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Durella – Na Your Way

Post by Ovie O, July 12th, 2013

Here’s something unreleased from DB Records affiliate, Durella, titled “Na Your Way”. Apparently, this joint was recorded back in 2011 with producer g-Baloo, who also produced songs like “Club Rock”, “Blame It On The Money”, “Back To Sender (ft Femi Kuti)” and a few others. Check on it.


Durella Z

Produced by Gbenga “g-Baloo” Balogun [DOWNLOAD]

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30 responses to “Durella – Na Your Way”

  1. Musicplaner says:

    First oooo…Alomo meta..Ogidiga meta ati Olosho pupa meta na hin i go use celebrate!!

  2. Freebuju says:

    Wah Dis ?

  3. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    *YAWN* The end

  4. konto says:


  5. Man 2 Man says:

    seriously, you need to travel out of Naija, visit mountain kilimanjaro or something.. you need inspiration from somewhere.. you don stay this your zanga for too long

  6. Durella on point like always.

  7. Donk Mania says:

    durella try to be like jesse jag.. Na lie I wouldn't stop listening to jesse jag album.

  8. General says:

    durella try to be like jesse jag.. Na lie i wouldn't stop listening to jesse jag album

  9. Fowoachieve says:

    lolzzzz,,, shey nah me dey sing…or who?…..OMG>>..

  10. umar says:

    criously….are u fuckin crious..

    king of the zanga from 2006-till date…


  11. Guest says:

    Club music…if dem drop this thing for club ,U go know as e dey go! mad beat

  12. Dsam says:

    Next please…

  13. owolabz.... says:

    I wouldn't say it's trash but you dont stand out at all and you might be forgotten soon. Up ur game bro!!

  14. baba suwe says:

    same ol shit….lazy ass artistes……dey dnt want to rack deir brain so dey go about sayin bullsh**….mtchew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Slimton Saint Ceeman says:

    ~ sweet beat…. who hate dis song n beat na their way…. lolzz

  16. BORING says:

    Allow this Sht man … lol this guy needs stop this rubbish and go back to Uni then get a real job. no one will pay to see u, same BS.

  17. tom says:

    meeen,this song is not that bad…you ppl are just heartless…i've been replaying it.

  18. lmao…peeps harsh sha. going by the comments i was expecting a very horrible track but this is not that bad, wait till the bass line attacks you in the club. Enu ose Durella. epic mastering btw

  19. KOLA says:

    i wont bother myself playing this….. im still enjoying jagz… Durella shud do somfin else wiv hz time..

  20. Deen says:

    not really feeling the jam tho

  21. one cyprus N*gga says:

    PLEASE.. don't Read em comments before listening to this jam..
    cuz na haters full this page. i dont care if this song was recorded 10 years..
    THE SONG IS A HIT. but i'm just seeing negative comments here..
    wetin dey happen for here?
    or becuase he's now affiliated wi d'banj…y'all hate him automatically??
    na wa

  22. Batiatuzz says:


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