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Kelly Hansome – Here I Come

Post by Ovie O, June 24th, 2013

“There has been an over bombardment of questions from all over as to when Kelly Hansome’s next album (which apparently is the most anticipated album at the moment) will drop. It’s been over six years since the “Too Much Money” Album was released which propelled him to fame with national anthems like “Maga don Pay”, “True love” and “Like Play” (to mention, but a few).

Although more details are yet to come, Kelly Hansome has received an official “letter of termination of contract” from Kennis Music, I’m sure you know what this means. Meanwhile, enjoy “Here I Come” (produced by Kelly Hansome for UGLYBEATZ) in anticipation of the album.”


kelly Hansome Here I Come Art


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23 responses to “Kelly Hansome – Here I Come”

  1. Steve D Afric Prince says:

    still better than most of nigerian songs.. keep going kelly.. you got a new fan now.

  2. First Kill Ur Fada.. says:

    Alwaz deliver Mr Handsome>>>

  3. Imospecimen says:

    First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Pulls out the mail box*

  4. ifa says:

    I Love this… The return of the general !

  5. ifa says:

    Kelly HanSome You are talented Joor !.. your a real soldier… The lord is your strength

  6. gat that kelly nice one.

  7. Reptyle says:

    So it was because of this single that he decided to stir up beef with MI…

    Ok we don hear…release album make we hear…

    Quite talented…but he needs to focus his resources on making hits and get off MI's cock already!!!

  8. Someone_Special says:

    Good to know that Kelly Hansome is finally free from his contract with Kennis Music. I hope the album is worth the wait. He has really worked hard to remain relevant even though there was no album from him for such a long time.

  9. Crap..He actually fall my hand on this one.

  10. We dey wait for your album? Yes of-course….stop fucking reminding us about that..LOL.

  11. guy abeg no decieve urself please try to dy ft other artist, one tree no fit make a forest.

  12. na kelly I dy talk to, u dy try keep it up.

  13. hmmm says:

    Have heard better from Kelly Handsome……K'anyi n'eche

  14. fastcashbb says:

    nice 1

  15. usin drop your album to make a track,,,, more critism he wil stil creat another track til it gets to the album u espectin him to drop.

  16. FreshEmpire says:

    my question is dis, why did kelly live kennis music?

  17. Turn Up says:

    Bless up Mr. Kelly Handsome.

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