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VIDEO: Rukus – I Think I’m Trayvon

Post by Ovie O, July 21st, 2013

I’ve had this on repeat for the past hour or so. Touching piece by Rukus.

I think I’m Trayvon too! R.I.P kid. The system failed you.

“Fresh off his arrival in the US from Nigeria, Trybe Records lyricist Rukus took a break from his US tour to record this thought-provoking tribute to Trayvon Martin entitled “I Think I’m Trayvon”.  The Nigerian rapper touches on racism and profiling in a unique fashion with each verse as he sheds a different perspective on the brutal slaying of 17 year old Martin and the subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman.

Rukus performs in Chicago on August “31st at The Shrine, then the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in New York before returning to Nigeria in September.




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14 responses to “VIDEO: Rukus – I Think I’m Trayvon”

  1. slam tha DJ says:


  2. AmeriKKKAa is definitely eating its black young…y'all stay safe out there my people.
    Big ups Rukkus. RIP Trayvon Martin…Increase the peace

  3. El Savador says:

    Great effort.

  4. A-Maz says:

    I feel for the black community. Rukus went real on this one

  5. ajmammie says:

    Great effort Rukus!!! Racism is endemic in the western society… Blacks need to show more love and protect one another.

  6. Max Chy Egwuatu says:

    I stay out here and people back home don't have any idea what racism is..they ony hear, watch and read,..we experience the whole sh*T..i use to feel it was notin until I had my own experiences too…its mad mad crazy out here…and am glad young black africans these days know their rights and stand up against it everyday…word#.

  7. jay says:

    Dope rhymes.. touching

  8. mina says:

    no offense but instead os singing about trayvon martin, he should be rapping about the alu4. Dude its sad what happened to trayvon, but what about your 4brothers that were actually great young men who primitive laws destroyed. Dude you are back home, face the country you are in and rap about the issues that concern it.

  9. Tunechi Stanzeey says:

    This shit is Dope @ Mina U jst a Witch or Wizard…

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