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Maleek Berry ft Wizkid – Love You

Post by Ovie O, June 24th, 2013

Starboy Music producer, Maleek Berry, releases a new single “LOVE YOU” featuring one of the youngest CEOs around, Wizkid. It comes as a follow-up to the hugely successful debut single “The Matter” also done by both acts.

Grown and sexy music for the lovers out there.


Maleek Berry Wizkid pic

Produced by Maleek Berry [DOWNLOAD]

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90 responses to “Maleek Berry ft Wizkid – Love You”

  1. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Let me be the first to say this is a hot song right here, first of all the beat is dope. The first thing I noticed was Wizkid was on the track and I said make I first comment, I always carry first except for class where I try not to carry last.

  2. DEX says:

    Wiz actually added a little Igbo in this track. Haha, Odikwa serious. This is a really nice jam. Love it! Berry pon' this!

  3. sugar_boy007 says:

    nice one dope shit!

  4. maradona says:


  5. Kilonshele says:

    average track, just my 2 cent

  6. Don jazzy says:

    Sharp track I have been awake waiting for this shit to drop . Nice Jam finally

  7. paulmirabilis says:

    average track

  8. njala says:

    its not just ok same thing FREESTLYING as always bro sit down and punch this tune so too much things dont keep repeating DAAAAM i tire but ok song i mean the beat sorry not lyrics.

  9. blad says:

    hard work pays you'all… berry killed d beat

  10. Omooba001 says:

    heheheh….same old same old….not feeling this ish

  11. Solomon Omonszejele says:

    king of shiter na so surelare nice tune.

  12. asian_buns_rock says:

    Nice track.

    Although i wonder what would happen if wizkid was banned from saying variations of:
    – "whine your waste"
    – "follow me go"
    – "all the sexy girls"

  13. timeless says:

    hey maleek berry ohhhhh!!!!!!!!! crazy! crazy! crazy!!!!

  14. Man wiz kid sounds like he running out of ideas After all the jams this week from psquare ” personally”, eja nla with finally and that ayo jay guy, this is just insulting for us wizkid fans.anyways I dey feel the beat die! Gbam!

  15. PREMIERE: Maleek Berry ft Wizkid – Love You.


  17. N.O.A says:

    Madt Jam…….

  18. I Senior una says:

    I see alotta people doubting WizKid's abilities this is the same boy who made countless hits just from one album and then another with EME he wont strike gold all the time but don't doubt him not his best work but its still a jam

  19. Drizzy Fkid says:


  20. striker says:

    who dash am king of Shitta?!!! make boys no go gba e mu!

  21. Man 2 Man says:

    My talk be say this Maleek Berry dey try for beat sha! He has got the connection with Wizzy's kinda song/lyrics.. I know why many men dey vex these days for wizzy's lyrics, becos women has taken hold of him.. lol.. I don't think wizzy will go broke having only women as his fans.. So, men unna better join or leave wizzy alone with his babes..

  22. audible piano sounds wud av made dis beat better. Dis maleek, I've bin listenin 2 his beats…………poor piano sounds. nt too bad though.

  23. @activ8ed says:

    lol Wizkid don start all this clueless songs again. when i listen, i just feel like wizkid just enter studio, and this conversation takes place

    Maleek say, "yo, wizzy, check this beat I made"
    wizkid goes, "I'll freestyle to this, lets see how it looks"
    Maleek says" wont you write anything down"?
    Wizkid goes " nah dont worry i just need a sheet of paper with the following words and phrases somewhere on the studio wall in front of me"

    ah na na na
    starboy thing
    feeling you
    girl you drive me crazy
    wizzy baby

    and I should be able to make any song on your beats

    Funny that if I keep playing this sha, i might end up liking the nonsense.

  24. kr@z¥ says:

    For those hating this one,

    Have you eating this morning?

    Then why are you wasting your time?

    He is great. He’s One of the Youngest CEOs.

    And you are still hating on Him.

    You can’t Fight success, it comes naturally after a good work and determination.

    I wish him more blood and inspirations.

  25. KUDY GOLD says:

    eyyy dis tune odikwa serious!

  26. Jay says:

    Wizkid Never let me down…. Bad Guy…Nice track Bra….#TeamWizkid all day.

  27. NAMETALKAM says:


  28. Someone_Special says:

    Simple but very good beat.

