DOWNLOAD:Tiwa Savage Debut Album IS OUT! Listen to 'Shout Out' ft Iceberg Slim, Sarkodie + Eminado ft Don Jazzy –notjustOk

Tiwa Savage Debut Album IS OUT! Listen to ‘Shout Out’ ft Iceberg Slim, Sarkodie + Eminado ft Don Jazzy

Post by Demola OG, July 5th, 2013

Tiwa Savage‘s debut album, Once Upon a Time is FINALLY Out and it was worth the wait, simply because it is a STRONG and well put together album.

For those outside Nigeria, the album should be out on iTunes shortly, but for those in Nigeria who have not been able to pick it up on the streets, is selling physical versions of the album and you can purchase Tiwa’s album HERE … Make sure you support by purchasing the album ASAP.

Listen to these two FIYA singles, Shout Out (ft Iceberg Slim and Sarkodie) and Eminado (ft Don Jazzy) off the album to check out what to expect in case you are dulling or hesitating on whether or not to pick up the album.


Tiwa-Savage Once Upon A Time Album Art

DOWNLOAD Shout Out ft Iceberg Slim and Sarkodie Produced by Spellz

DOWNLOAD Eminado ft Don Jazzy Produced by Don Jazzy

In addition, Remy Martin is hosting Tiwa’s album launch on July 6 @ The Place in Lekki.

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99 responses to “Tiwa Savage Debut Album IS OUT! Listen to ‘Shout Out’ ft Iceberg Slim, Sarkodie + Eminado ft Don Jazzy”

  1. Star boy says:

    Nice track. but don jazzy should stick to his job . Tiwa I will always support you. I am not a fan but will always be in a support. God bless you and Jazzy

  2. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    First una papa there. lol

  3. Star boy says:

    Don jazzy should stick to Producing songs for people. he just wanted to steel the hook from Tiwa. lol

  4. Amadi Edwin Chukwunonso says:

    Please Tiwa Model! I need a video in your song SHOUT OUT. MIAMI beach will be nice location. You did a good mam!

  5. Amadi Edwin Chukwunonso says:

    Please Tiwa Model! I need a video in your song SHOUT OUT. MIAMI beach will be nice location. You did a good mam!

  6. Cool Bukson says:

    Eminado is really nice, i think Don J complemented Tiwa quite well on the song

  7. Cool Bukson says:

    would actually love to see a Tubaba remix of this song. I know he will kill it

  8. Omooba001 says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………These tracks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet dieeeeeeeeeeee…..Tiwa is a good ROI….Can i be a stakeholder on your next project?

  9. igwe says:

    don jazzy u r baba

  10. omekaarizona says:

    I see eminado turning out to be a national anthem with time.It's a quality song

  11. Gentle says:

    DON u are the best in the world

  12. Gmoney says:

    I love u Jazzy

  13. Someone_Special says:

    To be a producer is much more than putting the instrumental together. There is nothing wrong with Don Jazzy's part in the song. We have always heard his Don Jazzy's voice in D'banj's record (Igwe, fall in love, suddenly, oliver twist etc.) and no one complained.

  14. Ufong Bong says:

    Great songs miss Tiwa! "Shoutout" got that sweet Ol' Gee bounce to it. Totally love the production.

  15. Logo says:

    HIT eminado

  16. sido says:

    Ice berg slim on shout out make sense . Thumps up jazzy, Tiwa and Sarkodeal

  17. Amadi Edwin says:

    Please Tiwa Model! I need a video in your song SHOUT OUT. MIAMI beach will be nice location. You did a good mam!

  18. Sway says:

    Eminado vs Obimo…Hmmm tough choice. Think I'll choose Obimo just bcos of the harmonica but this is sweet still. Y must I choose sef? I'll have both sorry.

  19. oloriegbe says:

    I think don baba J has produced another oliver twist…watch out!!!!

  20. Emm says:

    dope lyrics… good songs but prefer shout out .. thats a clasic

  21. Em Emm says:

    dope lyrics… good songs but I prefer shout out.. that's a clasic.

  22. ajmammie says:

    These songs, especially Eminado is pleasing to the ear. Once upon a time album is a pace setter…

  23. jay says:

    This is a good song no doubt but if it was d'banj that sang the song people wont stop criticizing him


    No disrespect to Sarkodie but I dont think he was needed on that track…

  25. sam says:

    don jazzy and tiwa are both finished on arrival, whts dis

  26. Dsam says:

    Iceberg Slim is actually an intelligent talented guy but I think he has to be more aggressive with his music and approach to the industry. His verse is obviously more impressive than that of Sarkodie on "Shout Out". And, Eminado is enough to make someone's day, you will definitely find yourself singling along just after the first listening IF you are not a bitter hater though.

  27. kolo says:


  28. charles says:

    EMINADO has been on repeat all day. AZONTO on pause….lol

  29. Charles Iyobosa Ayewa says:


  30. DJ Venom says:

    Never liked Tiwa savage before now but curiousity drove me to buy once upon a time from itunes and this is what i have to say…
    TiwaSavage the queen.
    Jazzy The Don chi chi.
    Spellz The future.

  31. wow…great song….DOPE

  32. 9jafreak says:

    Two average songs to be fair. There are much better songs in the album though
    Tiwa needs to realize that Don Jazzy is on 'OT' overtime… His era, like D'BANJ's, is nigh over.
    As the Pop Standard, for her second album, Miss Savage needs to go a bit more avant-garde without losing her class and identity.
    Luckily she will get away this time thanks to the army of Don Jazzy's followers.

