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SOJAY – I Want You

Post by Ovie O, July 2nd, 2013

You guys should already know how I feel about SOJAY‘s vocal prowess. “I Want You” is guaranteed to become another fan favourite.

“With his debut single “Slow Down” already climbing charts across Nigeria, Trybe Record’s Sojay returns for another smash hit with his latest lust-fueled lovers’ anthem “I Want You”. The critically acclaimed “Best Male Vocalist in Africa” reaches notes reminiscent of international stars like Usher, Justin Timberlake, Miguel and Robin Thicke as he croons falsetto-laced verses over production by his labelmate, K9.

Sliding between piano keys sprinkled on top of a rich bassline, Sojay again separates himself from his peers as one of the premiere vocalists in Africa.”


Sojay i want u cover2a


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46 responses to “SOJAY – I Want You”

  1. brrr says:

    first. tankyou

  2. ajmammie says:

    This is ace!!! Nice one Sojay, you ve got class

  3. timeless says:

    fuck!!! this is crazy!!!….mehn k9 is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. timeless says:


  5. Man 2 Man says:

    Thank God its not a cover.. your boss already said it, the world is yours

  6. saka says:

    Cant believe this is actually coming from Africa… #supadupadapaDOPE

  7. one cyprus N*gga says:

    awesome !

  8. Dbloc says:

    really great vocals!

  9. Wizzy says:

    Love you sojay, always. Nice work!!!!

  10. DEX says:

    This guy is legit! Never-underestimate him. He's definitely here to stay.

  11. Twentea says:


  12. johnsky says:

    sojay = winner!

  13. Jenny says:

    He made his point clear. Love his music. Can't wait to get more

  14. Air_borny says:

    Falsetto killer. i havent heard anyone falset this good from this part of the world..sojay is really d king

  15. Chucks says:

    Great music again from this chap! Never mind what people say man! GO SOJAY!!!

  16. Ikutegbe Mitel says:

    Nigga sounding like miguel.

  17. man Eldee loan your boy to the industry for a month to drop hooks everywhere
    what you guys are doing right now is the definition of dulling, this talent is over proven

  18. MrUnkpe says:

    Pure Classic R&B,Even Dem Yankee Artists Will Like This,But 9ja Pipl Are Fuckin Addictive With Noise Party Groove Music,Oluwa Help This Industry …..

  19. Anniberrieeee says:


  20. Godsluv22 says:

    Nawooo this guy is at it again……GOD HELP ME

  21. Nasir says:

    forget what people say about your lyrics. at least we can hear what ur saying and it makes sense. this track doe my girl no go rest. all night tinz. BRAVO mahn your vocals wont stop impressing me shaaa

  22. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    This dude can definitely sing. I am glad that some of our Naija male artistes are not shying away from singing pure R&B with beautiful lyrics. The likes of Sojay, Banky W., DJinee to mention a few, are fast diminishing in the industry which is a damn shame. Big ups to Legend and Veteran ELDEE for noticing and building raw talent.

  23. Oluwaphemy says:

    #3Words… Sojay is Good. I admire you joor.

  24. wonderful! luv dat voice <3.

  25. timeless says:

    sojay should have written this for timberlake!….the beat is superb,everything already sounds like a jt record…JT would MURK THIS!!!

  26. Ogidigan says:

    Well done… Impressive work overall

  27. Emeka says:

    mehn see cold dey catch me…. the way this guy dey use falseto play… wow i rushed and click cuz new it would be dope

  28. iLanre says:

    This guy sings some keys like Usher sha!!!!!! Very difficult to sing like dat and not sound awful but baba yi is on point…… I gbadun am die…. GBAYI!!!!!

  29. obynaija1 says:

    vocals on point

  30. bugado says:

    sojay my real nigga …you killed it

  31. takin14 says:

    keep it up man…………………..nice song .Can feel the improvement.Yeah thats it right there man.Na u Dey for the top

  32. baddessst says:

    One word! DOPE, AWESOME, AMAZING, e don pass one o, well hez just too good

  33. R n B at its finest, naija style, international appeal. You rock, bro.

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  35. liru says:

    Sojay na die !

  36. Idowuoladoyin Ibrahim Abidemi says:

    before I was hiding but bro u let that spirit outta me……lets do some hooks , i sing pure r nd b with lovely voice…bigs up man.

  37. MCG says:

    I beg I wan hia dis song again….d song make 2much sense….:)

  38. GEEBAH says:

    Love you sojay but am not seeing your song one day,and here in Liberia we loving it a lot

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