Jesse Jagz “JagzNation Vol 1: Thy Nation Come” OUT NOW | Listen To Bad Girl ft Wizkid

Post by Ovie O, July 10th, 2013

Jesse Jagz has just released his sophomore album “JagzNation Vol 1: Thy Nation Come”; his first as an Indie artiste.

I’ve spent the last few hours listening to all 18 tracks, and one thing I can tell you is that Jago didn’t conform to “industry standards” on this one. No tungba tungba music. He made music the way he wanted to, and true music fans will love the album from start to finish.

As is the norm, we’ve attached 2 songs off the album for you guys to sample before putting your money where your mouth (or mouse, for PC users) is. Listen to “Bad Girl” featuring Wizkid and “After Party” featuring Brymo.



Bad Girl ft Wizkid [DOWNLOAD]

After Party ft Brymo [DOWNLOAD]


If you like the songs above, there’s more where that came from. You can purchase #TNC via iTunes below. It hits local stores in the coming days.

[itunes id="670593259"]

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102 Responses to “Jesse Jagz “JagzNation Vol 1: Thy Nation Come” OUT NOW | Listen To Bad Girl ft Wizkid”

  1. Musicplaner says:

    I played AFTER PARTY for 7 straight hours…Diz song is dope…OMG!!!…Choc boiz don lose 2 correct artiste walahi

  2. really we are growing, we got to work more harder so that they can know you for your uniqueness, feel free any one of u to come over to my studio for a pro touch to produce your music.or call my number 2347065121350, peaceman, dats what am known.JAH bless.

  3. Musicplaner says:

    This is good music..No noise..Cool beat..perfect delivery….Play the After party track before sex or during sex..

  4. Musicplaner says:

    This is the kinda flow that makes Biggie and 2pac wake… class international stuff! AFTER PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Thank you Jesse

  5. Musicplaner says:

    Brymo you are better when featured on a song..try put more effort on your singles too…just saying

  6. KUDY GOLD says:

    I absolutely love Jagz for being versatile.. u just v to b on your toes wiv his music….

  7. Innerscope says:

    Jago………. carry go

  8. Olamide Osi says:

    love him
    Best Nigerian album this year.

  9. He stays the greatest!…!

  10. Boss says:

    This is a project you just have to buy… I bought it off iTunes today. All I have to say is buy and listen #GoodMusic

  11. paulmirabilis says:

    Jesse's rap on that AFTER PARTY song with Brymo is arguably the best and hardest flow I've heard from any rapper in a long time…this guy is just too talented

  12. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    Jago Lee Nation cant get enouf of dis tracks m so addicted..Wizzy whisperin Vip shit alwyz Star Boi no b 4mouth.

  13. Dels says:


  14. Now I have a music to jam in my car while I scope that chik…. Bad girl, after party……. Spiritual something.

  15. Now I have music to jam in my car while I scope that chik…. Bad girl, after party……. Spiritual something.

  16. larry says:

    Afterparty is a bad ass classic…I wonder what Common will think if he listen to this joint. #Respect

  17. El Savador says:

    The song with Brymo is dope…

  18. El Savador says:

    The song with Brymo is live

  19. Joseph c.I says:

    Thumbs up Jesse, u did as expected. TNC all the way to my crib and the Club

  20. I have been expecting this very moment for too long, jessy bro I ve been really been waiting for this very moment. I am ur number 1 fan. Remember that!!!

  21. John says:

    Jessy Jagga!!! Hes the Man………!!! I just wish the Nigerian Ent Media could pitch tents with good music for once..not the usual tungba tungba music they’ ve celebrated over the years..If only they would heed.. Wow This is Good Work..! Keep it Up Jessee…. Im his Number one Fan In Nigeria..

  22. Jargo says:

    this album is superb,Not the noise that other Nigerian musicians continue to dish out.I like Jargo ft 9ice.9ice should sing like the way he did in that song and stop dishing out rubbish as singles lately.God bless jargo,9ice and Jagznation.

  23. Wole says:

    The Collabo with wizkid is epic. I am going to buy this album right now

  24. holymoney says:

    ONE WORD ''CLASSIC''. i know jaggz is classic from day one and when his time comes, it will last for centuries. keep it up jargo….

  25. Wande says:

    This is by a long distance the best album of the year.Listened to after party ft brymo ,Bad girl ft wizkid and jargo ft 9ice and i am amazed at the hooks,the production and everything.Thumps up to 9ice,Wizkid,Brymo and the main man Jesse.

  26. denesevivavoce says:

    Jesse I so much love you….keep doing yo thin aii…

  27. Jayone says:

    Just got a copy, best 2013 album so far. Anyway I've never doubted Jargo. Waiting on Fire of Zamani, Chairman, Sarkology. this is the year of good music!

  28. Rhap says:

    Lol…well what can i say…all the punks that argued with me saying Jags aint the best could swallow their words now. Getting my copy….and will pobably get a disc for the haters.cant wait for the awards baby. Thy Nation Come

  29. adeyemi says:

    Nice one bro, the only thing I can say is that this is one of the most perfect nigerian album have listened to for a very very long time. My best songs on the albums so far are Bad Girl ft. Wizkid, God On The Mic, Burning Bush, Desire, Sex and Scotch, International, Redemption…………actually all the songs are freakin on point. I can visualize him winning many awards sooonest, I think it is hightime nigerian musician change from the nonsense they are doing all in the name of singing. I wonder how they feel if they were invited to perform at an international show with the like of justin beiber, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Jayz, Beyonce. Will their song be able to speak for them or will they command respect with the incantations they called songs. I thinks the main problem is with we their fans that keeps encouraging them, I can only points out few musician that are without hype goood musicians, the likes of 2Face Idibia, Psquare, Jesse jagz(with this album, he can represent Africa in any music events in the whole wide world) Flavour, Femi Kuti, Lagbaja, Asa, Whizkid, Timi Dakolo, Praiz. So I think they should step up their game, sing good music, and am sure the fans will appreciate and respect them much than before. Plus that won’t stop them from making their money. Enough said……… Thumb up jesse.

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