Naija Ninjas Presents: Yung GreyC ft Seyi Shay – Get Down

Post by Ovie O, June 24th, 2013

Naija Ninjas unearths a new member who goes by the name Yung GreyC. I don’t have much info on her at the moment aside her Sound Sultan affiliation and her Sapele roots.

To the song itself, “Get Down” sees two talented females in tandem, with Yung GreyC and Seyi Shay exhibiting superb skills on the mic. They both put in lots of cooperative and well-coordinated effort to put out an impressive song which is screaming for a good video. Push the play button and let it spin a couple of times. You’ll love it too.




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16 responses to “Naija Ninjas Presents: Yung GreyC ft Seyi Shay – Get Down”

  1. teesosa says:

    get down, i like

  2. sauce says:

    Really ?. It has gotten to nursery rhymes now ?

  3. Dee BangaLee BlessedBoia says:

    Awesome tune…..

  4. Young Swag says:

    Nice tunez

  5. Abiodun Zuchinny says:

    You will never see Nigeria's commenters commenting on anything that makes sense. Give them the noisy senseless songs you will start seeing hailing like they are Oriasa boys shioor.

  6. Yo. Ovie u de madt to post this song. You posted it cos it came from ur guy sound sultan right? But You won’t post other young talented upcomers cos they don’t have the connection and money right? Well My advice is create a tab on your site and name it upcomers spot or something. Let people vote them to your main page. You will change a lot of lives that way and really help entertainment in Africa . This song is a crap anyways.

    • GBOSS says:


    • @activ8ed says:

      This song is not crap as you made it seem, but I have to say that you gave a very very good idea. Please OVIE you may wanna look into it. I quote "create a tab on your site and name it upcomers spot (I suggest upcoming artists) or something. Let people vote them to your main page

      It's worth looking into. I know you guys didn't set this up for charity, but if you can also change lives, thats as good as money.

      That being said. I know it will be alot of work for you guys, because if you open the door to ALL "upcoming artists" to mail in their songs, I can imagine how many emails you will get in a day, and I can imagine there will be like 90% crap and it can make you go crazy. just talk with your guys sha and see how you can develop this side of things.

  7. thinkwell says:

    this is nice..

  8. Twentea says:


  9. fastcashbb says:

    na pass i dey pass go c my girl friend sha i stil dey come

  10. International high school Yoruba fusion song right? Clap ur hands and get down on ur knees. Me and u no de War Sheep..I gave y’all ad- vice .. G gloss i know ur part of her management shaa. Ovie thought this ur site has parental control ish. This song is for infants yo. Meanwhile am not an artist. Am just a core music and showbusiness lover. Ovie you should heed to my advice and give some talented upcomers a chance.

  11. moxy says:

    i love it

  12. Rilwan says:

    This song is really good i don't get what you guys have been going in about

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