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SQN Music Presents Cray – FarouTe

Post by Demola OG, June 24th, 2013

SQN Music recording artist Cray who recently dropped a playful Conji single is back with his official single titled Faroute.

Definitely a strong song from Cray and if pushed well on radio can go far. I definitely want to hear more from Cray.

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18 responses to “SQN Music Presents Cray – FarouTe”

  1. YORITUNES says:


  2. theman says:

    first .. i love this song, very different. definitely on repeat

  3. double chris says:

    i would love to get high and listen to this song. it would jss take me to anoda zones

  4. Man 2 Man says:

    Kinda feeling this

  5. @iylemagic says:

    Dope i guess.

  6. Phexii says:


  7. kr@z¥ says:

    Phexii u don hi abi???

    U b 1st for where, abi u no dy see well????

    U b 2nd to the last. No fink am again. Onless you dy fine war.

  8. kunle says:


  9. kunle says:

    Good tune. Different

  10. 101 says:

    Heavy rotation! Body must move to this one.

  11. smithalex1988 says:

    Nice song. I definitely want to hear more from Cray.
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  12. procastino says:

    I too fat but don reduce weight just say I danced to this song… Nice jam

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