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SPICY – Ma Lo Gock E + Hold Em Down

Post by Ovie O, July 17th, 2013

This SPICY kid reminds me of a younger version of Wizkid, talent and age-wise. Ever since he made his NJO debut with the exceptionally positive piece “Reach Out” almost a year ago, I’ve been looking out for new stuff from the lad. Listen to “Ma Lo Gock E” and “Hold ‘Em Down”.

SPICY got talent, no doubt. Here’s hoping a label snaps him up soon. He’s one for the future.

“His music journey hasn’t been particularly smooth, but this young talented artiste seems to be waxing stronger by the day.

He started out with songs like THIS IS IT, REACHOUT, and recently released EEYAH, which got him commendations from people both locally and internationally.

SPICY (@SPICYsings) is here with a new one. He jumped on this DOPE beat made by illBEATz (@illBEATTz); and in abt 4 hours of its release, it got over 2100 downloads and so much accolades.”


Spicy pic

Produced by illBEATz


Hold Em Down [DOWNLOAD]

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25 responses to “SPICY – Ma Lo Gock E + Hold Em Down”

  1. owolabz says:

    OK. I’ve heard both tracks like 3 times each and i cant stop listening, absolutely pumping my adrenaline. This is great. This is great. I mean…sound-wise and It’s musically mature yet catchy and danceable.. Wizkid should sign dis dude asap !

    illbeatz Oshhhheeeey! New crop of producers on the 9ja music scene keep pushing the envelope.

  2. moore says:

    sound likewizkid still…same voice

  3. Donjazzy says:


  4. Sauce says:

    Definitely comparison to Wiz but Ma Lo Gock e is commendable still… Production needs tuning tho..otherwise not a bad intro.

  5. Sauce says:

    Just listened to Hold "em down…This young cat has a great future, he might not be originator but with lyrics like that, he might just steal the show…

  6. hmmm says:

    Talent di ya….nice commendable effort on both…

  7. Drizzy Fkid says:

    great effort…

  8. bankole says:

    Ok, we have a new wizkid in the game. The two of them shd get on a track… I’m sure Nigeria can’t get enough of the song. Nice one illBEATz. You’re indeed ill

  9. shollymaze says:

    Nice one ayo nd temi…..nice beat nd song…kip it up my nigga….high five

  10. iphy says:

    Wow! Ds is such a beautiful one;both song and beat,from Spicy and Illbeats.Keep it up guys! D sky is ur starting point.Record labels.oya nah……..

  11. abby says:

    Nice job spicy and illbeats…….this spicy is new wizkid in d rock guys….I pray you guys are signed by a good record label soon. Job well done.

  12. Don Tee says:

    I need this artist contact….i go like manage am…any info please inbox me and contact me.

  13. Kush K says:

    don't lie to the small boy, yes he has talent but his lyrical content, flow and originality is lacking! this is why nigerian artists find it hard to reach international platforms that plus the flood of ever tom dick and obi trying to be a musician.. can we please start telling our artists the truth! we don tire 4 dis their ko mo le, you fine, shake ur this whine your that can you talk about something different like reading books!

  14. jay says:

    Honestly this kid is talent. What lyrics does wizkid have, just be honest,

  15. Me says:

    Hey Kush K, How many songs on reading books do you have on your phone? And if you do, how often do you listen to them… Meanwhile, you must be daft to need a singer to tell you to read your books.

  16. myMhype says:

    Hey Mr Kush… Here’s link to another song from the same artiste. Its titled ReachOut Maybe this would help you read your books!

  17. myMhype says:

    Hey Mr Kush… Here’s link to another song from the same artiste. Its titled ReachOut Maybe this would help you read your books!

  18. Kush K says:

    @Me ok this is the kinda attitude i despise do not take what I said out of context, obviously you are not smart enough to see that i used the reading books analogy as an example of bringing something different to the table which this artist just doesn't do period!

    And if you must know i have more songs conscience songs on education, history and historical figures than you could possibly imagine.

    Sorry for suggesting that we encourage our artists to move forward and present themselves in a better light.

  19. Kush K says:

    Setting the bar low n telling someone something is good when it isn't doesn't help anyone, thats why afrobeats and dancehall hardly have an international stage/platform because they all talk about the same damn thing all the time – No progression.

    And the movement is flooded by artists who are lying to themselves throwing rubbish at us and calling it music and us consumers who just accept it without telling them the truth, because we feel music is for everybody NO IT ISN'T!

    You can't pick up a ball and say because you enjoy playing with it you can suddenly be a footballer, it doesn't work like that stop being ignorant. When you switch things up is when people start liking your music, besides theres more than one way to sing a song or rap to a beat.

    Nuff said.

  20. Kush K says:

    @mrMhype that song is better than this one seems like he's taken a few steps back. He should aim to progress not do what every1 else is doing.

  21. music critique says:

    nice songs guyz wish u all d best in ur endeavours or shuld I say hustle, coz dats what it is in Naija !!!

  22. proudlybayelsan says:

    With a good producer, wizkid might be having another person to contend with.

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