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Ajebutter 22, Bez, Chi Gul & Terry Tha Rapman battle for your Vote

Post by Demola OG, July 19th, 2013

The BlackBerry® Q5 is here! THIS is your chance to win a BlackBerry Q5 smartphone in the BlackBerry Q5 5 x 5 competition.

HOW? Simply press PLAY on the voice notes from Ajebutter 22, Bez, Chi Gul, and Terry Tha Rapman below, and vote for your favourite voice note in the accompanying poll.

The celebrity who wins will select 5 lucky fans to give a BRAND NEW BlackBerry Q5 each!
Explore, create and share anywhere with the new BlackBerryQ5. Cool apps, hot games, and more music and movies than ever, are all waiting for you on the new BlackBerry Q5.

Get listening and voting for them now!


More on the celebs:

Ajebutter 22 (@ajebutter22)
Ajebutter 22 has been a revelation in the Nigerian music scene this year. His singles, ‘Senrenre’, ‘Omo Pastor’ and ‘Gbono’ (featuring Dr Sid) – which later went on to be smash releases – garnered Ajebutter his mainstream attention. His upcoming collaboration album with Studio Magic, entitled ‘Anytime Soon’ is slated for an August release.

Bez Idakula (@BEZidakula)
Bez, known for his single ‘Stupid Song’ and album ‘Super Sun’ makes alternative soul; an understated and unusual hybrid of soul, jazz and R&B music that sets him well apart from the main stream Afro-hip-hop movement. His songs of love and heartbreak are modern acoustic gems.

Chi Gul (@theonlychigul)
Chi Omeruah, better known as Chi Gul, is a comedienne. She rose to fame by composing voice notes about Nigerian life, which went viral. One of her most notable voice notes, ‘Kilode’, was instrumental in helping her become popular amongst the youth population thanks to her employment of pidgin English and ability to transform many everyday words into comedic sources.

Terry Tha Rapman (@tharapman)
Terry Tha Rapman is popularly known for his sophomore album titled ‘Boyz Are Not Smiling’. The first single off the album ‘Sample’ featuring Pheroshuwz and Stereoman won the Best Rap Single at Hip Hop World Awards 2010. His other hits include ‘Ojoro’ featuring Terry G and ‘Boyz Don Hammer’.

Vote For Your Favourite Voice Note

  • Ajebutter 22 (36%, 267 Votes)
  • Terry Tha Rapman (33%, 245 Votes)
  • Bez Idakula (17%, 130 Votes)
  • Chi Gul (14%, 101 Votes)

Total Voters: 743

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176 responses to “Ajebutter 22, Bez, Chi Gul & Terry Tha Rapman battle for your Vote”

  1. Seph says:


  2. everything na ajebutter na wa oh.

  3. Its all Ajebutter22, what kinda syndicate is this?

  4. NaLaugh says:

    Demola OG my brother, u must be on that good ish huh?
    why u enter jungle today by yourself, u no invite me?

    You just come back post all the same voice notes? haha

  5. @ajmammie says:

    Ovie! check the voicenotes. They are all the same. Ajebutter 22's

  6. Edodi says:

    Pls correct , and replace with the right voicenotes 🙂

  7. kunakunte says:


  8. I love ajebutter 22. His voice is awesome.

  9. El Baba says:

    literally.. it seems ajebutter22 all the way!

  10. irivri erowo says:

    terry d rapman

  11. they are all d same thing…………..all Ajebutter 22's voice.

  12. D̶̲̥̅̊ voice notes doesn’t play pls try Α̲̅πϑ fix it

  13. Ogidigan says:

    Where are the contest rules? Is is available to anyone, anywhere in the world? 🙂

  14. Ceo Bans says:

    Terry Tha Rapman Got ma vote.

  15. I voted for Terry because of voice clarity but how exactly does one win this BB? abeg make una no give water keep cup again o

  16. spencer says:

    Dis !sh don’t play….ajebutter got ma vote tho!

  17. Ajebutter 22,u r the man. Ur hot(gbono),,,,,,I got ur man

  18. Ajebutter 22,u r d man,,,u r hot(gbono).I got ur back

  19. Edodi says:

    My vote goes to TERRY THA RAPMAN, he nailed it.

