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VIDEO: Vector Prays For OJB Jezreel

Post by Ovie O, June 25th, 2013

After the major public outcry from Nigerian music fans and well-wishers of veteran producer OJB Jezreel, the industry heavyweights are finally stepping up. I’m told the likes of Don Jazzy, 2face and Wizkid have gone to “see” OJB in person, Kelly Hansome has just released a song “Save OJB”, and Vector‘s visit/prayer for OJB was even recorded by HipOnTV. Watch below.


OJB SaveOJBJezreel

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re touched, and you’d like to make a donation towards the #SaveOJBJezreel campaign, you can send money directly to:

BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: UBA, Babatunde Okungbowa, 1015075120

No PayPal account at the moment.

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25 responses to “VIDEO: Vector Prays For OJB Jezreel”

  1. gusto says:

    God Almighty will ensure all OJB needs to carry out the operation successfully are provided Jesus mighty name..

  2. 419nEFCC<--->BBM says:


  3. Gee Bee says:

    He will be fine

  4. Iamrashman says:

    Mehn!!!! This guy sabi pray again? weytin im no com sabi do again? like vector

  5. Someone_Special says:

    Vector's action is the beginning of the healing process. Ovie, please how can people outside Nigeria contribute? Is there a paypal account? With paypal, it will be easy to send money without any fear. If 100 people send €10, that will be a €1000.

  6. eze ego says:

    they should add a gtb account as that is more accessible to some of us living abroad. thanks

  7. tundalis says:

    if this guy die b4 operation na curse i go dey rain 4 any body wey come dey sing one yeye remembrance song….100k dollars na watin all dis A artist no fit contribute shame on them,

  8. maraba says:

    i know one thing for sure that OJB will still seat and producer more and more songs. More n more hits and above all LIVE A LONGER LIFE AND PROSPERITY…
    No fears you are well Insha Allah.

  9. Hughes says:

    Ovie and Mola, make una contribute something too o

  10. @activ8ed says:

    If you want I can set-up a Paypal account, set-up to my us bank account and I go dey wire the money via western union to a designated person every week (hopefully not too many weeks will be needed) , I go dey pay the western union charges so that we dont draw a dime from the donation. I ready drop all my identification just so you know i aint running away with the money. God sef go punish me if i do so. If you have any other suggestion , let me know.

    Oh shett. I just remembered, theres this site i saw on CNN Tech start-up,

    Funding for medical emergencies in developing countries (mostly low funding type tho).

  11. Cheals(Wado) says:

    O lord I'm the one who's searching
    When you're weak I'll be strong
    Men if u nah let this talent wey give us the classic searching go
    God go fire all you people wey he don produce song for
    100k, chei e no even suppose come to this
    By now 2face/dbang/Timaya/J martins/M.I/Ice Prince/Tiwa/Mercy J/Tonte{Yes Tonte}Akin and Paw Paw, all of you, e hen P Square alone surgery for done finish. Come on stand up make us proud.

  12. GILBERT says:


  13. Sulley says:

    LOL, these Niggaz always rap bout popping champagne n living lavishly, now to make donations them start to dey pray. God na illusion, no one seriously believes in a baba sala sitting on some crooked throne in the skies. Oga donate money joo, make dem operate OJB

  14. #SAVEOJB says:

    Notjustok please can you set up a paypal account so that any cash realised will be sent to him. There are a lot of people who will donate. Ovie and Demola, it will not cost you guys anything to set up a paypal account. This is one way of helping this situation. I listened to his interview ( and realised that this guy has spent so much on his health and that of his daughter. This guy need our help. Please let there be a payment link in the next 24 hours on
    If we solely depend on celebrities to help this guy, he may die because most celebrities are self-centred and selfish. Some of them may even be planning a tribute song to gain more fans. Let us be our brother's keeper.
    If you give 1 million naira when you know giving 10 million will not shake your bank account then you are selfish. Remember the story of the widow's mite in the bible (Luke 21:1-4)

  15. one track of ma album is going to drop soon.

  16. OBO says:

    I've just transfer #100 to the account……that's all i got!!

  17. Fkid says:

    make them barb OJB hair ..;all those once fit dey among wetin dey go on ..

  18. #SAVEOJB says:

    Please you can conveniently donate from anywhere in the world to save OJB through this link: It is our responsibility to help ourselves.

  19. Emeka says:

    GOD will heal the brother

  20. Amara says:

    nice video i love them they are too much thank God for them they are gifted more grace to their able love you

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