Terry G – OGA

Post by Ovie O, July 16th, 2013

“TGP Entertainment presents a brand new music by Terry G titled OGA.

The Ginjah master in this track dedicates this track to THE Afrobeat originators  Fela and Femi Kuti, which phrased as ”His Oga At The Top”, along with other top personalities.

Listen and Enjoy!”

Is it me or does “OGA” sound like a Naija version of Khona? lol. Terry G sha…


terry g oga copy


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34 Responses to “Terry G – OGA”

  1. Logo says:


  2. shisho says:

    You dont praise your Oga with that kain voice bro

  3. St Samson says:

    E Sweet :)

  4. kenneth says:

    Pure trash!!!

  5. DANCO says:

    terry thief…. beat stealer…creative though

  6. big boi says:

    terry ggggggggggggggggg

  7. see Terry G street guy format. use 1 song kill 30 birds. Remix Khona and make new money friends…nothing do u, song is aiight.

  8. General says:


  9. igb1 says:

    terry G has undoubtedly proven himself hot and raw talent and a different way of musik, i bet this dude will be more active in the next 12years! watch out.

  10. Someone_Special says:

    The people wey get this beat eh omo dem dey for SA.

  11. Abayomi Oseni says:

    Nice 1 Terry G Hi Feel your new Joint. Me Self b Oga.

  12. D-Oracle says:

    Pathetic really that this guy finds it sensible to be praising some of the people that have destroyed this country and kept us in this sorry state . I mean, why the need to 'praise-sing' folks like IBB, Okiro, MD Abubakar, Timipre Sylva? Or militants like Ateke Tom, Tompole, (area-boy) MC Oluomo? Really?

    Don't get me wrong, I do like his 'creativity' with the Khona beat but we need to begin to question these artistes in their choice of who/what they praise-sing or promote. My opinion, though.

    • honestly Naija is such a zoo, even EFCC is compromised. I used to constantly hammer on this topic but I'm kinda fed up. Its inspiring to see watchmen like u still out there which is very rare nowadays. keep the flame bro. ONE NIGERIA

    • @activ8ed says:


      Nigeria matter fit give person headache. Many times me and a group of youngies out here and there don think about starting a movement, but somehow, by the time we talk all naija matter finish, we go just give up. But giving up is not a solution. I just don't wanna complain if I am actually not going to be part of the solution. Major ish in the minds of all Nigerians is FEAR. Fear that has been there since we were born, because our parents lived in the same fear. But we forget, that as long as that fear stays, we will not have freedom from ourselves. There have been hardly any change/revolution without blood, sweat and tears. I hope one day, we shall all realize that we owe ourselves and our dear Nation,-the future. Whatever little wrong we do/benefit from, we will all pay for it,if not us, our kids will. Too bad, the OGAS AT THE TOP don't think they will be affected. They have all the resources-the ones they have stolen. Only God can judge. As long as we sing their praises for personal gains, the only benefits we shall receive shall be on a small scale and it shall be forever temporary.

  13. copiecart says:

    9ice track

  14. ologbojo says:

    BEAUTIFUL RUBBISH………..you call this trash a song? any idiot can do this,we seriously need gud music not rubbish like this,and you all come here praising this trash smh

  15. Daniel Jnr Iloh says:

    na zo..na man u be.

  16. esdeesplace says:

    Only Terry-G can praise criminals in a song and get away with it…nice one though

  17. Nice 1 from………Terry GzuZ…………. I salute oooooooo.

  18. Pappiman says:

    I know some crackhead will embrace this nonsense and meaningless song.

  19. Dj d9ice says:

    why did he steal the south African song khona by uhuru try do ur own stuff dude

  20. Ceo Bans says:

    Never want to listen to this song…merely seein the title I don know say na OGA At the Top this weed guy wan sing lol anyway JESUS IS LORD #Imoutchea….

  21. Ben says:

    Mafikozolo's Beat, OLE!!!!

  22. Nothing does u my bro much greetings all the way from down town (China) u too much my oga at the top.

  23. namesabipass says:

    wuruwuru to the answer…. its not working , despite trying to join names of elite and Agberoos for oshidi….. You should please try and delete Pastor Adeboye from you crap.. you steal vybes beat, e never do u right? you still get the gort to shoot video

  24. Y'RaY says:

    Abeg make una liv dis guy make e make him moni. Haba! Thumbs up terry. Music ♌ɑ̤̥̈̊ħ easy jooor. Infact 1 guy even talk say e dey call pple wey bad ƒ☺Ʀ our country name wen 2face say him dey feel like obasanjo wetin u talk? Bigger u bro.

  25. boss of oga terry g beg u too much,abeg make i just dey one of your track

  26. collabo says:

    terry g i dey feel you die

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