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VIDEO: Temi Dollface – Pata Pata

Post by Demola OG, July 2nd, 2013

Temi Dollface refuses to conform to the norm in Nigerian music, but rather proceeds to lead with her new single and Video Pata Pata.


Creative video which pretty much plays out what she was trying to convey in the Pata Pata record. Sonically, Pata Pata gives the alternative vibe mixed with some elements that sound local especially during the bridge.
Expect more QUALITY music from Temi Dollface in the near future. I am excited to hear her next single; she may just be the next MASSIVE female artist in Africa.
Creative and well executed video.

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21 responses to “VIDEO: Temi Dollface – Pata Pata”

  1. Man 2 Man says:

    shy unna wanted sumfin different, abi? this is definitely it.. humorous n niz

  2. this is just to good……. oga pata pata! I hope the people like this. icon is such an intelligent producer.

  3. Little Kitty Howard says:

    I applaud her for being creative.. But the video dulled me… And I don't like the deepness in her voice =/ She shouldn't give up though. I don't think she's horrible. Maybe others will like it, it just didn't suit me.

  4. jonx says:

    definitely different but i love it….lets encourage creativity.nice video too plus she killed it #patapata

  5. Logo says:

    award winning video….definitely

  6. Basketmouf says:

    Too much stuff going on in the video…

  7. The highest they could go is 480p though.. really?

  8. Me, myself and i says:

    Sounds International. Good job

  9. superb lighting, fantastic concept and art direction, great song love the wit and humour, superb lighting, make up-mwah, great lighting…wow the lighting

  10. owolabz. says:

    whoever came up with that concept deserves something from me, send ur account number 😉

    Awesome and fantastic video !

  11. Godsluv22 says:

    Original is here name……..LOVE IT

  12. Ogidigan says:

    Amazing, interesting, and creative concept. Not typical
    I applaud the efforts

  13. ba-ba-badoo! says:

    d video is super-awesome! but d song nor sweet. if na naija she wan chop, hunger go catch am small

  14. obynaija1 says:

    this is really creative and nice…………it got me watching tru to the end.

  15. silas says:

    I actually Love this

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  17. odi says:

    shes good very different neo soul with some afro pop in it

  18. 9jafreak says:

    WOW! what a find!

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