VIDEO: EPIC – Choir Goes ft. Tekno

Post by Ovie O, July 16th, 2013

UK-based act, EPIC, releases the video for his debut single “Choir Goes” with vocals from highly-rated Abuja-based act Tekno.

Director: Patrick Elis

Producer: GospelonDeBeatz.


YouTube Preview Image

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23 Responses to “VIDEO: EPIC – Choir Goes ft. Tekno”

  1. Tomi says:

    Bam!!! Making a lot of sense… correct tune

  2. tekkno is a very good young talent

  3. Young Boss says:

    cool visuals… I get it .. choir goes so there are choir members…Nigeria is stepping up gradually… hallelujah

  4. greg says:

    nice one

  5. Ill Skillz says:

    This is a dope track, fileh!

  6. Laweezy says:

    Epic repping Gtown all day,, mans been murdering beat,, good job, big up

  7. jones says:

    Dats my guy. Lovely piece men keep it uo

  8. @sinjelawson says:

    jheeze,, this track is hot,, man repping Gtown, we got your back fam, big up

  9. Hova says:

    Nice concept and good video ,being is debut video …cool one #thumbs up

  10. Guest says:

    WOw! fire!!!!

  11. Patrick Elis gave decent video here…Gotta say though as far as the video goes Tekno gets the advantage cos the Epic kinda blends into the background. Its Tekno's year

  12. Ralpho says:

    Epic’s sound is different from d general stuff u hear nowadays. this is fresh! Groovy jamz

  13. Chizua says:

    "This race is a marathon bout to run this game so fire gun"! 3 heavy GBOSA for this gbedu

  14. Ayo says:

    nice jam for partying… lets go there!

  15. Ronky says:

    Really good stuff. Especially for a first video and first song… look forward to hearing more from Epic

  16. Anniberriiee says:


  17. Bamitan says:

    this sounds great, welldone Epic, welldone Tekno!

  18. Okunniga Dokunsjohndokuns says:


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