  33. E G O says:

    I LOVE DON JAZZY!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Nonso Okafor says:


  35. @activ8ed says:

    "SHOUT OUT" gives me chills

  36. MANCHARA says:

    This is just an average track for me really.I will only play them because its from Tiwa…don't see them hanging on my play list

    I kinda prefer the shout-out which is more of Tiwa not the Eyinlondo and Iwo tonfendo and awalofendo with jazzy.

    Jazzy whats wrong with your productions this days……..we simply play and forget it..Not like what we listen to that stick to our ears those days..Y nah

  37. @activ8ed says:

    This will be the first Album I'll buy. WTH is this not sold on MAVIN Record's website?

  38. Ayoo says:

    Full album is already on spotify! Dopeness!!!

  39. jay says:

    1) This song sounds so immature
    2) It sounds like an intro when starting a Yoruba movie
    3) When did don jazzy become yemi my lover?? lols
    Based on what we expected from don jazzy, i must say d'banj has been doing better than don jazzy since their break up. None of mavin new songs has been close to Top of the world or Blame it on the money by d'banj. Lets be honest and stop hating on d'banj.

  40. Dafido says:

    i tot don jazzy produced the first song, but he didnt… Why we keep saying Don jazzy everything, i wish Sakordia is not on this track

  41. Boss says:

    Eminado is a sweet song… It's a HIT… Mark my words, haters…

  42. Edet Tony says:

    Tiwa on point, Don Baba J, u ar just too much. I love Iceberg lines, @Sarkodie, u stil rep GH. much love guys…….#I am feeling both Singles#.

  43. Crucialforever says:

    Let's face it, Tiwa is damn good..!!

  44. owolabz. says:

    Classic! There are only a few Nigerian artistes that impress me today with their talents and deft lyrical contents and delivery. …I must say Tiwa belongs to this selected few.

    Eminado Eminaddddddddo in yoruba means i also banged her lol

  45. Donjazzy says:

    you guys should not criticize my artist oo, or do you guys want airtime so u can keep shut?

  46. Man 2 Man says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!! absolutely loving both songs.. Spellz killed that beat, Jazzy did his thing on the second.. Tiwa is amazing….

  47. Been thinking lately that Tiwa's been doing music part-time so i approached the album casually without expectation but on listening, honestly its too impressive and i didn't have reason skip from A-Z. Everyone taste is catered for from uptempo Techno house,religious, r&b,bump and grind, tungba and baraje to neo soul. That Fela interlude's so dope…She sounds silky smooth vocally and many tracks on there are going to be evergreen. In fact this album should have come out with a money back guarantee.Gold status.

  48. Ajah Raymonds says:

    am i supposed to be suprised to see you here?

  49. Viceroy says:

    Tiwa nd don jazzy mehhhhhhm

    Both of u re on point noni

    Carry on eminado jam of d year 2013

    Tumbz up my best colabo

  50. big boi says:

    i love this too songs…..nice one.. there is a talent don jazzy need to check out.. his name is phreytunez. USA based done needs some new talents around mavin

  51. igwe says:

    good song for don jazzy

  52. MrUnkpe says:

    This Two Jam Enter Baje…..Tiwalola Iyawo Mi a tata

  53. smart says:

    Don jazzy is doing a great job… Nice song by tiwa

  54. houston t says:

    Tiwa,tiwa,tiwa,tiwa…Nice1 dear…I love your voice.You are part of my project..When i make it,ama gonna ft u in ma song.Seriously its wat i ave ever dreamt of.God bless you!! keep the work going,and put God 1st.Ciao!! H.t!!!

  55. ugoharris says:

    chai! I don't kill d replay button 4 this one oh! I never buy any Tiwa's song on itunes b4, but 4 sure I go snap up this one 2day on itunes. Love wat Don Jazzy does with his cracky voice again on this one and bigups to his production skill here 2.

  56. Eminado …hmmm…. i won't say what's on my mind but but na who remember don baba J…… in kpere or wine am well or now is the time or without my heart …..if u can't really remember these songs very well , pls go to youtube or if u still av them on ur ipod ….go hear dem ….and come back and listen to eminado ….then u will know exactly what's on my mind.

  57. TOLS says:


  58. Man 2 Man says:

    Why would peepz thumb down positive comments on this post?? I don't wanna call names but we already know who those people are.. change is still very far from your lives until you embrace unity.. Hail good thing whenever you see one and good shall come your way in Jesus name, Amen!

  59. igwe says:

    don jazzy

  60. Jayone says:

    this is my observation. Dbanj has been getting some stick of late and this has not pleased his followers one bit. they have thus resorted to disliking any nice Don jazzy project so that it looks like both Dbanj and DonJazzy lost out. But fact is DOn JAzzy rocks!!!! now gimme thumbs down, i nid to beat the record

  61. I love this music tiwa you are gbam hahahahaha I am dancing joor.

  62. Nathan says:

    Tiwa Tiwa Tiwa, no comment, Don Baba JJJJJJJJJJJJJJ no comment …………chaiiiiiii

  63. Gdswill says:

    this beat is almost same with Banky's Good good Loving

  64. Iya says:

    That ‘Eminado’ joint is nothing short of certified FAYA!!! Club banger no doubt!

  65. Mr. Smith says:

    Eminado is a real killa. Smh. Don Jazzy done kilt it again. Makes no damn sense.

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