide no join any record label…sharp guy.

  6. DEX says:

    I'm not even gonna talk about this Brymo issue again. That aside, I would've said M.I's album be released first considering when last he released an album. And the current exposure he's getting from being the Nigerian X-factor Judge is a plus. But oh well, they know better….perhaps.

  7. owolabz.. says:

    The best way to put drama in its place is to Step away from it. Brymo go for Peacetalks and ignore what the world is going to say. Remember, todays newspaper is tomorrow's suya Paper…
    Go and settle with Audu Maikori.. #TeamChoc

  8. paulmirabilis says:

    Honestly, Brymo's press conference was uncalled-for. I donno what he wants again;that label really tried for him. You released your album, shot some very good videos and got some awards.What the heck does he want again?…and the statement he made that the Nigerian legal system cannot help him, is probably the dumbest statement I've heard from somebody of his caliber in a long while.

    • facts says:

      that wasnt a DUMB statement my friend , it is entirely TRUE that the legal system is so bad and rigged. Considering the fact that AUDU is rich and do have connections with pple in abuja,his father is a politician + he is a lawyer and brymo is a the SON OF A CARPENTER, what do you think honestly? the system cannot just side OLAWALE…the RICH and MIGHTY determines how to share the spoils… That wasnt an interview, this factory whatever man have always being like that, if you want an interview then watch when SAHARA REPORTERS dwell into issues, not some incompetent,unprofessional and biased journalist staging a stupid video for us all in the guise of an interview.Lastly,NEVER TRUST A GOOD FRIEND THAT BEFRIENDS A KNOWN ENEMY;THEY ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS OF THEM ALL…check up those that made up of the SURE-P committee and you would know whats up.

  9. The Contractor says:

    Oh well…like my man Mode9 said…."It's about to get ugly!!!"

  10. TC CEO says:

    Finally… an educated person talking about Nigerian Music….

    • …why not just narrow it down or are u also lilly livered too besides being suicidal?
      conceited prick

      • TC CEO says:

        STFU sh!thead and go get busy with your life rather than sleep here all day for cheap popularity. Jobless tw@t

      • weak comeback…u shouldnt have replied

      • TC CEO says:

        remember i said you're jobless? google *jobless* and cry shamefully in your face me face you house. onyoshi

      • TC CEO says:

        Why is someone pretending to be me… LastMan… narrow what down… Statement was specific enough… implies no educated person regularly talks about 9ja music.

      • If ur not responsible for the comment then ignore the reply but in any case the snide comment is in line and fits the profile of the TC CEO that came round Dbanj's Hennessy artistry page to troll me. That's not u either?

        "…no educated person regularly talks about naija music" is such a broad sweeping ignorant statement without factual basis and is more than likely to cause offence. A lot of people everywhere generally talk about naija music on a daily basis. Have u personally met and vetted them? How do u know their level of education? I'll use myself as an example…I regularly talk about Nigerian music here and have 3 tertiary degrees and God willing will be bagging a 4th by fall 2015. That should be fairly educated enough by any standards even yours. I also firmly believe a lot of other well read and successful individuals regularly discuss naija music here on NJO…Its called anonymous for a reason. In future, look before u leap and learn to maintain focus on the topic of discussion.

      • OBIsydal says:

        yo lastman…I am your fan, but homeboy..10degrees don't make u intelligent bro…i hope u are not one of those chasing unending degrees just to maintain a visa overseas…lol…just a comment. one love.

      • lol…no offence taken o…pursuit of knowledge is my cross to bear baba and I strive to learn from anybody big or small. To be ultra candid with you, I don't even feel that knowledgeable or intelligent within myself but I'm some kinda geek and e pay me die shey u get. There's no need to be all up in everybody's face with qualifications and stuff at all. The info I supplied was on a need to know basis to clear that young man TC CEO who came with that "do you know who i am" Naija mentality virus. Anybody can claim Abacha on the net so i just normally drop my small comment and rest…but to answer your question tho, bro i'm priviledged to be visa free to travel most places in the world so study only means STUDY and not visa racket. Shout out to all the brethren on their hustle to legalize tho, its never been easy to be a black man in this world.
        one love

        yours truly

      • paulmirabilis says:

        mumu comment…

  11. Someone_Special says:

    I hope both parties; Brymo and Chocolate City, can dialogue and settle this amiably.

  12. o.B.A.M.O says:

    Todays newspaper is tomorrow suya paper. OMFG funniest statement ever . I love Brymo though just not his lips.

  13. choi says:

    Education is not everything but at times it could be the difference between being dumb and enlightened…Audu put it plainly; IT IS IGNORANCE… People abeg make una dey read contract before una sign. UNa never learn from Mase? Una never learn from Kelly Hansome?…

  14. Kush K says:

    A contract is a contract a legal binding document, when you break the terms of such mentioned document you are liable!

    Regardless of how he felt, feels or thinks he should not have broke the terms of it. And if it was a silly unfavourable contract then he shouldn't have signed it in the first place.

