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Kayswitch ft. D’banj – Obimo (DKM Concert with 2Chainz is TODAY)

Post by Demola OG, June 22nd, 2013

Brand new tune from Sony records/DB recording artist Kayswitch D’Produkt titled Obimo featuring his brother D’banj aka Eja Nla aka Banga Lee.

While on the matter, everyone in Lagos make sure you are at the DKM concert featuring Dbanj, Kayswitch, DKM and 2Chainz today June 23 at Eko Hotel. Watch the video below to get more information about the concert.




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92 responses to “Kayswitch ft. D’banj – Obimo (DKM Concert with 2Chainz is TODAY)”

  1. Spaco says:

    I Just won Carry First….#Sendon#

  2. Spaco says:

    Kswitch of life….#Sendon#

  3. TMM says:

    Na wa for this DB guys….dis guys want to make all the money east to west….Chei ! U cant hate….

  4. Mr wonder says:

    first;; nice tone

  5. YIKE1981 says:


  6. Music Junky says:

    Tune!…DB winning

  7. Spaco says:

    The relationship between yoruba and the Igbo is jst like tom and jerry. They quarrel at every given time bt, can't just do without each other i luv my yoruba peeps DIE…

  8. BIG M0UTH 凸(`⌒´メ)凸 says:

    Matured jam of life…

    This boys r just er-were, no sleeping..

  9. Freaky_ayo says:

    Temple Lee Progression !!

  10. Adeoluwa says:

    Now Eja nla is back home and taking all his lose credit back..Kudo to you big bros…No hating please, just enjoy the jam and give a round of an plus to those two broda…

  11. 9jafreak says:

    Great Song. Absolutely Unexpected

  12. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    This one na wedding package oooh, Una sabi the Game wella. Team the D'banj till I die.

  13. DEX says:

    Ah, see this full-blooded Yoruba boy singing in Igbo like it's his language. Lol, It actually suits him. I also hear D'banj's harmonica too. Really nice track. In times like this, I wish I could fly back to Naij for the concert. It is well.

  14. Jaybee says:

    DKM Bloods yo.. Bunch of Talented MEN… #Bless

  15. larsson says:

    Ovie always warned us that this boy 'KAYSWITCH'' doesnt get the props he deserves..Well after listening to this jam i confirmeD IT..This boy Kayswitch is gud!! He can give u fresh he can give u razz..very matured music…D'banj did gud with his harmonica too..DKM all the way!!!

  16. Bill J Cole says:

    Ooooosheeyyy Dban j, want to see you in California soon.

  17. TJlongus says:

    Kayswitch is very talented no doubt! Team Dbanj always!

  18. Omooba001 says:

    Hhhahaha….are you still sleeping on DKM boys? u are on your own….see jam …lol

  19. Logo says:

    HighLife tune…. bangeLee&KayLee ThumpsUp !!!

  20. Deolagold says:

    KaySwitch Got pure talent

  21. K-switch is seriously switching things on this year,no resting at half-time. Talent, swag, even language…all switched for good plus harmonica inside. Its perfect. easy 10/10 QED. #send on

  22. oaa148 says:

    He keeps switching it up. Beautiful music

  23. DJ BIG N says:

    I like….not sure it would stick to the fans as a "wedding song, but i definitely like the flow……Kay switch… of the most underrated artists in this country, but there's only so much suppression can hold….watch out…..year of DKM…

  24. paulmirabilis says:

    Nice effort from Kay Switch…I like the fact that D'Banj did not actually sing in the track because he would have reduced the song's rating with his wack lyrics

  25. invisiblies says:


  26. Emeka says:

    nice one mehnnnnnnnnnnn

  27. DixLow Eze says:

    this is unbelievable! yoruba boi singing in igbo?
    while some of this other fake ibo guys born in the north, west, south cant even respond to just 'what's your name' igbo. chaii. thumbs up k-s.

  28. Omooba001 says:

    Just want to listen again….stop sleeping on this boys…they are here and will stay…even LASTMAN don wake up and he is busy with his mixtape now…

    And this is #MixtapeMaterial

  29. wale says:


  30. oluwajaysway says:

    speechless—this is wonderful—madt combo

  31. DAYO says:

    After all the hatred on Dbanj. He has proved you all wrong.. Dbanj is the master planner. #TEAMEJANLAFOREVER.

