VIDEO: L-J – Guns High

Post by Ovie O, June 24th, 2013

L-J Saaaviour is a skilled rapper who popped into the NJO radar early last year with two singles, then came through with a 3rd joint back in February. His new mixtape single/video “Guns High” captures the streets perfectly. This MC definitely has talent.


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18 responses to “VIDEO: L-J – Guns High”

  1. pichi says:

    sound good…nice video concept …

  2. 9jafreak says:

    Too Real

  3. kiki says:

    Goshhhhhh! Wer has He been all this while?? He’s sooooo tight!! Kudos G

  4. tiese says:


  5. kpozo2 says:

    And the Homie delivered…Awesome video

  6. AlexOFlife says:

    WTF….. NAIJA “artists” no get shame at all !!!! Is this a Remix???? See Theft oooo!! As in…. This exact beat and Hook is ACE HOOD feat. Rock City ” Guns High” …. Bros, at least change the name tho! Smdh WTF … Video looks clean but the lack in originality killed it for me sha. Try again next time . If you think people will not notice, you are wrong

    • iamprofecy says:

      damn bro.. u feel me? should i even be proud im from nigeria when all our artist do now is steal songs again?.. jeez.. this is getting outta hand.. same beat.. same intro, same hook .. tf? gosh lol.. fake people

    • cizzle says:

      this might actually be a mixtape song not an official single, there is nothing wrong in sampling or remaking a song.

  7. Binta says:

    Very Well arranged vid. D guy Has swagzzzz & he’s cute ☺

  8. Oga Madam says:

    Most definitely, L-J raps rock and that Video rocks too. More fire bro.

  9. shaky says:

    man.. itz a shame wat comes out of some of u. so he cant use someones beat? it cud be a remake , remix of freestyle. people like u only got dust to yarn u cant even rap ur fadas name on the mic. bleh . naija people will neva appreciate wat dey got, only talent they got is criticizin odas. lj keep doin watchu do.. ama fan . simple.

  10. Binta says:

    IGNORANT PPL…did U ppl here “blasphemixtape “in dat song @ all?? Or U just listen to songs illeterately?? Obviously a mixtape!! Even me dat is a chik can decode dat!! Use ur heads

    • iamprofecy says:

      are u deaf or blind? its says new single.. and even if nits for a mixtape.. didnt u listen to m.i's last mixtape.. he used people's beat but did he copy them entirely? no.. for example.. go listen to star on the mixtape .. there was sampling of crew love but not the entire thing.. and even if it was for mixtape.. shouldnt it say so in the caption up there?

  11. otumba says:

    Even PITBULL used DBANJ’s OLIVER TWIST BEAT & CHORUS & sang anoda song & shot the VIDEO!! Do You even know if this L-J has a rapour with Ace hood & has permission?? Ask before you criticise like fools! Tight Video & On point Rap joor! L-J is good

  12. VIC O says:


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