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VIDEO: KaySwitch “Obimo” Acoustic Performance on Egofix TV

Post by Ovie O, July 18th, 2013

KaySwitch is constantly winning over fans with each new content he puts out. Here’s a rendition of his latest sing “OBIMO” on Egofix TV.

“In this episode we link up with “The Produkt” KAY SWITCH at the DKM headquarters and he performs an acoustic set of his song “OBI MO” exclusively for Ego Fix TV.

EGO FIX TV is an online lifestyle channel brought to you by EGO FIX ENTERTAINMENT that works on web based viral content from events, behind the scenes, interviews, freestyle videos and more.”


YouTube Preview Image

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14 responses to “VIDEO: KaySwitch “Obimo” Acoustic Performance on Egofix TV”

  1. RedneckNaija says:

    Who's that retarded gay ass groupie dancing in the background? Smh

  2. Dsam says:

    The mugu dancing at the back is funny and annoying at same time…LOL

  3. loyal prince says:

    actually the guy dancing at the background stole the show…he gat more attention than the singer himself on this one…I find myself staring at him all through ….nice one Kayswitch

  4. BADDO says:

    thats dbanj lol was there.

  5. Sauce says:

    K-Switch is the next best thing… C'mon how many Yoruba guys drop igbo tunes like this ?…This is unprecedented!..RESPECT MI YUTE!!!

  6. hmmm says:

    Wow kswitch you no choke for the igbo part…..I doff hat for you…you more than try..

    *igbos say obodo oyibo…igbos dont say obodo oyinbo….apart from that you nailed it..

  7. that creepy guy at the back's kinda spastic…all in all, really weird video setup with the motionless bodyguard and all. video by #strongkush

  8. silas says:

    LOL. Deevee dancing in the back is jokes

  9. kc says:

    @kayswitch guy go make d song n video quick meh…luv d song n i love d igbo part very well,dis song will blow seriously…where is d koko master himself dbanj,mr eja nla or banga lee….hail yhu bro

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