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VIDEO: 2Chainz & D’banj Live Performance @ DKM Concert in LAGOS

Post by Ovie O, June 24th, 2013

2Chainz stormed the DKM Concert in Lagos alongside D’Banj, the rest of the D’Kings Men family and close associates. Watch the clip below.


YouTube Preview Image

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23 responses to “VIDEO: 2Chainz & D’banj Live Performance @ DKM Concert in LAGOS”

  1. Hadebayour Wolex Halsodeeq says:

    Nice , Bangali and 2 chain leeeeeeee in temple leeeeeeee.

  2. Seyi Mafi says:

    D'banj doing it real big. Love all the way from Texas…#Respect.

  3. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    *sigh* uuummmm well sha.

  4. @jimdeji says:

    Am sad I don’t make it yesterday night. It a nice

  5. dolly says:

    lool @ dbanj .. he said moyato, shey Nigerians no understand am different ni

  6. Ultimatelaron says:

    This is a nice movement from Dbanj, putting the nigerian music industry on the map, but it would have been great to see dbanj sing alongside 2 chainz, cos all i saw was him jumping around the stage. Props to the audience, they didn't sleep on 2 chainz nor his lyrics. All in all, it was a nice watch.

  7. BigJhay says:

    bringing 2 chaniz is wasting of money abeg. YES! i said it. Bite me

  8. Dsam says:

    Much love and respect to Eja Nla for pulling this off but make we tell ourselves true, THIS IS DRY. People wey dey there even taya for 2chainz performance waiting for Banga Lee to trow banger and light up the place.

  9. Man 2 Man says:

    Massive crowd, dull show.. why was the energy missing?? it only turned up a bit when no lie came up.. that babe dancing at the start should work on her belly, seems all her sense is focused on that ass..

  10. Big man says:

    Always said this, nigerian fans aren't lively enough. See how they dulled this show. smh

  11. Someone_Special says:

    Phyno, Olamide and Kcee got the crowd going. I thought Wizkid, Iyanya, Timaya were suppose to perform. 2Chainz was waist of money and time. 2chainz' time on stage was too long and boring. The crowd wanted to see Wizkid but was disappointed. D'banj's set would have been better considering that this was his own show.

  12. All I could see was Dbanj jumping around 2chainz like a dog on heat. I love 2chainz and dbanj but 2chainz didnt just bring that energy he brings in music vids back in the west. says so

  13. NAMETALKAM says:

    D'banj we don't need this TYPE of concert here in Nigeria

  14. hmmm says:

    na naija be this o, no be obodo oyibo…how can we relate to all this "nigga", "fuck", "bitch" lyrics…?

    D'banj u wan turn efulefu, biko limit bringing all these akata boys we no fit relate to

  15. skunkhead says:

    they need a new signal when inviting stars to naija

  16. wariz says:

    See as 9ja dull d 2nd hottest present MC in america

  17. Uche says:

    only teenagers can relate to 2chains…..he sooo boring it hurts…….and moreso…yanky rappers dnt trip us anymore…we r ok with our own wizzys..iyanyas..olamides etal…..Dbanj should understand dat…..i widnt go to a 2chains concert even if it was for free……but il pay to watch dbanj perform his recent songs…even if they are all dry and empty…but hes the koko master…hes better than all these tanky noise makers he worships,,,,,,he just doesnt realize that

  18. shigo says:

    O ga oo…u lack manners @wale y must u call him a fool.I knw pple like u can’t afford a ticket for a show still yet u re abusing a person d@ u re nt up to is dog,u re such a discraze to yorubas..

  19. temi says:

    At the 7:20 mark(insert yoruba accent): ME AND BROKE NUKKAS DONT GET ALONGGGGG!!! lolz @ Dbanj

  20. kujo says:

    most ppl talking mess abt the show cant even put a house party or birthday together lol….good job dbanj fyi you cant pls everybody

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