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The Katana’s – Chained

Post by Demola OG, June 24th, 2013

The Katana’s are Kenyan born twins who currently reside in Manchester, England. They have been making music and studying vocal harmonies since they were 9 years old and also played the characters, Rona and Shona in BBC’s Waterloo Road TV Drama series in 2011. Katana’s have been selected to perform at this year’s Glastonbury Festival on June 30 2013 on the main stage; this is a massive festival out in the UK for those who don’t know.

Today they are dropping their first single titled Chained which was produced by Parker Ighile.

Listen and share your thoughts on the beautiful and talented Katana’s.


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19 responses to “The Katana’s – Chained”

  1. vinci says:

    ayam 1st

  2. YORITUNES says:


  3. Weeta says:

    Wow they sure can sing! Nice job ladies… BIG UPS Mr IGHILE! Africa PROUDING….

  4. Changeclothz says:

    This joint is heavy

  5. Weeta says:

    Its amazing how comments are said to awaiting approval but never turn up at the end of the day. Mr Ovie I don't get it! I thought approval was for screening purposes, apparently it seems to be more than that. Why do you consistently refuse to approve/post my comment which is and has always been devoid of impudence. To be honest it is nothing short of distasteful to make a comment, contributing to the plethora of chatter brought about by the single entity called music, which is made possible by your hard work and effort via NJOK. Please for the sake of clarity, spell out terms and conditions if you have any, I know the reason is most definitely far from the KILLER called FAVORITISM! Thanks a Bunch!

  6. Weeta says:

    Guessing its no surprise my comments just happen not to show up!

  7. Godsluv22 says:

    This is HOT…….These ladies can sang…..Nice

  8. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    these babes are fine. leave story.

  9. thinkwell says:

    This is lovely.. Awesome… good Job

  10. thinkwell says:

    Good!! This is lovely.. They can SING

  11. poise says:

    is it me or do they sound beyonce? they good though

  12. lala says:

    kinda sound like beyonce. nice!!!

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