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VIDEO: “Why YSG Put Me In Police Custody” – Vector

Post by Ovie O, July 5th, 2013

You may have already heard about the rift between Vector and his record label YSG Entertainment, especially after word got out that VEC was arrested. Here’s a short HipOnTV interview with Vector which sheds more light on the issue.

Looks like the Naija Music industry “Transfer Window” will remain open for a while yet.


YouTube Preview Image

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31 responses to “VIDEO: “Why YSG Put Me In Police Custody” – Vector”

  1. First Hunter says:

    Can't be first… No Fck Way~~!

  2. Curiousity says:

    "BASICALLY" You've not explained why you got arrested duh

  3. Logo says:

    I smell another Divorce! DETAINED? Oooh boi vector that one too much oooooooo !!! i suppose u don over do plenty wrong things that u can't even explain urself…. blaah blaah blaaah..fuck it

  4. hmmm says:


  5. Silly says:

    what was the reason you were arrested again? remind me………

  6. Dsam says:

    "Looks like the Naija Music industry “Transfer Window” will remain open for a while yet."…Ovie the things wey full that your small round head shaa. LOL… Well, Vector don too shit for church na the case be that and him go enter the main jail if him never comply. And he is even talking and acting guilty, watch the video again. Oops!!! I forget say all of una no sabi read lips and body language. Sorry abeg.

  7. afoy29 says:

    YSG record label ”SLAVE”,you better talk true weytin u do,i can see in this interview and its shows in your face,You cant even explain fully what really got you into police custody,Your interview is full of shit……..blaah blaah blaaah blaaaah..fuck it man

  8. kenneth says:

    Crap…this dude is guilty as hell…simple question..WHY were you arrested???……

    he mumbled and mumbled……

  9. 9jafreak says:

    The whole Industry has been built on a pack of cards anyway
    Many more casualties in the offing
    Until Nigerian artistes and record labels put aside their egos and unite to have a formidable industry, they will continue to be given Backstage awards and crumble like the pack of cards they are.
    Unfortunately, Nigerians have no historical reference on LOVE, HARMONY & COLLECTIVE VISION. It's Survival of the Chanced and Opportuned – while it lasts. African man aint got no time for real time. Curse or Madness?

  10. infact this interview made me feel like detaining Vector too
    guy violence begets violence.protect your basic human rights

  11. Jaybee says:

    Mr Business Strategy… Another NSCDC lol Go straight to the F'n point man.

  12. @Teeboss03 says:

    This is simple. YSG believes they are not getting a return on their investment. Vector believes they are not promoting their investment (HIM) ENOUGH to make a return on it….

  13. anti Beef says:

    For d bene fit of those who are accusing him of not explaining. I suggest u listen again to understand what he is trying to explain. YSG is simply angry over not making returns on all d money they spent. Vector is a cool cat, d nigga is just trying to be carefull and constructive with words. That’s why he used d business studies and sales of phone to break d situation down. Without spiting d real words. Guess som of u where too dumb to copy him. Vector tuale to u. D nigga lik word play die. Sotay him use am explain now his fans re confused. I’m out.

  14. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Vec which school you go for JS3 wey explain that business strategy nonsense to you. I beg next time tell the teacher make dem no teach you nonsense, nah FELA talk am, the teacher of all teachers. You be rap guy you must know FELA.

  15. Ohimai says:

    Corny, they need to arrest him again for not explaining why he was arrested initially.

  16. owolabz. says:

    Vector should should go and sleep abeg, why grant an interview and not explain jack.. Initially i thought YSG was pulling a smart one on you and then you had an interview and couldn't really pinpoint what went wrong? BS BS BS BS

  17. Adeoye Ayoola says:



    HE MAKE REFERENCE TO BUSINESS STUDIES IN JSS3 (when you are doing business you should always put in place your plan or selling your product)

    in a nutshell the record label was not making profit from signing him and he said it was due to the lack of promotion the record label did not do.

