VIDEO: Dr SID Discusses Mo’Hits Break-Up, D’Banj and More on Channels TV

Post by Ovie O, July 18th, 2013

Dr SID was a special guest on the Channels TV weekly programme “Rubbin’ Minds”. On this interview, he talks about… well… what we all want him to talk about: the Mo’hits break-up, Don Jazzy, D’Banj, his late father, his new girlfriend, his new album SIDUCTION, and lots more.

You don’t wanna miss this.


Part 1

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2

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45 responses to “VIDEO: Dr SID Discusses Mo’Hits Break-Up, D’Banj and More on Channels TV”

  1. OKOCHA says:

    This guy sef…

  2. Kola says:

    They said this guy came between Dbanj n Don Jazzy, now I completely agree. WTF??? The whole episode is gone, u’re a man, move on. Even Dbanj never said anything against Don Jazzy and u’re here almost bad mouthing him abeg park well. If they ever get back together Dr Sid should never be allowed in their circle…ahn ahn this is Jealousy now.

  3. kgnatty says:

    This dr sid too proud or get pride..gerrrout

  4. Phalaenopsis says:

    I think Dr. Sid is too rational for a lot of people.

  5. shobamz says:

    this funny, puting someone at the front to lead, is it before tongolo or what, the guy you said you put on the front is already leading, you not dictating for him, tell him how to make himself catchy to the crown… i think what Dr Sid said is stupid of, he should have think of it before haltering…now he is the leading, meanwhile wande and tiwa are the bombshell of marvin , without them Donjazzy beat will be waste

  6. Anniberriiee says:


  7. Adedayo says:

    I think its agreement from His Label boss & if not, let’s see how event ‘ll unfold in wks/months to come.

    Skibanj, keep ur game up dere & show d world wat u ar made off..

  8. ologbojo says:

    Guys it is simple from the leak Davido gave us it showed that Dr sid saw Dbanj as a stumbling block to his talentless music career, without K-switch in Over the moon that song would have been rubbish,Dr sid was the Devil in mo'hit he broke the group becos of his own selfish ambition but at the end of the day he still sounds like a broken record,lets see who will be his next victim bloody fool.

    • wal says:

      your comment is a stupid one

      • ologbojo says:

        Wal with your comment you seem to be more stupid, stupidity runs in your family and your father taking the lion share, go and listen to the leak and draw a conclusion thats if you have a brain to do so.

      • ologbojo says:

        Not as dumb as your mum tho

      • Ologbojo says:

        My father was raped by a monkey and my mother raped with police baton thats why my answers are based on other peoples parents. I am a fool for thinking I know it all. I know nothing and and an idiot. People like me are why nigeria is fucker up. Filled with fucked up bastards like me. No one knows me so who cares. I will just masturbates and die like a chicken. In fact chicken is better than me cos it is food. I am like a dog shit so no one cares

      • ologbojo says:

        WAL i slept with my mother to give birth to my jnr brother my father is the last mad man in Ar thats why i used someone else name to say rubbish on this site pls people consider me a mad man for all this confusion

    • RedneckNaija says:

      Wow. You seem to have figured out the whole situation of an inner circle from thousands of miles away. Aren't you just a genius?


  9. Name it says:

    this guy is a waste very arrogant

  10. owolabz says:

    Favoritism wont kill you Dr Sid….. Stop being One sided

  11. Bambi says:

    This guy will start crying and unfollowing people on twitter again if they start yabbing him. If you can't take criticism or hate don't give it. Hmm Dr Sid be careful ooo, na your career you dey use play like this oo. Dbanj is not perfect but yes I like him like that bcos he entertains me, you on the other hand don't offer anything. You can't sing, can't entertain and you're trying too hard to pull off Dbanj's charisma. hmmmm a word is enough………..