  29. iba says:

    i was not feeling this one sorry

  30. kamal says:

    wowow nice tune wizzy

  31. baloski says:

    King of SHITTA sha?!!! let BANA catch you…..

  32. tls says:

    the song is dry..normal tune

  33. Little Kitty Howard says:

    Can't get into this, why are all of his songs so demn repetitive…? Gooodness. I like him. I love his voice and style, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan. But. This shit is getting tiring. Everything always sounds the damn same for the whole song. I'm all for artists writing their own content, and I definitely respect it more, but if you suck, at writing, just go the Davido route and buy a song. Just keep it on the downlow. And don't get put on blast like he did.

  34. fastcashbb says:

    i dey come make i check where my girl friend dey

  35. owolabzz says:

    not his best but definitely not a bad song! wizzy melody keep it up fam…but king of shitta? hmmm

  36. Mr Somebody says:

    Berry burn this * In Wizzy's voice * #JamOfLife

  37. General says:


  38. ♫★♫ zunnybunny ♫★♫ says:

    Gotta love the melody when it comes to Wizkid. Only problem, recycled lyrics but you'll still enjoy the packaging and arrangement of the song. He's got a way of winning listeners heart. But hey nevertheless, it's a hit.

  39. WISE says:

    Idiot, go and save OJB, u started from his studio when you were nothing

  40. Dsam says:

    Na only girls wey dey masturbate to Wizzy's songs still dey enjoy the recycled lyrics lately. Big men like us go just enjoy the nice beat and still dey support our star boy dey go. But seriously, Wizzy needs grow up lyrically for he is now an international product.

  41. OVA says:

    LMAO…. @OvieO be like 'Grown and sexy music for the lovers out there'

  42. baddessst says:

    Maleek and Wizzy jel well… If u dont like this song at first, nevermind put it on repeat den it'll grw on you

  43. Jaybee says:

    Not my Kind of Vibe.

  44. Bethel chris says:

    OH MY!!!!!!!…MALEEK BERRY!…WIZKID!!…..IM SHAKING!..TuNe 4 Dayzzz

  45. kr@z¥ says:

    Guys keep talking trash.

    Wizkid kid keep making millions.

    You keep hating.

    But for the clud u must dance.

    Wizzy baby sail ON



  46. KOKO says:

    Thumbs up if you still on the repeat.

  47. Real Talk Las Gidi says:

    Save OJB bitch ass nigga, you are the one that is supposed to be the leader of the Save OJB movement even if you have contributed some money which i dont think you have done, you started from his studio, if anyone dislikes this, it means you are just as ignorant as this little boy. No hating intended, life is bigger than Feragamo and Bugatti..

  48. wizzy fan says:

    You fit like this jam first time u play am but if u want make this song sound like rubbish for ur ears make u listen to Burna Boy "Always Love you" right after this wizzy "love you" and u feel so bad for wizzy. anyway i will go with burna boy over wizzy anytime anyday and lmfao at ovie calling this childish song grown and sexy hehehehe. wizzy ur gonna fade off real fast if u continue like dis, even Davido;s ways (not only his music) seems more mature. u appear (from the look of ur songs nd urself) to be a guy girls will walk all over lol. for instance a girl u think is crazy about u might just be fucking maleek berry behind u and they be saying shit like "dont mind that small boy wizzy" lwkm i don dey mad !!!!

  49. one cyprus N*gga says:

    THE BEAT = all i listened to. nothng else.. sameold wizzy's recycled nonsese..
    not bad nywaiz
    but with songs like this.. i think that AYOJAY dude will take over.. just watch

  50. Emeka says:

    love this song…. wizkid should really work with that dude called phreytunez who sang "SEXY" and DANCIA… that dude is fire coming up

  51. Emeka says:

    that phreytunez will kill this beat as well…thumps up i rep wizzy and phreytunez…. ya'll should listen to his song "SEXY"

  52. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    ISUZU BABY!!!! guy with the original recycle license…want to hate on these recycled lyrics so bad i can taste it but Instead i'm highly carried by the song. arrangement/delivery 11/10

  53. Jed says:

    Got this song on repeat cuz of the beatz…
    Recycled lyrics..#phew#…

  54. bosebugatti says:

    wizkid should feature chris creem i heard him freestyle in a club in london. next big thing don jazzy's little cousin badt guy sha. thats who I'm feeling

  55. cyril says:

    love dat boys n

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