  20. Ajebutter,,,Got ur back man,PEACE OUT

  21. Ajebutter 22. …..My Q5 ooo

  22. ︻╦╤─Bbm 2efcc419︻╦╤─ says:


  23. TERRY says:


  24. munar says:

    Chi gul be killing me everlyyy

  25. adewale says:

    Solidly at ur back @Ajebutter…u got ma vote. Nd is time for u tu stop eatin butter nd start eatin fufu

  26. Adegoke says:

    Ajebutter ooooooo

  27. Adaeze says:

    I vote Chi Gurl! Its a wow Q5 Lol!

  28. geezy says:

    chigul na u biko

  29. tirbaby says:

    My guuul….chiiiiigul yase!

  30. emmanuel says:

    Ajebutter 22 is the one

  31. Yomi says:

    Chigurl is wow of course!

  32. Babaji3 says:

    Bez Idakula has my vote any day

  33. Babaji3 says:

    Bez Idakula has my vote any day

  34. Admiral says:

    I give it to Chi-gurl

  35. Imole says:

    Terry Tha Rapman for me.

  36. Tina O says:

    Chirugurl all the way!!!!

  37. Bez Idakula has my vote err day men. With a voice like his you jus gotta vote for him.

  38. Kuku says:

    Chi gurl for the win!

  39. Bez @BEZidakula has my vote. Give it up for BEZ

  40. Terry tha rap man! His is the most likeable, simple and short and his lines are dope. Terrry the rapman all tha way.

  41. My vote goes to the king of soulful music…BEZ baba, I git ur back man.

  42. My vote goes to the king of soulful music…BEZ baba, I git ur back man.

  43. Ezeodili Eche says:

    Terry tha rap man!! His is the most likeable, simple and short and his lines are dope. Terrry da rapman all tha way

  44. kolade says:

    Terry da Rapman !!….Am with him on this one !!

  45. Much respest to Bez the king of soulful music. You got my vote and I got ya back. Love ya man.

  46. Forget the q10….it’s Bez ma man

  47. chichi says:

    Chi gul hands down!

  48. Zlolita says:

    I vote Bezzzzzzz all the way! Bezo! Bezo! That super sun talent 🙂 love him! Loved his freestyle lol

  49. Cheema says:

    Terry!!!!!! #BANS

  50. Ziggy says:

    My gurl Chi Gurl has Wow me again! Ya market will not be in vain!

  51. @squamel says:

    If my ears are tuned correctly, the only artiste that “makes sense” here, judging by the above samples, as far as am concered is BEZ… Judging out of the box, for me, is still BEZ…

  52. sam says:

    TerrythaRapman definitely got my vote!

  53. dorcas says:


  54. EFKAY says:

    Ajebutter 22 for sure #AjebutterQ5

  55. EFKAY says:

    Ajebutter 22 for sure #AjebutterQ5

  56. Sarwi says:

    Chigul it is! Didn’t c d voting tho’…

  57. owolabz.. says:

    Just Voted for Ajebo, hope he wins..

  58. kelvin says:

    Voting for Chi gurl

  59. Ms Jay says:

    I vote for TerrytheRapman

  60. Uwaoma says:

    None other than Chigul!

    Hope leaving a comment counts as d poll tho…..cuz I dint really see a “click-here-to-vote-this” button

    One love!

  61. I vite for terry tha rap man cos he’s tha bomb… Up terry man

  62. Max Chy Egwuatu says:


  63. Max Chy Egwuatu says:

    Terry all the way…simple, short and on-pint#….this ajebutter guy sef…first ke? wetin I'm even talk sef?

  64. madu says:

    Bez is just about the coolest.

  65. CHI FAN says:


  66. AMANDAN says:

    Voting for Chi gul

  67. Voting for my awesome, hilarious, talented, funniest and most deserving CHI GUL baby. I hope this comment help cause I too do not see any “click to Vote” button. Really love. Chi gul, I’m her true fan!!! Go chi gul

  68. I vote for terry the rapman

  69. Ajebutter Is The Bombb The Best

  70. Ceo signal says:

    I give it to chi gurl

  71. Gold says:

    Its Chi gul again! Her voice is not a weist at all!

  72. Chidinma Daniel says:

    I vote for Bez.Muahhh.

