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VIDEO: Iceberg Slim ft M.I – Ayanfe Remix (B-T-S)

Post by Ovie O, July 12th, 2013

This song remains a jam! It took a while, but the video for “Ayanfe Remix” by Iceberg Slim featuring M.I has finally been shot, and here’s behind-the-scenes footage. Hopefully the final product will be as good as the joint itself.

Director: Patrick Ellis

Location: Lagos


YouTube Preview Image

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22 responses to “VIDEO: Iceberg Slim ft M.I – Ayanfe Remix (B-T-S)”

  1. Ogidigan says:

    MI's delivery on this track was too tight
    Will be looking forward to the video

  2. kola says:

    am i the only one who z beginning 2 find this ifeanyi guy's intro and outro boring????

  3. Ogidigan says:

    Patrick Ellis mentioned Emma Nyra… abi d guy dey mistake Eva for Emma
    Kai, maybe there'll be a surprise when the video is released
    (hopefully Iyanya no go show up remove shirt)

  4. lefty says:

    lol homie called eva emma nyra, gawked.

  5. Omooba001 says:

    hhahahahha….Irok..u rock….rock rock on…daz all….bless bro

  6. The PolicwMan ^_^ says:

    seriously, i think patrick Ellis was an apprentice back in the days, he was just fortunate to learn the video making trade. He's not confident of himself grammatically. Thank God he's making something out of himself. Eva looking stunning as ever. hoping to see the video soon.

  7. sean says:

    He need to cut that hair to take him seriously.

  8. Dsam says:

    Na English Ellis dey speak abi na chinese? And I no understand wetin Emma Nyra get to do with the song and video abi Ellis high?. That Eva small yash need my help. Kai!

  9. Ice burg. Don upgrade. From working at newyork Burger King to. Working on cheap videos .. I think. Mi and Eva yash look the d same… Buhahahahawhahwhwhwhwhhwhhhhahahahah

  10. DEX says:

    Lool, That is the Patrick Ellis? 😡

  11. Tope Adeniyi says:

    Remember when this guy wanted to beef M.I….when he was saying :Am I, better than M.I".

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