  32. St Samson says:

    Melodious Tune
    K-switch has really Improved
    Nice to hear Dbanj's instrument on d track once again

  33. MrUnkpe says:

    I remember bros D harmonica year,now eja nla doing his tin….dis one toooo muxxxxh joor,but kayswitch na weyre sha,who teach u igbo…#respect

  34. tls says:

    this song will be nice for home video sound track…

  35. Kay Switch is good mehn! Again good song.

  36. David says:

    Life Of Jam..Lol


  38. basibagada says:

    This is what is called genius, Genius meet master plan and who is the master plan Eja nla

  39. Dsam says:

    I officially want to accuse D'banj for stealing Kayswitch's shine in the family, he is actually the music head BUT D'banj come use gragra first blow…LOL. Na joke ooO make e for no bring quarrel and if any of you click thumb down to this comment I go swear for am internationally (If y'all know what I mean)

    Has any of you on here met Kayswitch in person? You must love this guy, olorun. Lovely tune right here which will attract more love from those in the east, as well.

  40. Bells says:

    This DB boys are not smiling o…..All these songs on repeat

  41. Man 2 Man says:

    Onu kwuru njo ka ekwu nmma.. life na stage by stage.. this dude has improved tremendously.. negative/positive criticism will make you grind hader if you get sense, and that's definitely what Switch has done..

    Niz jam

  42. NAMETALKAM says:

    He Copied lyrics from D' Prince of "MAVIN RECORDS" No Doubt!!

  43. fastcashbb says:


  44. larsson says:

    Ahh obinmo don kill me ooh..who be dt person wey tlk say kayswitch lee no sabi?? raise ur hand my songo strike u

  45. snipez says:

    igbo folks are happy with kayswitch now, if d banj wan stop all the hate on him make him just sing one tight igbo song and his haters will just neutralize

  46. Hadebayour Wolex Halsodeeq says:

    Sucesss of Bangalee and Kayleee in Temple leeeeeee, we ready for DKM concert.

  47. dave says:

    Lovely tune!!! Gr8 jam

  48. wale says:

    Fantastic tune, dis guys ar so ontop!!! DKM in the building

  49. baddessst says:

    Kswitch has improved alot sinz d Mohits shiii, Happy for him ganD…. As for Banga Lee *lipsealed*

  50. Give it to D'Banj – staying positive, forming new alliances, collaborating with smaller acts, increasing work rate, more visibility & winning ex-fans (like me). Hey guys don't rule out D'banj! You can never go wrong with highlife/ hiphop (hiplife)…ask Flavour. And that Harmonica…Oh Lawd!

  51. Fowoachieve says:

    I go still dey talk am…..Except Wande Coal…This Guy Good pass all of them.. I swear..

  52. ugoharris says:

    This is sure a hit and a wedding anthem for all in naija. Keep it up Kokomaster and bro!!!

  53. oluetson says:

    i dey nod ma head jare, sweet jam

  54. wariz says:

    things happen all 4 a reason nd its helped k-switch coz hees damn good

  55. mina says:

    i dont think anyone should be surprised he speaks igbo in this song ..i mean so many non yorubas speak and sing fluently in yoruba. Anyways as a nigerian raised in naija it i your perocative to know atleast two nigerian native languages fluently and english and pidigin should not be included as one of them. Anyways good job kayswitch, you were always a bigger talent than dbanj, even better looking, but you shortoo, but if iyanya and m.i can get tail why not a fine medium height person like you.

  56. @activ8ed says:

    Harmonica is back into this!!!!!!

  57. rotimiolowofela says:


  58. Paul Ukoh says:

    Chai Nwanne Egua Atu gbula mooooooo!!! Converted to Eng = Bros This Music Dey Sweet me Die..

  59. Mrlol says:

    Table 1,000,000 Naira 😮 For Wetin Na Table of Life ? lol

  60. dis sng jus increased my resoect for kayswitch….. banger lee from d lee temple.

  61. Onuoha Obinna Danielescu says:


  62. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    This is dope! dope!! dope!! Enough said.

  63. 2baba says:

    Na sleep i been wan sleep,as soon as i begin play this music sleep commot i begin nod head. Oboi ooo JAM OF LIFE

  64. switts says:

    omg, this song i beautiful, kswitch u r too dapper, dbanj ur head is there!!!!! i love the way he plays his harmonica… toooo sweeeet

  65. switts says:

    the God dbanj is serving is definitely alive. he is always in the spotlight. i wish dkm the bestessssttt

  66. Sauce says:

    This is a slap on Don Jazzy and D'Prince, 2 Igbo boyz that haven't released an igbo track close to this…. Send on!!

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