  73. Ray says:

    Voting for Chigurl. Thanks CHigurl for making us laugh

  74. ope adediran says:

    Terry Tha rapman

  75. ope adediran says:

    Tharapman from @dimu4ever

  76. bunmi fayomi says:

    Ajebutter22 @bunminant

  77. idowu adediran says:

    Terry tha rap man idowu adediran

  78. ikeade adediran says:


  79. Susan says:

    @tharapman is the realest and coolest voice

  80. vino says:

    Terry tha rapman any time any day!!!!dope lines

  81. Ayo Iroche says:

    Chi is the person to beat. No one like her.

  82. Janine says:

    Chi Gul all day long!

  83. It’s chigul all the way!

  84. Najite says:

    My Gul is the Gul!! I vote Chi Gul

  85. Dolapo says:

    I love Chigurl….Aka Chioma Omeruah…shes soo talented..speaks more than 5 foreign languages..and beautiful amd warm…i Vote her!!!!!

  86. Abimbola says:

    I vote for Ajebutter22

  87. chika says:

    ajebutter 22 has got it all

  88. debby says:

    My vote goes to chi gurl

  89. jeph says:

    Its Terry tha rap man no lie

  90. Terry Tha rapman is just awesome. His voice is soo soothing, couldn't help but click the vote button!

  91. Chinazo says:

    I absolutely love Chi Gul and i just voted for her, what's there not to like about her……the babe is hilarious

  92. maurice says:

    Reppin for tha rap Man…

  93. Just Voted for Terry, hope he wins..

  94. bashorunGaa says:

    Terry Tha Rapman fo sure. Who knows where/how to get one of those BANS shirts online?

  95. novakane says:

    Terry tha rapman. #bans

  96. novakane says:

    Terry tha rapman. #bans

  97. Terry tha rapman all d way….dope lines!!

  98. Who else if not terry da rapman. Na only 5 bb nd see comments, boys re truely not smiling abeg tell dem cheese

  99. Mowale says:

    Definitely AJEBUTTER22!

  100. Mowale says:

    Definitely AJEBUTTER22!!!

  101. @Icewid says:

    Terry is da man!!!

  102. vincent says:

    My vote goes to terry tha rapman….

  103. mark says:

    Terry tha rapman for me

  104. Elder says:

    Terry tha rapman got my vote on this one…dope voice,clear tune

  105. Makka d says:

    Terry tha rapman ol da way

  106. Mine vote goes to TERRY and RAPMAN

  107. Temilola Olagunju says:

    Terry tha rapman

  108. joel says:

    ajebutter gets ma vote on dis 1

  109. amang says:

    I vote Terryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy joe spasm,bans,originator no one else

  110. Yemi Oyewola says:


  111. yemisi segun says:

    Terry j

  112. Etoh Kenni says:

    AJE Butter 22 takes my Vote…

  113. Terry tha rapman all the way!

  114. taiwo says:

    Terry tha rapman got my vote

  115. frank says:

    omo pastor d voice unique no imitation, no copy copy the guy is original nice one bro

  116. tochukwu says:

    М̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ vote goes τ̅☺. Terry tha rapman

  117. adeolu oni says:

    My home boy tboy d rapman,dats TERRY THA RAPMAN .cos seriously boys are not smiling ….lol

  118. fano says:

    Thumbs up to terry tha rapman cool rhymes there bro,the b.a.n.s boss you got my vote on these one!

  119. Bimbo says:

    Terry d rap man 4 me…

  120. fano says:

    Terry tha rapman cool rhymes bro,the b.a.n.s boss you got my vote on these one!

  121. terry tha rap man i see u! u gat ma vote!

  122. sani says:

    Terry tha rapman.

  123. fame says:

    I vote for Terry darapman

  124. nicole says:

    I vote terry darapman

  125. vicky says:

    Terry tha rapman for me

  126. mizzy says:

    I Vote for Terry Tha Rapman

  127. victoria says:

    Terry tha rapman got my vote

  128. mathias emryx says:

    i vote for terry tha rapman

  129. usi says:

    Terry tha rapman on this

  130. favour says:

    Terry tha rapman!

  131. Eugene says:

    Terry tha rapman got mine

  132. Barry says:

    Terryyy tha rapman

  133. tobi says:

    terry d rapman is my man

  134. I rep Terry tha rap man, so on point for me

  135. wendy says:

    Terry tha rap man!!!

  136. zaher says:

    terry terry !!!

  137. nasir says:

    Terry is best by far

  138. Terry tha Rapman is the best

  139. Ma vote goes 4 Terry tha Rapman”

  140. vincent says:

    Terry tha rapman ma vote goes for you… I love music

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