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VIDEO Premiere: KaySwitch – For Example (Ka Ni Pe)

Post by Ovie O, July 3rd, 2013

Underestimate Kayswitch at your own peril. “For example” is a fresh video off the just-released D’Kings Men album which you can now purchase online and on the streets. Kayswitch shows why he’s seen by many as “next-in-line” from the D’Banj dynasty. He’s unique with his flows and his attitude is as hard as nails. Enjoy this one.

Song/Video Ratings: 10/10.


Kay Switch Ride


Director: Matt Max. He’s becoming a real force in the video directing scene.

Location: Mende, Lagos.

Producer: DeeVee.

YouTube Preview Image


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50 responses to “VIDEO Premiere: KaySwitch – For Example (Ka Ni Pe)”

  1. Ben says:

    Bless K'switch, Bless DB Records…

    i Love this… Nice Work

  2. Meeeeee says:

    I be First ..Una Fada yanch…Eyin Weyre..

  3. dope video! nice Kayswitch


    Holding a live cat fish is hard enough…, Taking a big bite from it…???? #DAAAAMN!!!

  5. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    DB Record they have arrived. Nice video Kay switch my man. 10/10

  6. dis one pass ma xpectations ohh…. dbRecords on point ni!

  7. Boss P (BWE) says:

    I love this dude!!! Production on point,mad video and dope swag!!! Kayswitch Lee is the next big thing in Nigeria entertainment industry…. Believe that

  8. tunde says:

    mattmax man of the moment, dope video……nice one kayswitch. Db records all the way. bless up bro.

  9. ikenna says:

    best of its kind. good video….but wait ooooo, dis mattmax guy the pera ooooo. choi! see video oooo. i hear say dbanj don sign him na tru abi na lie?

  10. Funky says:

    Kayswitch's got alot of potentials and he's full of energy..he's growing everyday to become a bigger dbanj..this video is already great but that nigga eating live catfish wowed it for me.

  11. Logo says:

    Bless Matt Max
    Bless Drecords
    Bless Deevee
    Above ALL… bless K'switch mad tune mad video la good la everything +10/10

  12. Dsam says:

    No be bcos say Kayswitch na my man pass D'banj oO this is 10/10.

  13. Marsialago says:

    oshe k-switch the way for you.sure boy. Awon amota all the way from London

  14. this cat fish part might just spoil international market for the video cos if animal right people see am now na vex dem go vex but the video is dope!

  15. dbanj fit try start clothing line o….cos that db logo looks really good on those shirts ….. won't mind to av one mehn!

  16. Man 2 Man says:

    This servant don pass OGA, walahi!

  17. owolabz. says:

    Great video, great song for the "streets" I'm A big Fan

  18. steelz says:

    When they split, I said Wizzy would benefit (Which he is doing) but I need to apologise. That split has been good for Kay switch and he has his brother's money to play with. Damn this is Dope. Dem just cover this guy talent for Mohits o.

  19. Bowloo says:

    Hmmm, emi ni Dapo(D'banj), e wo angel Michael (Donjazzy). silent shots fired there.
    Good song alll the same

  20. Bolu James says:

    Nice video, good production, beautiful source plus great FOUNDATION. D’banj is a Bigger success….Heaven knows He (D’banj) really made a good choice…..despite all d critics and d abuse….He never loose focus. What a leader, what a founder?…..and for d haters and all d Mohits sympathizer/ Don jazzy supporters club association, we shall all see, only with TIME……..

  21. JOMBU says:


  22. Comment says:

    Abeg , the format wey k-switch dey throw for the beginning of the song,how hin take connect to the song??? :s Only God know the kain igbo wey dem dey smoke for DB record…smh!!!

  23. that intro kills me everytime…these boys no well.LMAO they even bleeped out "ba obirin sun" even when they know the vulgarity was lost in translation. No long story i was entertained Mattmax did it, that sushi man needs salt and soy sauce. Moral of the story is K-Switch's stocks are steady rising

  24. NAMETALKAM says:

    Mr. K Switch, please leave D'Prince of MAVIN RECORDS SWAG Alone and Try create your own SWAG OK! No Hating

  25. BADDO says:

    omo i like Bankulli vocals at the baground nice

  26. DB Records, na so e go b jare, A big shout out 2 Eja Nla nd odas.

  27. kenneth says:

    WTF!!! Biting off a catfish………

  28. St Samson says:

    E Sweet

  29. St Samson says:

    Who's dis guy on the Intro, LOL
    He sounds like a fool lol

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  31. Gud oo says:

    Correct video na so e dey go

  32. Gmoney says:

    K switch abeg music no be ur talent..make u go dey say apple

  33. wariz says:

    ka ni pe[for example] emi ni person wey God tell say kayswitch don blow nd make i collect my commission commot

  34. Debra says:

    God Bless you K Switch For Showing Love to The Father… Amatoooo Wa Last… The Wayyyy For you Bro

  35. DIPO says:


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