  12. sdfgh says:

    nice interview

  13. Kola says:

    lool.. aow many KOLA dey Notjustok,,, to avoid confusion, i shall post further comments as Kolawole1

  14. YIKE1981 says:


  15. Donjazzy says:


  16. Trash from the Deadwood of Mavin record. The record label is better off this guy. He talks too much, You being the lead of Mavin is a big slap on Wande's face

  17. Olamimmortal says:

    Trash from the Deadwood of Mavin record. The record label is better off this guy. He talks too much, You being the lead of Mavin is a big slap on Wande's face

  18. watching this well conducted interview, had to pause somewhere in the middle to watch Oya by trybesmen and came to realize one fact…these guys(the whole mohits and trybes) have come a long damn way…the politics matter the least when you consider how grounded and driven these guys have been, sensible people need to draw inspiration from their drive…cos you simply can't breed winners from dross.

  19. Mikel says:

    Nigerians and unnecessary criticism,I almost decided not to watch the interview judging from all the negative comments,what exactly Did Sid say wrong,Common folks stop the Negativity and be fair for once

  20. Fowoachieve says:

    This is free and normal interview….So what people comment nonsense….Not just need to delete some people here..This is guy straight forward and transparent..,,,,

  21. Fowoachieve says:

    Is not too proud…Is vocal.honest..calm and funny..What else do u guys need from him.

  22. tom says:

    I just dey laff…He said,don jazzy is not getting enuff credit….are u don jazzy? how do u know don jazzy is not satisfied with what he's getting (money & fame) ? How do u know he's not getting enuff? You don't expect dbanj to sell himself short just for you lames to shine! Whalai,na this guy poison don jazzy mind and scatter mohit.

    • Bros says:

      What a foollish analogy.. between u and Dr Sid, who is closer to Don Jazzy and has more insight in the music industry? He can say Don Jazzy doesn't get enough credit based on the experience of working with him and seeing what he does in the studio. He also can appreciate the work being done as well as compare with what goes on in Naija music industry. To also claim that he poisoned Don Jazzy's mind and scattered Mo'hits is preposterous. What basis did you use to deduce such a notion? Until the facts are made clear from both sides (Dbanj & Don Jazzy), only then can you draw a conclusion. ALl we can do is support both parties and hope they do better in their future work.

      • tom overshadowing says:

        Broxs…You don't understand me….Ok lets say don jazzy is getting little of everything….%,attention from the public and respect from dbanj! My question is,wettin concern dr sid???????? If not for the beef he has for dbanj….I'm sure he engineered the whole thing! cockroach!!!!

  23. hmmm says:

    this guy is eloquent…well spoken unlike some artistes…ejima unu ma onwe unu

  24. DBANJ says:

    some people commenting here are idiots! he was asked a question and he answered it to the best of his ability! IDIOTS! as untalented as he is he has 150k+ followers on twitter! if hes so unentertaining and such why are u following the guy? most of you guys commenting negativity are MORONS!

    • @Peterweez says:

      Absolutely they are all idiots but pls use ur name & stop spicing thins up..

      • Dunno says:

        Peter and his colleague both of you guys are lame for calling everyone Moron for their opinion …. i think Sid is the one financing ur family needs .

      • dbanj says:

        @dunno financing my family's needs? really? is that the best you can come up with?
        everyone has opinions , doesnt mean they are based on facts! you are one of the people i was refering to! daft just daft

  25. Gbenusoun says:

    This guy Dr. SID…I flashed back to the interview you granted factory 78tv 2 years back..When asked how you joined Mohit records,, your reply was quite different from this…You said it that D'banj & Jazzy being your friend,, you used the opportunity to persuade them so they can let you in…I can remember i watched the interview here on NOTJUSTOK

  26. Kola1 says:

    Dude sound BITTER

  27. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    This interview was not bad at all. Dr Sid is very well spoken and obviously educated. I don't think he bashed Dbanj or anyone else blatantly. Personally, I'm not that fond of his music but I give him props for having come a long way and longevity in the business

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