    Artists these days sign soul selling contracts just to make a quick buck.. then when they realise their mistake after spending the labels money finish they want to back track and say this contract is unfair (because they've made more money than projected and have a fanbase)

    I hope others will learn from this.. no matter who you are what you sing or how many hits you have a contract is a contract

  15. Kush K says:

    Jesse Jagz saw out his contract before leaving choc city/making noise why is brymo's own different

  16. kenneth says:

    Obviously this guy knows it…
    Without being told, this is an interview from someone who knows what he is doing.

    The music business is real business!!!! it has to do with money…spreadsheets, balances, loans and all those accounting shit….
    As for brymo…that dude is screwed!! Ignorance…

    As for the timing of album releases, i think its a good thing that IceP's album is comming out first..because i think they want to strike while the iron is hot. M.I has a lot of projects on hand and i think that can keep him and his account busy..

  17. fage says:

    Joblessness is a sin!!! Brymo’s presz conf was uncalled for, right. But Audu granted a dumb interview. I dey wait for part 4 of the movie sha.

  18. iba says:

    Nawa o. so Mr lawyer what you gonna do to invite new faces and inject fresh blood into choc city again???

  19. Darlings says:

    Mr lastman,people rate u on this site but it don’t make u d best or mr know all,TC CEO made a comment and I don’t get why u should be d only one out of multitudes to take of fence..allow it man,make ur own comment n let others too and if atall he referred to u,u shouldn’t even reply so u stay a champion.

    • tbh u've made a very solid point using simple words which is really appreciated. I am naturally a very humble person and keen to learn from others and sometimes when I feel like i'm monopolising the flow of opinions on this site I deliberately take a backseat. There are a lot of contributors here that add value to the site whom i look forward to reading from.

      To understand my gripe with TC CEO u need to read his previous comment on another page where he directly addressed/replied me and my work with extreme prejudice and malicious intent. This comment he wrote here is basically referencing that one so don't blame me bro he dropped the guantlet first, I only picked it up. Thanks and God bless!!!

  20. Keepinitreel says:

    Another episode of hungry money CEOs or should i say record label owners, Let a true artist express his inner soul. The world needs to hear their message, voice; they change lives. It is needed, let's us spread positivity. Love & Peace.

  21. David Mogul Omofuma says:

    Artist this days are independent even in can build you fan base online..& push yourself..i feel sorry for them folks going to sign deals with record companies..not even an international company a naija record company..Record companies do nothing that you cant do this days..#bigMistake.

  22. Jennifer Alegieuno says:

    That's not true David!

  23. Kelly says:

    Audu is obviously not a smart business man, how do you publicly declare war on your artist, an artist who has made you millions of Naira with Oleku and assisted in creating one of Choc city's biggest artist- Ice Prince. If all the other artist in Chocolate City (including Ice Prince) don't see that they are in trouble then they must be blind. what is a good for the gander is good for the goose. More music less talk. gbam!

    • my broda if u've ever tried to run biz in naija u will know how hard it is to keep people in line to reach your goal of a successful venture simply because people have massive egos, unrealistic ambitions plus a general lack of respect for established order and due process. Audu fit don use confidence of Brymo contract collect loan from bank spend to develop the chap, time to reap dividend and the guy scampers off cos he might be thinking the label strategy is moving too slow for him based on Ice Princes success. Its not done so and a good grip on reality and simple logic should make it pretty clear.

      Everybody is talking about the success of Oleku but if you have ever tried to promote an artiste track and shoot video and publicity, the bill is in millions of naira already so that Oleku as popular as it is could even have been a loss to the label or just breaking even. Brymo has treated official matters too casually so Audu must posture well and litigate to send out a strong message, protect his business/investors and recoup his investment if not every artiste walking into choc city from now on will treat it like a revolving door. I always root for the little guys but Brymo really should have factored himself out of this equation from the start to avoid this mess. Its not show friends, its show business.

  24. Pearl says:

    @Kelly, you’ve said it all. I just guess Audu is trying to show his aboki side, it aint gonna pay him at alll. Chocolate city should just free the guy if he’s not ready to settle issues with them or betterstill, Audu should let us know der own part of the story. Were they cheating Brymo or not. I think that should be the next question from all those busy body interviewing him.

  25. Pearl says:

    I understand your point “theLASTMAN”, but the issue is, Audu should come out and tell us if they were cheating Brymo or not. This is naija o, he shouldn’t compare Brymo’s case with that of Ma$e, music competition in naija is too high now and mind you, many artiste will leave der record labels. “No Dulling”. I see Pryse leaving the record label sha, let’s wait and see.

    • good point but i'm sure you and I already know Audu is never in a million years going to admit any wrong doing and will stand on that contract till kingdom come. Brymo sef know and that was what he implied in his interview about "…being unable to win in the Nigerian courts"…what I find mostly sad though is that he(Brymo) got next on Choc city anyway. Ice P and M.I don blow and will be going to recess, Jagz is out so naturally the label's next project is to suit him up within the coming months and go to market. I don't think he took stock, he should have waited, earned the goodies and bounced after his contract if the "cheating" was that bad.

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