  18. Weeta says:

    Belting out guilty comments simply is a sad reflection of ones lack of comprehension. You know little about a situation until you are in it or privy to certain type of info about that situation till then silence seems the best option. Now, could he have done better? Probably! But I think as a few have said, the basics were communicated in the interview. There could be a host of other reasons for the seeming lack of explicitness but I think it is also noteworthy he was being very careful with his words and never spoke ill of the label.

  19. MrUnkpe says:

    Vector Na Bad Gee,Scammer Ni Awon Eleyin o

  20. DJ khalif says:

    My people, plz don`t be dumb… in entertainment what you just saw is tagged "in the NEWS" and y`all had the opportunity of seeing the (follow me go video) again with VEC in ur face n in ur mind… LOL nice one VEC… feel u

  21. dmax007 says:

    i cant beliv how so many people daft like dis sha?? this is jus vector's side of the story,una don hear the ther guys own???
    in this life i understood there are always 3 side to a story,not 2..your side,my side and the truth#
    so make una take a chill pill to dey judge person abeg#

  22. RICK. says:

    As we all know, there is always a two side to every story. According to vector’s story, the porter five forces analysis Wasen’t properly implemented. Guess what no business man continue’s to invest on any project that is not yielding profit. However Arresting your Artiste is not a good look for any label. It diminish the label image.

  23. Adama Opeyemi says:

    always a story.

  24. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Why are folks so insulting with their comments? even the smart comments…smh. Anyways, one thing that has been missing in the industry is tact. Vector just tried to use tact as opposed to blasting his label full force. I guess he still respects certain elements such as contracts, and bad publicity. That said, on my personal opinion it's not right for any label to use personal thugs (the Nigerian police force) to detain your own artistes.. not all publicity is good publicity.

    From the outside looking in, Vector has not gotten the branding and marketing deserving of his budding career. Hopefully his label and his team can work on that, make good music and the masses appreciate the music as well (in form of album sales).

  25. Anniberrieeee says:

    #Mumbling……Next plzzzz

  26. Femi Ogunjimi says:

    I have done extensive research on the Nigerian music industry and found the real problem to be that profits rarely ever matches record label investment. The record label business is a passion-driven business in Nigeria, as it rarely ever yields anticipated profits. On rare occasions, an artist may get lucky with a hit song that blows up without the label spending much, and is able to do a lot of shows, and manage to recoup the label's expenses. But the truth is, while they are recouping initial expenses, money continuously has to be spent, so it's a never ending cycle of spending and hoping for profits one day.

    The artist is the only one who seems to benefit from a standard Nigerian recording contract, because he gets paid his 50% of show income, regardless of whether the label has recouped their investment or not. That's the reason most label-artist relationships turn sour after a while. Artist feels label is not spending enough, label feels the investment does not make any sense because there is no sign of profit in sight. In my opinion, any artist that gets signed should be thankful for the opportunity to use someone else's cash to become famous.

    Until the Nigerian record labels can generate income from all the different possible streams of income for record labels worldwide, the business will continue to be a bad one. The challenge they labels are facing now have a lot to do with piracy, lack of royalty payments, and free access to content that they spend so much creating. The only source of money for artists/labels is shows, and shows alone can not recoup the expenses, talk less of yield profit. In other countries, revenue is typically generated from mobile, digital downloads, TV & radio airplay royalties, royalties from music use in bars, clubs, and public spaces elsewhere. In Nigeria, non of that money is being collected, so if your artists isn't doing a heck of a lot of shows, your accounts remain in the red zone. As ridiculous as this may sound, I have confirmed sources that told us that EME has spent more money than they have made off wizkid. Now tell me, if Wizkid is not making EME richer, what label can be happy doing this business in Nigeria?

  27. YourFather says:

    all of you uneducated idiots, if you dont understand the interview then close ur browsers. Mugus.

  28. How does a civil matter matter become a criminal one? or am I missing something here?

  29. wow Obi so ur still about? loool

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