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VIDEO: Cuppy ft Tunji Oyelana- I Love My Country

Post by Ovie O, July 17th, 2013

“Formerly known as DJ Cupcake, Cuppy has decided to release her first single from her upcoming EP, which is billed to drop this summer. She has created an interesting and unique sound alongside a video, which blends Afrobeats with the internationally popular Dance/House music. The song titled, “I love my Country”, is a remake of an 80’s hit which was written by Nobel laureate, Chief Wole Soyinka and originally sung by ace Highlife musician, Tunji Oyelana.

Wole Soyinka and Tunji Oyelana composed the song, which was first sung during one of Soyinka’s major theatre presentations, “The Beautification of Area Boy”, but then grew to become a huge hit with music followers at the time and went on to sell many records in the early 80’s.”



Directed by Mr Moe Musa

YouTube Preview Image

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23 responses to “VIDEO: Cuppy ft Tunji Oyelana- I Love My Country”

  1. alapomerin says:


  2. @activ8ed says:

    Sick ass beat!
    but wetin them de sing on the beat no just sweet at all.

  3. Brand Naija + International summer anthem. Brilliant. Takes me way back to the days of DJ Pied Piper and The MCs…good job Moe plus its so cool how cuppy doesn't flaunt how rich her dad is.

  4. ajmammie says:

    The beat here is sick!!! The blend with techno is ace… Although the song is not it.. Kudos to her, the production is top notch.

  5. notjustokfan says:

    I was even respecting the fact that NJO did not feature this trash….but alas! I guess money talks! NJO u must to post my comment!! LOL

  6. 9jaboy says:

    Thre goes 41secs I'll never get back

  7. Comment says:

    Ofcos,A FEMI OTEDOLA'S DAUGHTER! singing about how much she loves Nigeria! smh… where she has probably never lived as a common Nigerian in her entire life…She prolly doesn't even knw what been a nigerian feels like….With all these boko haram sh!t,struggle to the max,get paid a little in Nigeria….Who wan follow u sing this kain song??? i hated this song when i heard it on linda ikeji

  8. ayaeze emma says:

    4 ur information all of u, she will called on every show, watch and see. pls stop the criticism

  9. this song would b a hit, just watch and see.

  10. this song would b a hit, just watch and see.

  11. tom says:

    Where's my comment thou?

  12. @ajmammie says:

    This na euro club banger… Summer blast!!!

  13. na me talk am says:

    moe musa failed here. we shud see lots of old naija footage. victory in soccer, cultural displays. with her jamming

  14. Kush K says:

    this song is a badman tune what you on about more nigerians should make this kind of music.. afrobeats meets electro meets dance some british nigerians (me included) would love this. Good to see people branching out not sticking to the usual stuff!

  15. lulu says:

    This is wack!! the average Nigerian doesnt ve time for this…

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